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17 Merges... what a run!

10thSep 21, 2012 by sokerdude7
boy oh boy! I never thought I was going to ever merge that many times. I sure can say I had a lot fun doing it and made a lot of friendships along the way. Honestly though, I am kind of relieved that it's over. It becomes stressful after so long and I am at the point in my life where I am about to start a new chapter and I don't think I will have as much time for survivor anymore.

I never was a fan of these blogs but I really would like to thank some people that made my experience fun, some people I became friends with for the first time and others I got the chance to strengthen friendships.

My Original Tribemates:
Rhino - Thanks so much for joining so long ago, it sucked that we lost so early on I really didn't want to see you go. PS still waiting for that to hit my inbox ;)

Chicaaaa - I convinced you to join when you didn't want to, then we lost and I felt horrible that you were voted out, even if you asked. You are amazing! kisses xo

itspipez - Again, I asked you to join and when it got down to it, I just could not vote anyone out. It really sucked to see you go, you are a beast in challenges < 3 much love.

kimmal8 - Kimmy!! You were a great ally to me and I am so glad that we could build a stronger friendship out of the game. I always felt horrible mailing and messaging lemonface to have you get on for fire and sun LOL but I am sure you would have died at some point without that ;) Ladi3z 4orev3r

TolisKalkas - We fought hard! You were an amazing ally, we were able to merge minority and turn it around. Even though I did most of the work ;) you were there to walk me through everything and give the best advice. You are also amazing at challenges, thanks for the help with everything and being a great friend til the end.


KAAY - OMG I love you so much! You were one of the main reasons I made this many merges! You helped me so much and I loved talking to you. Thank you for being a friend to me when I was down on luck, it means a great deal to me and I ensure you I won't forget it! I hope volleyball isn't treating you too horribly < 3

Jacco - You dirty cunt!! haha oh Jacco we started off rough but were able to put that behind us and pull out a good string of merges. You are a great kid and a beast in challenges. I wish some things didn't go down the way they did before you were voted out... you kind of fucked yourself over... but I still consider you a good friend. I love your accent btw

Trust - o... you are lyke my bff4lyfe 0mg ;) Just kidding! But really thanks for helping me out on that one merge, even if all you did was get banned... HAHA but for real thanks for being a friend to me throughout, you were in a tough position and you at least were honest with me which is all I ask for.

Piddu - My survivor buddy, I was so happy when I merged back on your tribe, I was hoping we could continue to build off what we had before. That's pretty much what we did, and I still think you owe me your survivor life from saving you from being voted off that one time and always mailing you about sun and fire. I think shadowballer000 hates me now for bugging him so much about it too. OOPS It really sucked to see you get voted out :( I was gutted by that blindside.

finklestein123 - Never in a million survivor merges did I actually think we would work together. We have had a rocky past, but after this I can tell you arn't that bad! Thanks for being a good ally, even if you got a bit shady for awhile, you stuck with me when I needed it most. I'm going to miss you so much bby cakes, hunn bunn, finklepuss!

MarekK27 - Thank you sooooo much for helping us out on that merge. If not for you I might have been voted out a bit earlier. It really sucked to see a supertribe form against us, just to take me and you out... but what can I say some people are a bit pathetic! You are a good kid, I appreciate that even though we don't talk much I know that whenever I run into you, you are an ally and a honest guy.

Unit8890 - You are so sweet and so nice! It really sucked to see you get voted out. You are really good at competitions and like I said really a sweet kid. Thanks for helping out and being real about the situation. Believe me I tried to help you out the best I could.

Foxox - FOXYYYYY you my dear are a pure sweetheart! I am so glad I got the chance to meet you more through this survivor. I was so extremely sad to vote you out :( It was literally one of the hardest votes the whole 17merges because you are so nice. Thanks for being cool about everything, I wish you the best. < 3

Amills5 - Never saw this friendship coming. You are a good kid and you got a lot of heart and determination in ya! I really did try my best to get you through some merges, if we weren't facing such a hard tribe I know things would have gone differently. It was nice getting to know you and hopefully we can continue to talk.

Lucyx3Jean - Lucy! Thank you so much for being an actual friend to me in this game, which is more I can say about someone. You stood your ground, even if it meant you and someone else would fight non stop. I am truly sorry that he treated you like he has, you don't deserve that. You are an amazing friend and I really am grateful for you helping me out. I have enjoyed our convo's lately and I hope we can continue to talk, stop being on invisible so much! < 3

I'd also like to give a quick shoutout to survivor8 and broncman789 for coming on to the tribe and being cool about the situation. I didn't want to vote either of you out, but I was stuck in a hard place. I love you both.


Now two of the biggest idiots I have even had to play survivor with:

brosky17 - I can't even explain how hard it was to get you to do anything! You are so set in your ways and you think you know everything about survivor! If you would have just teamed up with me on a couple of those votes you probably wouldn't have been voted off, but you were so shady. Here is a tip for you.... you can't always vote based on who scores the lowest in competitions, survivor is also a social game.

volcomvans - MY GOD YOU ARE THE BIGGEST IDIOT I HAVE EVER DEALT WITH. Half the time you don't make sense and the other half you are either kissing someone's ass or scared to think for yourself. I would often sit back and laugh at how delusional you are. You complained about how you were being treated and bullied, yet instead of making a stand to it, you went and kissed their ass and voted how they wanted you to vote... you think that makes it better? No now they know they can get you do what they want... you are expendable to them. PS heatherbear is flawless and amazing, so you can "choke on our d*cks"


Finally my last shoutout will go to the best survivor ally I have ever had:

bengalboy - Dru I have enjoyed getting to know you better and being able to merge with you so many times. You work hard and you play hard. The tribe would have been so boring without your silly banter and constant jokes. You are a great survivor player, for sure one of the best on the site, I owe a lot to you and I appreciate you helping me out towards the end when I needed it most. I knew I could always count on you to be an honest and loyal friend. Survivor really brought our friendship to a higher level and I hope we continue that, I enjoy talking to you. Good luck from here on out! Top Respect Mate (yes)

One last thing... just because you merge in minority doesn't mean your game is up. I hate when people give up just because they don't have numbers, I successfully merged in minority twice and turned it around, and was pretty close to doing it a third time.



Ily < 33
Sent by Survivor8,Sep 21, 2012
It was an honor. < 3
Sent by finklestein123,Sep 21, 2012
grats on a good run sokerdude7
Sent by dannyjr0587,Sep 21, 2012
You ended my merge streak!!!!

Grats tho
Sent by Mikey04wp,Sep 21, 2012
I love you, I am so proud of you :). You're keeping it classy as always < 3.
Sent by Sassy003,Sep 21, 2012
get it!
Sent by Delarmes,Sep 21, 2012
LOL loves that i got a mention x almost like i was part of the tribe xoxo
Sent by lemonface,Sep 21, 2012
#toprespect m8! glad we got to know eachother better and work together again- i feel like we always agreed on what to do next and nearly always managed to get it done! we'll still be merts out of survivor and im sure we'll meet again in it
Sent by BengalBoy,Sep 21, 2012
sucks to see it end john =[ you had an amazing streak and hopefully we can play again soon =]
Sent by Trust,Sep 21, 2012
i enjoyed playing with you, sorry u got out :(

lets join again when u want :D
Sent by Piddu,Sep 21, 2012
Ily John. I'll join anytime for u. You did amazing sokerdude7
Sent by chicaaaa,Sep 21, 2012
+ be thankful you merged once more cuz of me .... I really enjoyed you saying thanks when I helped you btw. could not go behind brandon's back again sorry.
Sent by VoLcOmVaNs,Sep 21, 2012
Congrats babe. xoxo. You did good. :* I'm glad I got to meet you, even if I was only there for one merge. lol. Love you, I know you can do it again.
Sent by Foxox,Sep 21, 2012
No problem, I wish I could have done more though :/ 17 merges is still rly good and I loved being on a tribe with you :)

And I'm on invisible 24/7 LOL
Sent by LucyX3Jean,Sep 21, 2012
LOL sokerdude7 i didnt even know that the game u were in stemmed from our tribe together :OO

So happy we got to know each other as you're now like one of the only people i talk to on a daily basis! ...feel special OKAY?
grats sokerho! we be joining some time togetha
Sent by kimmal8,Sep 21, 2012
hi hi hi
Lets join one when your chapter is over :*
Sent by o_Elle_o,Sep 22, 2012
"I love your accent btw" - ewwwwwwww, you know Jacco is a bogan right?
Sent by HelenCoops,Sep 22, 2012
ILY sokerdude7! :*
Sent by sarahnva,Sep 22, 2012
Congrats :)
Sent by seana86,Sep 22, 2012
Well you got me once, and I got you once. Would say we're even but we both know you'll still go on hating me
Sent by Kentuckyy,Sep 22, 2012
damn :/
Sent by egaga911,Sep 22, 2012
GJ hunni! :)
Sent by AntNikiaBonnie,Sep 22, 2012
LMAO at the 'boy oh boy'...this lil kid on this 70s show I've been watching always says that.
Congrats on making it that far, such an amazing accomplishment honestly. I always wished I had the skills to merge in survivor like that!
Glad you're looking at the positive! Everything happens for a reason :')
GL with starting a new life chapter :O
I really do need to catch up with you on skype SOON
Sent by 2008girl,Sep 22, 2012
I hate you, sokerdude7 :)
*werks my cute 2* LOL
Sent by beautifulbones,Sep 22, 2012
Now you can join one with meeeeeee
Sent by qwert2,Sep 22, 2012
choke on our d*cks!!!!!111!!
Sent by heatherbear,Sep 22, 2012

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