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R.I.P, poor kid turned into a skeleton

Feb 17, 2012 by tommyg456

Were gathered here today to mourn a boy who was taken at such a young age. Whoever started that rumour that he was an old man who was masquerading as a kid so he could play in mooocoww's "sand-pit" is just a disgrace to humanity. I thought we might take a few moments to mourn his loss but celebrate the life he led.
boyyo was a confused guy, dressing his avatar as a girl on multiple occassions and calling himself daisydoo on his second account...(ps you died before giving me my dress back), in times of trouble and hardship we could always be sure he'd be ready to insult, laugh and abuse us to the point where we'd be considering how to make the best noose. He was taken too young from this world, but hes in a better place with more real girls (even if he prefers this website's lollipop overload). goodbye boyyo....

BUT LIKE JESUS he was resurrected boyyo2

praise be to god


LOOOOOOL! I Remember when he freaked me the fuck out on daisydoo :|

Loves him!xx
Sent by MoooCoww,Feb 17, 2012
Sent by boyyo2,Feb 17, 2012
Lol...You certainly know all my greatest acplishments on this site

And @moocoww that was beyond funny.. You though you were getting stalked...
Sent by boyyo2,Feb 17, 2012
Sent by Cube,Feb 18, 2012

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