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mooocoww: an undercover investigation

Sep 18, 2011 by tommyg456
mooocoww the "sweet essex girl" of tengaged was recently nominated for a 'Children of Bravery' award! Yesterday i went undercover to see how this came about. She was nominated after she rescued a cat from a tree, yet after asking a few witnesses it seems she actually threw the cat up there in the first place trying to knock her football out of the tree. The fact she 'rescued' the cat was a mere coincidence, as it fell out when she shook the tree to get the ball...the cat happened to fall on a bouncy castle.

Our reported turned up at mooocoww's house and revealed it was 10 mintues before the promotional photoshoot that would be in the magazines and newspapers. In haste she then attacked a granny, pushing her off her mobility scooter so she could get to the photoshoot first and be at the front of the picture, on her way she ran a poor young homeless boy's legs over....crippling him for life. When she finally reached the photoshoot she was placed at the back, which led to a tantrum where she pushed two disabled young boys off the stage.

This reporter has been campaigning to stop this lowt from recieving her award and my house has been egged everynight by a girl mooing, please help with my cause by writing strongly worded letters!


Sent by MoooCoww,Sep 18, 2011
Oh, and the cat died.
Sent by joeyjones,Sep 18, 2011
lol grats on the award mooo! xP
Sent by rock_on88,Sep 18, 2011
Sent by Lifesaver,Sep 18, 2011
work it!
Sent by HelenCoops,Sep 19, 2011
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