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Mar 25, 2012 by tommyg456
after three and a half months (110days, 14hours and 34seconds to be exact) of courting, my soulmate and soon to be husband pressed my "add friend" button. He didnt want his friends and parents to see us together but now he's finally willing to associate himself with such a humble poor bumboy as myself, thank you connorthomson

friends, lovers and soon to be....fathers (soz i got over-excited and feel the world should know you knocked me up) xx


inb4 top blog
Sent by tengaged_return,Mar 25, 2012
Sent by dav_o_79,Mar 25, 2012
Sent by Toast805,Mar 25, 2012
Sent by connorthomson,Mar 25, 2012
^^^oh yeh you can try and pass this off as a joke all you like, but dont even try and tell me little james growing in my ovarian tubes isnt yours
Sent by tommyg456,Mar 25, 2012
Sent by MoooCoww,Mar 25, 2012
You arse! I thought we had something special :( Lovessss connorthomson, wishing you two and your little blip the best x
Sent by Zurks,Mar 25, 2012
im going to puke
Sent by connorthomson,Mar 25, 2012
Can I be best man?
Sent by boyyo2,Mar 29, 2012

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