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Mi Amor

Feb 14, 2013 by sokerdude7
imageFrom Jennifer101 to sokerdude7, in shop Illuminati
Well I already gave you a book of coupons with offers to things that I don't think I can say on here ;) ;) but you didn't seem too excited and you haven't even used one of them (idgi I thought you wanted my body?) and you haven't touched your chocolates. Hopefully you'll actually enjoy this gift. Ily husband< 3

I really appreciate everything you've done for me today, but like I don't know how else to put this... A coupon to take you to Sephora and help you pick out which lip gloss best accentuates your areolas just isn't my cup of tea. And the chocolates were a sweet gesture but didn't you learn anything from #plottwist, I am watching my twinkish figure. ;)

BUT this gift!!!!!! You are an inspiration to fruit fly's all around America... and I guess Canada too. Love you < 3


Sent by Survivor8,Feb 14, 2013
aw this is cute
Sent by sihz,Feb 14, 2013
wait if you got the sephora coupon book I meant to give to Sassy003..she must have gotten the coupon book for all those free lap dances....yikes.
Sent by Jennifer101,Feb 14, 2013
oh and ILY too of course
Sent by Jennifer101,Feb 14, 2013
lookin hawt
Sent by Delarmes,Feb 14, 2013
looking spiffy
Sent by heatherbear,Feb 14, 2013

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