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Big Brother and online Hunger games.

my roommate thinks that this is ok....

Sep 11, 2010 by sokerdude7
imagewe are in the middle of downtown, no where near our apartment or the gas station and i go to her... is that your fuel light on. she goes ya it says we have 0 miles to E.

so like normal i freak the fuck out screaming we are going to die! and she goes no its okay i do this all the time.

long story short we made it home safely im not sure how.

and i have a picture to prove this shit!


Sent by smi9127,Sep 11, 2010
Sent by Pattieilikefun,Sep 11, 2010
+4 :D
Sent by vegeta,Sep 11, 2010
lol wow
Sent by kitzcat,Sep 11, 2010
Sounds scary!
Sent by Ev32,Sep 12, 2010
Sent by BengalBoy,Sep 12, 2010
Holy Crap!!!  nty!!   :) +5
Sent by Gemini,Sep 12, 2010

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