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Big Brother and Survivor online game.

Hello, my name is Adam....wait you thought it was tommy? why would you think that?

If i like you, you know it, if i dislike you.....a) you are fucked! b) you know about it, i make it known who i like and dislike

so you think im a douche?
ts spent on friends- 4030
ts spent on me- 1
yeh so fkin put that in ur ass and smoke it

MAISIE (mooocoww)
MOLLY (mooocoww)
NATHAN (boyyo/daisydoo)
DANNY (danny_baileyx)
DANTE (danteman453)
PARIS (paristravelodge)
DAVID (davidfisher)
PISSYPANTSTHOMSON (he knows who he is, the whiney bastard)

[00:48:00] ~Zurks~: Well they go to the same school
[00:48:07] ~Zurks~: so I'm assuming they're in the same catchment area
[00:48:18] ~Zurks~: his name says sportsgeek so he is probably good at sports too, so he can move fast
[00:48:25] ~Zurks~: at most, I'd say 15 minutes to get there
[00:48:31] ~Zurks~: 10 to secure the cat, 15 i tops
[00:48:43] ~Zurks~: then 30 tops to get back bc we don't know how many times he'll have to rechase the cat

biggest guilt trip award goes to smiley19967:
like i wasnt having a bad enough night...
me and dad not talking...
cant watch big brother...
my cat is lost...
friends irl hate me right now...
tengagaed friends hate me right now...



What is the difference between Bigfoot and an intelligent Essex girl? There have actually been sightings of Bigfoot.

#40059: Day3 HOH tommyg456 has nominated kort and MoooCoww
#27693: Day9 HOH MoooCoww has selected final nominees SuperJosh and tommyg456
#23941: Day8 HOH MoooCoww has nominated tommyg456 and schmooboy AND Day8 HOH MoooCoww has selected final nominees MacabreCadaver and tommyg456
#32320: Day7 HOH MoooCoww has selected final nominees tommyg456 and IWasBornThisWay

And then theres tommyg456- Or if thats what you wanna call him he goes by so many names, tommy/adam/pedro/sex on legs or just plain ugly, I prefer the last name the best ;)This kid thinks hes clearly a gansta by the "G" in his name, but that deffo is not the case hes nothing more than a vain dick, but thats why I love him (Pukes)! He Cleary wants me so bad, But I really dont wanna catch anything off him as hes invested with crabs and i dread to think what else ;) He also uses some weird sex doll as he doesnt get no action i feel sorry for him really! I Love His cute Ginger Hair, It frames His Face so perfectly and how he looks so good for his age of 74! I also Love His Amazing textiles skills :/ and How he wears his yellow burkha with pride! All Joking Apart your hilarious and I truly do love you (A bit :P) <33
Sent by molsie

from MoooCoww 13 hours 58 min ago 10 Reasons Why I Hate You;
1) You Always Take The Mick Outta My Spelling Even Though We Both Know I Have Difficulties In That Area. ;) Which I Make Up For In My Amazing Knowledge In R.e And Textiles.
2) You Were The Person Who Told Me Magic Mo, Didn't Exist And It Was Actually My Mum Leaving The Trails Of Glitter Which Is Clearly Substantial Evidence.
3) You Laughed And Took The Mick Out Of My Glowing And 100 Percent Truthful Reference (Smirk) I Mean, I'm Always Bike Ridding, Jogging And Helping Out At My Local Kennels, Its Highly Unusual For Me Not To Be Doing The Stated Things Above.
4) Your Plain And Simply A Complete And Utter Dick At All Times, I Mean When Your Not Telling People To Steal Cats Your Spreading About Peoples Nudes. Nuff Said.
5) You Take The Mick Out Of The Saying 'To Why" I Mean You Totes Use It Irl , Your Just Jel That You Didn't Come Up With It Yourself.
6) I Hate The Fact That Your Probably Currently Going Though This Whole List Looking For Spelling Mistakes To Pick Me Out On. (Dull)
7) I Hate The Fact That Your The Reason I Got My Heartbroken, I Mean I Found Out That J*** Did Not Like Me In That Way Coz I Don't Look Like A Creepy Baby Doll Or Have A Dick. Thanks A Bucnh. :(
8) I Hate The Fact I Only Have Two Fat Friends Irl, And I Blame That On You, Because I Can. (Sun)
9) I Hate The Fact That When Me And Molly Where Having That Argument You Were Loving It And Making The Whole Situation More Awkward And Worse, Like Even Blogging About It Coz Your A Dick Like That.
10) I Hate The Fact That Even After All The Stated Reasons Above, I Still Chose To Associate With You. (Puke)

♥tommyg456- Tommayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! or should I say Adam you disgusting name faker. :O I feel like I have known you forever, I'm not even lying. You are my partner in crime it has got to be said, whatever I do your sure to be right behind, Stalker much? I mean I might have your face plastered all over my walls and have your body on a bedspread but I can ensure you that your the stalker out of the two of us, and Oh, I have your cat... (smirk). You are ridiculously annoying, I mean, if i wanted someone to CONSTANTLY judge ma spelling I would have gone on countdown or something ok. I mean it's got to be said your sick, but you going around making what can be described as "love" to a cow is normal in your eyes, and I have come to accept you for what you are and am now am endeared by you. You are a little bitch, and by little I'm referring your height too. ;) I get all the gossip of you, most of which I'm horrified by for weeks,I mean somethings I just don't wanna see and am now undergoing counselling thanks a bunch. I have been in some awkward positions in my life (This sounds wrong), but never more in that Skype call, where I was making an important decision and you were just laughing, but then again you always have been heartless. I mean, you may have ripped to shreds my dreams of being a teacher, and Made fun out of my clearly epic rapping skills, But it has to be said you are fucking funny. You are without a doubt my best friend on this site and I would be lost without you, I love you (puke) And am currently sewing a matching yellow burkha so that we are even cuter! And Oh if you every show that pic of me looking "Hot"... I won't be held responsible for my actions! :P
Sent by molsie AGAIN <3

[02:27:00] MoooCoww <3s Tommy: Oh some one wants to be friends with you?
[02:27:08] MoooCoww <3s Tommy: this world utterly disgusts me

by MoooCoww 0 min ago
LMFAOO! My profile now screams! "I stalk tommyg456"

[00:40:40] MoooCoww <3s Tommy: Tommy, you are like my own personal brand of herion ;)



[18:39:21] Bailey: major boner dethroner

lmfao you are an arrogant self obsessed twat? fair enough? tbh i could imagine you being the aging porn star
Sent by Connorthomson

[00:23:38] Boyyo <3s Boyyo: if im must be wonderwomen

i love you in a 'i wanna kill you' way, if that helps?
you're a slag
Sent by Danny_Baileyx

ok so you like my best friend as as best friends go, we owe each other long emotional speeches.. now i aint much on speeches but heres a go just for you <33 cos ily so much:
Sent by boyyo

boyyo (donex2)
mooocoww (done)
eastwick7snake (done)
danteman453 (done)
lovelife (done)



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