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you can go but be back soon, you can go but i'll be waiting, remember this old tune, be back soon

Oct 10, 2011 by tommyg456

b on skype tomorrow seein as i aint got lectures or classes, peeps i wanna talk to better be on then x

yes its 5am IM FKIN GONE but so very over this

highlights- maisie in general, jake and chels05's chat that happened to get leaked, davidfisher and his *cough* underage *cough* girl lovin, dante and his cummin in bellybuttons, boyyo ma first mate on here and his general genius in all things internet fighting, dannybailey and his need for my cock, littlepianist just bein a legend, paristravelodge bein the slaggy bitch she was born to be, sportsgeek's adventures into catnapping, NANA from ghana AKA my wife
lowlights- the fkin twats on here....a million 13 year olds who think they are badass mofos? "sit the fk down" "i whip my hair back and forth" "weave", the intellectual twat chat who seem to think rubbin the fact theyre slightly clever in peoples' faces is a great...guess what im fkin cleverer than all of u and i dont go round sayin im an insidious intellectual coz frankly i aint a cunt, stayin on here so long for no apparent reason other than to talk shit with maisie!

maisie i fkin love ya babe, anyone i actually talk to...../sent a pic of my cock to love ya to, coz i dont entertain the numerous borin *****s on here, *flips ma weave like a nerdy 13 year old dick and exits stage left* seriously i just dont know how i stayed on here so long

imma end this with a list of people i actually like
-mooocoww "wear ur burkah with pride" hart
-danteman453 (grow up to b a legend x)
-boyyo/daisydoo/puff (imma miss ya, first mate that i truely gave a shit ur shitty wheelchair design imma wear it now)
-davidfisher (go back to the good christian boy u were before i met ya)
-paristravelodge (NEVER change, bare jokes)
-littlepianist (oh what can i say? i wish i knew u irl could brightne the darkest of days)
-ashy (oooo did i mention that slag everyone hates? even though u aitn here anymore we had great times)
-rdude (ryan.......stop stalkin gaga!)
-vanqueen (new friend but still nice to meet ya, lovely great designer)
-steevy/akomes (friend since 1ST EVER game, never forgettin ya x)
-sarahnva (oh dear my black baby mama, u left me to die in hunger games, what can i say!! but at least in the next game we were "lovers")
-dinom (dont b showin those pics around)
-dcsooner (ur actually black, you dont just act like a black guy, who wouldve known! cool story yo, oh god i regret sayin that already)
-spookie (SPOOKS u just rape my blogs sometimes and abuse me but great guy)
-semaj (u and jarst need to fk off from my dick)
-jarst (u and semaj need to fk off from my dick)
-survivorfreak13/dylan (follow the advice!!!! u two r sooo cute together)
-markuskaus (hhahah upside down bat guy x)
-connorthomson (yeh i finally said i like you, get over it)
-joeyjones (please be gay, it would make connor satisfied for life)
-jetsrock (i never listened to the shit peeps said, so glad i didnt x)
-ev32 (geniuinely nice honest guy, hard to come by on here)
-computer3000 (oh jakey jakey jake, what can i say, youve made me laugh more than u will ever know mate, from private radio show to chels05)
-skye (it mustve been love but its over now *david weeps*)
-queenoflesbians/blogs (best vagina munching chick i ever met even if you have a cock)
-zurks (hope u aint mad i didnt say goodbye but i LOVE you and keep watching for those monkeys :D and remember no crack! xxxxxxxx)
-numbers/callum/759.....(ur school/teachers are FUCKED UP)

if i missed anyone soz but im fkin at uni and u know what its like after a night out, LOVE YA ANYWAY......that doesnt include anyone who says "weave"

cheerio not goodbye :)


dont leave me :(
get drunk, send me pics :D
Sent by DiNoM,Oct 10, 2011
So yeah. ily. :(
Sent by sarahnva,Oct 10, 2011
oh trust me im so very drunk right now but no more pics for you :D xx enjoyed the journey
Sent by tommyg456,Oct 10, 2011
dont leave me with this erection :/ rude :/
Sent by Spookie,Oct 10, 2011
take care buddy
come back as a lesbian , its ridic fun
Sent by blogs,Oct 11, 2011
Sent by MoooCoww,Oct 11, 2011
Sent by rock_on88,Oct 11, 2011
tommy dude :(
Sent by MikeRORO,Oct 16, 2011
I just saw this :O
I miss you so much :(
Sent by Danteman453,Nov 8, 2011
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:( miss u every time I come here
Sent by Spookie,Nov 22, 2011
missin' ya mate
Sent by boyyo2,Dec 23, 2011
and seriously? 10 months and all i get is 2 lines

Sent by boyyo2,Dec 23, 2011
oh and your ugly
Sent by boyyo2,Dec 23, 2011
Sent by MoooCoww,Jan 15, 2012

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