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is she monkeying around (im ashamed of that pun already)

Sep 22, 2011 by tommyg456

so a certain nut loop on here has been gettin me to look at this live feed to see all the monkeys, ive watched it for about 30mins of my life now and saw a grand total of ONE monkey shaped shadow

update: i saw a bird shadow just now, the excitement is killing me


I am not a nut loop, I am a fruit loop!!!!

I saw 2 of them yesterday but they kept  going behind the big thing. I saw a bird on it too. I will tell you when I see the monkeys again!!!
Sent by Zurks,Sep 22, 2011
ok its good  to know ive not been staring at a wooden thing hopelessly for the past ten minutes
Sent by tommyg456,Sep 22, 2011
she's takin u for a monkey
Sent by BengalBoy,Sep 22, 2011

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