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4thJul 17, 2011 by sokerdude7
imageAlso If you all could plus this design it would make my day :) thanks!!!

First I would like to thank all of ETNAL for being some of the best damn people on this site, I love you all and talking to you guys is one of the major reasons I am still here. I would also like to thank anyone I have ever had the chance to work with in a game or even talk to on skype, you all have helped me in some way to get me here.

This is probably the last color level I will buy, so I figured I would make it big and do a PYN. If you post your name and I know you I will either write my favorite memory of you or write why I like you, maybe both if you are lucky :) If I don't know you I will try and write up something cute about what I've heard about you.

Also If you all could plus this design it would make my day :) thanks!!!


hobnobgpro - I don't think we have ever got the chance to meet, but I've seen you around a bit and your name on tengaged is fun to say, HOBNOB. I am also not sure if you are a boy or a girl, your avatar is a bit misleading, but its cute. Thats all message me sometime if you want.

Peetah32 - I was looking through some old games the other day and I stumbled upon one of my first castings that you were in, I don't think we really talked in it but I was surprised to see you there. My favorite memory of you was Smuguys charity game that we were both in, we worked together and tried to help each other out. Somebody was a total bitch to you and it really pissed me off lol. But I am happy we were both in that game cause it got us talking and you are a really cool kid. We haven't really talked in awhile but we were just in a rookies together and it was good to see you around again.

Witten - You are a cute lil noob, or should I say multi. The Jill Tuck stuff sounds all too familiar, but thanks for posting on my blog, if I knew who you really were I might be able to say more.

Shabootyquiqui3 - We've played a couple games together and even tho we don't always work together we still remain on okay terms. I love your name, its so fun to say. I don't think we have talked in a long time so we should def work on fixing that. :)

Survivor8 - MIKE! You are a great guy and your big smile makes me smile. I love getting on tinychat with you and seducing you with my eyes <3 and your accent makes me wet a lil bit :x Having you around ETNAL is great and you are a fierce player, especially with your rookies spam. I am very happy to have gotten to know you so well. One of my favorite memories of you is going on tinychat and you showing Jess and I your pussy, its so cute! <3

mahogany - Rocky past much?? Honestly when I was first added to ETNAL I was so excited at the chance to meet the famous "i'll cut a bitch" mahogany. Yet, the first time I ever met you, you were beyond rude to me and judged me based on my KPG, which is something that means nothing to me. Since then I have tried to put that behind me and get to know the real Jason, and I will say that I am starting to like you more. You are funny and like to have a good time. You also gained a lot of respect from me in a recent rookies we were in, so thats a plus. Hopefully we can work on building a better relationship.

survivorfan12 - Never met you, but I've seen you around. Your avatar is beyond cute, love it! You seem like a really nice person, we should talk sometime cause I am sure we would get along great. Thanks for posting :)

SexGoddx - Thanks for posting on my blog. -does a sexgod twirl for the lolz-

TolisKalkas - Oh Tolis. You are truly a great person, a little bit overwhelming but you only mean the best by it and I know that. Thanks for the 10 signs I have from you, I appreciate them all even if I will never use each of them lol. We first started talking during my stars and I can't thank you enough for that, I was super crazy during that game and you put up with me and calmed me down. Since then we have remained very good friends and I enjoy talking to you about music. You know I am always here for you if you need to vent or talk, just try not to talk a mile a minute so I can keep up :p oh and my favorite memory is our Destiny's Child battle that I won. kty

turney1805 - TURNEYS BLACK?!?!?!?!?!!?! oh my word that was probably the funniest part of our stars and I will never forget that. I enjoyed playing stars with you and getting to know you. You are an amazing person and a great player. I miss talking to you so we should def start talking again and go on call like last night :)

ronron313 - Ron :) You are a great person and a good friend. We've had our fights but in the end all that drama def brought us closer together. I still wish you would stop by ETNAL a bit more, just leave your drama behind booboo (giggle) Oh and get unbanned soon we need pics of your ghetto curtains. <3

connorthomson - Conna, we only really started talking recently but you are an amazing person that is full of nice things to say. You make me blush irl a lot. You're a cheeky lil mate who thinks american soccer is rubbish and I hate you for that :p Recently I've been talking to you a lot about somethings and I appreciate you listening! Oh and there is a winner of the 3-way battle btw. ME <3

joe1110 - I don't know you too well, but I know of you. You seem like a great person and you always plus my spam, which I never forget about! So thanks for that and commenting on this blog.  If you ever wanna chat message me :)

dexterie - José there is so much to say about you. We just started talking but in the few weeks that we have gotten the chance to meet, I think you are a caring, genuine, and stunning person. You can make me laugh so much and I never stop smiling with you. I am so happy you are back from your vacation, you deserved it after all the hard work you have put into your schooling, but I missed you! Talking to you puts me in a great mood and the more we talk the better things seem to be getting. Here's to continuing our relationship and hoping for the best in what comes. <33 :*

khart92 - The newest member of ETNAL, still getting to know ya kyle, but you seem like a nice kid. You are always running around naked, which I don't mind. You also seem to just wanna have fun and thats what I am all about! Nice to have you around :)

2008girl - My down ass bitch <3 Jessica I love you so much. You are one of the people I am closest to on this site and easily the nicest person. I love talking to you about anything and everything. You amaze me and have taught me how to be a better person and I know that if life brings me to it, you will bring me thru it. <3 My favorite memories with you are those first couple castings we played together it was great getting to know you, the ETNAL competition, Tengaged Next Star, and of course late night tinychats. You are simply amazing and I am thankful to know you.

DiNoM - Where do I start when it comes to you. My first friend, my old rookies buddy, and one of my best friends on here.  We have been thru a lot but I know that at the end of the day I could still turn to you if I ever needed someone to talk to or any kind of advice. I am also very proud of you for your newest accomplishment IRL and I can't wait to hear all about it. You might get a lot of shit but I know that you are a great person and anyone would be lucky to have you in their life. My favorite memory of you is for sure that one night when you got on call wasted and couldn't stop giggling. Love you Dino.

austino15fffan - Austin, I loved playing survivor with you and getting to know you. You are a great kid and very nice, it sucks our tribe had to end like it did but at least we got to meet. Since then we have played a couple rookies and I hope to play some more games with you!

Phenomanimal - Matt! Another all around great person. We don't talk as much as we should but when we do we have fun. I especially love our late night tinychats recently, your a great friend to me and the rest of ETNAL and we love you for that. If you take a break like you want to I hope you stay around on skype so we can still chat often. <3

semajdude911 - LOL oh James, we have a really bad past together which makes me sad. We first met in a casting and had a lot of fun while getting to know each other. From there I remember us playing some rookies together, but of course as they always do some things happened and I believe I nommed you and you went off on me, BUT I am glad that we have seemed to put that behind us lately. You are a good person and a great player! I have enjoyed playing a couple games with you recently and I hope that we can forget what happened in the past and have more fun if we meet up in games in the future.

BBlover96 - I have known you since you were a lil noob, so its fun to see you gain karma and become more of a player everyday. Thanks for always plussing my spam and don't worry you can keep sending yours I don't mind. Message me on skype sometime we haven't talked in awhile.

Criiko - You are such a nice guy!!! I love talking to you on skype although we just met. We should def talk more and we should play a game sometime that isn't for charity. I think we can thank Zimy for us being friends.

STOKES2009 - Teresa! I consider you a good friends of mine. We met during a survivor and I had so much fun during that game. We bonded and became pretty close. Since then we have played a couple rookies together and you are a great ally! I love you blogs they always make me laugh. We still talk every now and then but I think we should play a game again soon, so let me know when you make time for me you hussy <3

vockle9 - Hey Jake, we officially just met last night but I had fun with you on call. I hope we can talk some more so I can get to know you. I must say tho that anyone that is good friends with Chap, Mike, and Turney must be pretty cool.

BB5lover - FAKE. James we have an awkward relationship that only got more awkward after stars. I have nothing against you and I think you are a great player and a hilarious kid. I laugh to think how close we used to live to each other and the thought of you shopping at Dicks makes me sick :p.

Quackerz - Chris, we met during Tengaged Next Star and that was so much fun. It turned out to be girls vs the guys and I was so happy at least a guy won and you went on to rep us in stars! Since then we really haven't talked much, but I think you are a great person. And I know that you must be because Conna has such good things to say about you, so we should chat again sometime. :)

Illyriaa - My star crossed lover <3 The moment we met we just instantly clicked and from that we have built a great friendship. I love talking to you, you are so funny and so damn cute! You keep me occupied at work when I am bored out of my mind and I do the same for you.  You are a very caring person and I know that if I ever need something I could come to you. Thanks for being a great friend!! My favorite memories with you include; picking your nail polish color/design, talking about your cats, Solitary, and the billion of calls we used to go on. <3 I love you and Mike too. ::still waiting for him to pick me up::

je7467 - JE we have had our troubles in the past but I think that you are a good guy and I know you try really hard to be a good mod, I appreciate all the work you do. I also want to thank you for giving me designs whenever I ask for them. You are a good friend. My favorite memory with you is all of the survivor games we have played together, your a smart player.

Patrick319 - Pat, we first met on a survivor tribe with Matty. I had a lot of fun during that survivor and met a lot of great people. Unfortunately we kinda stopped talking after the tribe fell apart :( If I see you around I always try and say hello but we really should try and talk more :) message me sometime.

rippyroo - Ryan I miss you! I loved playing survivor with you, you are a great player and such a nice person! I seriously miss that tribe we were on, we had lots of fun. I never really see you on skype a lot but next time I do I will have to message you to see what's up!

LuvinLife123 - I don't really know you that well. I know we played a rookies together one time and I remember we did well! You have also been on the site for awhile, so I am flattered that you posted your name. Thanks!

Uskyld - SEB! If it isn't tengaged very own Bear Connoisseur. We have been friends for awhile now, and I must say you have some strange taste in music and movies, and here strange is good :) You are a very funny guy and a great person to play with. I enjoyed playing rookies with you and especially Survivor, I am still sad at how things worked out, but happy we are still friends after all of that.  Just remember that Dr. O'Malley loves you.

ShadowBaller000 -  I think we were acquaintances before stars, but stars def brought us closer together, even if you did lie to me :p You were a great game player and we shared a lot of the same ideas in our first stars. You are also damn good at challenges so I tend to stay away from games that you are in lol. But we should def have a stars reunion soon, and thanks for gifting me the winged god design I love it!

Akomes - Stevey!! Oh we used to be pretty close back in the days of Homo Erect-us, you were actually the person to invite me to that. Now I have a confession for you, lol this is going to sound so lame, but I had a huge crush on you when the collage that Dru did came out :x Anyways I miss talking to you and we haven't played a game together in a long time, so hit me up on skype sometime :)

sprtsgy1989 - Sean the llama, you are a great guy! I loved playing survivor with you, even tho you torn apart my old tribe I was lucky enough to remain on your tribe for awhile. You make me laugh a lot with your blogs and I love that you troll Jess, Chica, and Zurka because someone needs to keep them ladies in check. My favorite memory of you has to be you messaging me trying to get me to kick Jess out of ETNAL and add you. It didn't work but it was a good try.

vh1luvr15 - Hi Tony! We also just started talking recently, but you are a funny kid. You are good friends with a lot of my good friends so that means we should be friends :) Hope we can talk more soon! Oh and I loved you vlog.

Dash - Aw man we just in that casting and then you got banned which sucked cause I loved talking to you :( you are a really funny kid. Hopefully we can play another game sometime.  Also I told Mangos how much you loved him and how much you really wanted a picture so now its just up to you. :) Hope to see you around some.

Fritzyyyyy - Steve, you are the person on this site that will always mean the most to me. We became such close friends so quick. You have always been there for me, and I love talking to you about anything. Your sense of humor is far beyond anyone I have ever met in my life, you always get me laughing even when you are making fun of me. I feel like I could tell you anything and that is probably why you are the person who knows the most about me. Basically what I am trying to say is that you are an incredible person and an all around caring person who has impacted my life so much. I wish I could make things better for you because thats what you deserve, the best that life has to offer. I will always be here for you no matter what, a friend for life with me, so get used to it you are stuck with me. I have so many favorite memories with you its hard to pick a couple but if I had to they would be watching survivor together, playing apples to apples, and picking out our future husbands. I love you <3

SagarGenesis - Sagar you are one hilarious kid. I love skype calls with you, Cam, and other random epics. Recently we were in a survivor together and even tho things didn't end well I hold no hard feelings towards you. Oh and then there was the charity game :p We should talk more because I have nothing but good fun when I do talk to you but stay away from my survivor tribes kty.

coolndcomfy - Hi DJ, we don't know each other that well but I have heard great things about you from people especially Steve. We actually played a couple games together when I was a noob, but I don't like to think about them because I was horrible lol. My favorite memory with you is that time you skyped me after you found out I was 22 and not 13 :D

kelly_joanne - KELLY! You are really like my little sister on here. I used to love playing castings with you back when I was a noob, and you were so good at them lol.  We really don't talk anywhere as much as we used to and that makes me very sad. You are the one person that I really honestly wish I talked to more on this site because you such a great friend and so caring. I hope things are going good for you and that your summer is treating you well! <3

sarahnva - First off HA I updated your name before you updated mine! Now that's over with... Sarah you are a sweet person. I remember being in a couple rookies with you and Heather, and I literally feel in love with both of you girls. Since then we have remained pretty good friends, and you always plus my spam which I appreciate so much, and I won't forget that. You also have great taste in music, you like a lot of the same bands I do. Hopefully we can chat a bit more every now and then. :) 

Kellyt210 - I don't know you to well, but I hear from lots of people that you are a sweetheart. You are also in the boys room chat that no one really talks in but I am pretty sure we talked a bit in there when it first started. Oh and we also bought gold on the same day that makes us like automatic bffs. :)

Jenna2010 - Another user I don't know all that well.  However, I believe we both were in a couple of charity game rookies recently and you are a doll :) You are another person that always plusses and comments my spam, I appreciate it so much, thanks! Hopefully we get the chance to meet sometime.

Zurks - Zurka durka!! You are such a sweetheart. I really loved getting to know you in ETNAL, even tho we really started to be friends before that. We first met in survivor with Sean and Jas, I had so much fun during that time.  You are a pretty young thang doing well for yourself! Work it girl <3

Mangos808 - EUGENE, GENE, ENGINE <3 My ETNAL buddy, we will always have such a close connection for making it thru the competition together. You are our very own cam hussy and we love it aha. I love that you are always upbeat and super nice which makes talking in the ETNAL chat so enjoyable. My favorite memory with you is the 3some we had with Mattygee :o and the ETNAL casting, so much fun :) <3

itspipez - Zack :) So happy that we are talking more, and I love having you around in ETNAL. You have a great sense of humor, so silly :D I first met you a long time ago when Dino and I merged onto a survivor tribe with people like you, Fiona, and some others. We didn't talk much then but I remember you. Sad that we never got the chance to meet up when I lived in Buffalo since we were so close to each other :( Oh and I can't wait for your recent project with your friends to be compete it's going to be so funny. <3

Mikey04wp - Mikey, an old friend :) We met in a casting when I was a noob and we got along really well. It's sad that we stopped talking but it's kinda interesting to look at where we both are. You in the OC, me in ETNAL and we both have around the same karma :) We should catch up sometime and get to know each other again, maybe another casting.

JesseM - I love to hate you :p Just kidding Jesse. You have been nothing but a good friend and a great ally whenever we play a game together, and I have a lot of respect for that. Even after you 7-0'ed me in a rookies. Still so embarrassing :l Anyways I enjoy talking to you whenever we seem to find each other on this site, so lets keep that up.

Kaay - We officially met last night at I must say you sounds like a sweetheart. Anyone that listens to Tolis sing and makes it thru the call has major points with me! Hopefully we can chat a bit more and become good friends cause what I've heard about you I like. Oh and your vlogs are cute :)

ZIMY - Jennah!! First I want to thank you for being so nice to me when I was first added to ETNAL, I still remember that :) You and I have gotten closer lately and I will always be around if you need to talk to someone. With that being said you are usually a great time on skype. You like to goof off and have fun like me so we get along well. You are a good person who means well, I really hope you listen to my advice tho. Love ya Jenna <3

bradd156 - Oh Brad... lol. You are such a lil flirt aha. Talking to you is like talking to a drunk guy at the bar full of pathetic pick up lines, but I usually love it because you make me laugh. Recently, when someone nasty and pathetic said things about you I stood up for you and I still stand behind what I said. I miss the old days of Homo Erect-us when we all had fun :( Message me sometime soon.

Nikutoku - Sean it's been great getting to know you so far this summer. Happy to have you back in ETNAL while your back :) You are one hilarious kid and the shit you post in the chat makes me laugh.  You are also a lil bit of a cam whore recently which I dont mind, working that tinychat pose. :) Hopefully we can get to know each other a bit more.

jessebruenger - Jesse we haven't talked much in a long time. I think we met each other in a survivor awhile back, and you were very nice to me. We talked a bit on skype and became pretty good friends. You are doing you own thing now and I hope you are happy. :)

Jennifer101 - JENN!!!!!! My wifey <3 ugh girl I love you so much. I am not really sure how we met at first, I think I just knew of you thru Lind and all the great things he said about you.  We talked a bit before I got my shop and I asked you to help me compete and you did, which I am very grateful for because without your help I would have fell flat on my face. Your designs are super cute and I am happy that you are still in shops. I am also happy that we still talk and I hope we continue talking. My favorite memory with you was when we both logged on to drunk blog, so silly <3

Robbster1313 - Robb :) We first met during a survivor with Matty, I had a lot of fun on that tribe :) We have talked on and off since then. I think that you are a super cool guy and I love the sign you made me.  We don't talk enough but you are another person that always plusses my spam, so thanks for that I never forget it. Message me sometime soon robb.

heatherbear - Heather we first met in a rookies, Sarah was also in that game, and I really enjoyed getting to know both of you. You are such a sweet and genuine person its hard not to love you. We have remained pretty good friends and sometimes we randomly start talking and its always cute.  Thanks for always plussing my spam and loving starbucks ;) Hopefully we can talk sometime soon.

ThePinnapleGod - I don't know you, but I have seen your name around and it always makes me giggle. You seem to be doing good for yourself and leveling up at a decent pace. Keep up the good work and thanks for posting your name :)

mattygee - Matty <3 We first met before you became an ETNAL, in a survivor tribe. I loved your sense of humor and you were legit in challenges. I'd like to think I am one of the reasons you are now an official ETNAL member, but it really comes down to how charismatic you are. You are like a lil sex kitten without the sex unfortunately :( One day I really just hope that you tell everyone that I am your real meowtivation.  Oh and buddy I hope things get better for you, try and not take things on this site so seriously, you have good friends around you that care about you and thats all you need. I miss you on skype but love our tinychat sessions.

NorthCarolinaDogwood - You are such a nice person, so sweet and caring!! We met in a casting and I enjoyed talking to you. I was so happy I got to gift you a design for all the support you showed me when I had a competing shop. So thanks for that!!!

PrincessTeePee - Alicia, my charity game partner! Oh man I remember when I first met you things did not go so well, we were in a rookies that turned nasty. But I am happy that we are friends now, you are a really nice person and your accent is cute. Hopefully we get to know each other a bit more and maybe join a couple of games together. My favorite memory of you is actually being on call with you, Cam, and Zedd. That was fun cause those two are ridiculous and we just laughed at them.  Hope to see you around :)

Pattieilikefun - Pattie, I miss you so much. We used to be good friends and talk a lot. We first met back in an old rookies, and that game was very interesting to say the least :p But I am glad that game happened because I go to meet you are you are truly a sweetheart. I wish we still talked as much as we used to. We def need to play a casting or something soon. :)

_Aria - We kinda just met, but I already know that you are an awesome person. You are really sweet and your designs are cute! Hopefully we can continue to talk and get to know each other better. :D

FlameonX - DEREK! You have got to be one of the nicest people I have ever met. You are also funny, cute, and a damn good singer! I am so glad you made it into ETNAL because you really seemed to have opened up. I would also love to play a survivor with you sometime, because you seem like a great tribe-mate and you are awesome at challenges. Looking forward to talking to you more and good luck in Tengaged The Voice! <3

amartin - Ashlee, you are a sweetheart.  You seem to be one of the nicest people around! We first met when I helped you fix your avatar ;) From there we have talked a bit and found ourselves in a couple charity games together. Hopefully we can talk some more and maybe play a couple more games together :) Oh and congrats on winning stars you rocked it!

Xbac5 - Austin, we don't know each other that well, but I know we met thru Ryan (Minsikid). You seem like you're a great guy and I know you are great at challenges! I remember saving each other in a rookies once, so I guess that is my favorite memory of us :) We should talk more and maybe play a survivor together or something. Message me sometime.

RobbieRIOT - Oh Robbie, you are one of the most opinionated and out going people I have ever met. I love you for speaking your mind and not holding back, we all know I can be the same way sometimes. You are also a RIOT to be around, always got lots of jokes or youtube videos to share.  Happy to have you around more and I really hope you can embrace being home and get things figured out. I am here if you need someone to talk to. My favorite memory of you is you singing shark in the water, loved it. Oh and who can forget the birthday video we made for you lol <3

JordanLloydFan - Jamie, I won't hold back with you because I think you can take what I have to say and maybe we can go from there. We used to be pretty good friends back when I was a lower level, we joined many rookies together and worked great together. However, when the ETNAL competition came along and some things were said my opinion on you kind of changed. From there we tried to restore a friendship when Emma added you to ETNAL, but I don't think either of us were ready for that. Then my 100th game happened, and how you chose to act and what you did in that game really pissed me off, I think it showed just the kind of person you can be. Since then hurtful things were said by both of us, I took back some things and I would really like to apologize for some of the things I did. I still don't think we can ever get back to being the friends we used to be, but hopefully we can continue to be civil with each other like I feel we have been recently.

peaccealexxa - Don't know you, but Hi and thanks for posting your name. :) Maybe we will meet each other someday.

Gaiaphage - Hi, I don't know you either but your name is fun! Thanks for posting on my blog, good luck out there!

Meowfie - Meowwwww. Hi Meowfie, you are so funny and a great time to be around. I will never forget the first time I was on call with you and all you did was meow, I really could not stop laughing. Your vlogs are cute, even tho I have to read what they say, you really don't hold back.  I hope we can play a casting together some time because I love your spam. Oh and your Tengaged Next Top Model pics are to die for ;) My favorite memory with you is you being Mattygee's Meowtivation, get it Kelly.

Abrogate - Thanks for posting your name on my blog honeyyyyyyy.

dools - Dools :D when we first met you didn't really like me because of a rookies. Yet my charm got to you and we became okay friends.  Then we happened to land in the same stars as each other, we ended up making a final two alliance and did pretty well for ourselves, until we were nominated. But thats okay because you went on and won :) Since then we have remained great friends, we usually talk almost every day. You are pretty funny and I love to tease you :p Next time we go on call please don't leave me with Tolis (giggle) My favorite memory with you is all the skype calls we have gone on especially the ones in stars complaining about certain people. <3

Savcodushe - Sav, you are like my little brother. We first met a while back, you were in one of my castings when I was a noob. I honestly looked up to you then and thought you had a cool looking avatar. We have also played a couple more games together but my favorite is the Survivor we played where I carried your ass to the end :p We got pretty close during that game and you are a great kid who likes to have fun. I love reading all your ridiculous blogs especially the PYN ones, you are hilarious. Now that you are in ETNAL I feel that we have become better friends and I was so proud of you for winning stars! Loves you plastic pool too <3

toxxicbarbie - Robert, we have never really officially met.  When I was added to ETNAL you were on a break or something. I mean sure we have talked before but I don't really know you at all. So far its been nice to have you back in the ETNAL chat and you are working your multi status as we speak. So best of luck with that and we should prolly get the chance to officially meet soon.

jasoncutie7542 - Hi, I don't think we have has the chance to meet, but your name looks familiar. I've seen you avatar before and I always think it's just so cute! Maybe someday we will have the chance to meet or play a game together. Message me sometime if you want.

SexyBanana - I have no idea who you are, but everyone seems to love you so you must be pretty great! Message me sometime cause I would like to know what this sexy banana is all about :)

TheEternalGX - Raymond, you are a great guy! I loved getting to know you in the ETNAL search, sorry things didn't work out with that :( But at least we are still friends.  We really need to talk more, don't think we have actually talked in sometime.  So message me sometime buddy :)

Snowballini - aha SNOW! You are just so damn nice! I love seeing you around tengaged and I love when you comment on my blogs. You are the next 2008girl ;) Hopefully we can play another casting together sometime. Don't be a stranger message me sometime :)

trishytrash - Trish, you are an amazing woman and an incredible designer. I love having you in ETNAL, because when you stop by you really liven the mood, I just wish you would come by a bit more :p I also what to thank you for helping me with previous designs and giving me great advice when I had a competing shop, it meant a lot to me. We should have another ETNAL call where you sing to us, because that is my favorite memory of you, I need a doctor a doctor a doctor :D it was so funny and you are a pretty damn good singer. Hopefully we can talk more and I can get to know each other better, I would not mind that at all.

dannyjr0587 - Danny! I loved getting to know you so well. We really became good friends rather quickly. I am not really sure how we even became such good friends, we really just started talking on skype and hit it off well. I love talking to you, you are also a great friend and a great ally in games. We actually played a couple games together before we started talking and we always helped each other out in them. I will always have the best support pic from you :p Recently we kinda stopped talking as much as we used to, so hopefully we can fix that and I hope you have fun on your date Tuesday :)

Emmaleigh - Emily I have nothing but good things to say about you! You have really gone above and beyond our friendship to help me out and I appreciate that so much! Hopefully something falls through with a job and we can be neighbors, that would be so much fun! I really enjoyed playing survivor and that crazy casting with you, it was great being able to talk to someone who knows things about Buffalo. I also loved being able to help ahava out, I had a feeling that was you and I am so glad that I joined to help out. You worked your thing in the RTB and then killed stars! You go girl, hopefully we can continue talking and maybe play a casting together again some time. :)

The_Domany - To be honest, I am not sure what to say about you lol. I used to think you hated me but recently you have been pretty nice to me and I didn't mind helping you out in Jenna's most recent game. Hopefully if there was ever bad beef between us that is gone. Thanks for posting your name.

MarekK27 -  Marek you are a great kid. I enjoyed getting to know you during our stars and being on call with you was hilarious, your accent is cute. I am sorry that things went down like they did in stars, but I am very happy that we have remained friends outside of the game. We should talk again soon!

Scheuerman14 - Anthony, you are one amazing person. I have loved getting to play so many survivor games with you, you are a huge competitor in challenges. We have gotten to know each other pretty well, as long as you stop confusing me with sokerstar!!! :P Hopefully we can continue our friendship and continue to do well in survivor, I love being on the same tribe as you.


Grats, +10. Hob
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congrats! :D
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Yay!! :)

Witten :)
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+11! Jason
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grats :) me
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yay congrats soker!
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hi bookie
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grats :))))))))))))))))))))

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Congrats bro and Khart
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grats :)
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OMG Gratssssssssss <333
Phenom <3
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gratz john meeeeeee
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Grats me
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congrats ILY
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grats john! so proud :')
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::prepares to be showered with compliments by you for the millionth time::

Congrats on the gold, gurl. Matches your teeth. <3
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Congrats! DJ
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kelly_joanne :)
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Zurksssss <3
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pipez =)
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Wow I always thought u were higher than me. Congrats
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Jesse :)
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Grats zimy
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Nikutoku :D
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jesse and grats
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yay congratsss ily!
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Flame =)
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ashlee <3
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jlf, this should be good :P
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peacce.. lol
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meowfie omg go johny puppyeyes!
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Congrats =D

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Congrats, wonder if you'll ever get this far <3333
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Emily <3
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aww that wasnt as bad as i hoped :P
tbh i feel like being in the etnal group at a rough time (emmalynn hating dinom, and what i percieved to be as a power struggle) and stirring the pot of drama, was really bad on our relationship. I feel like i get along with everyone in etnal now and ive squashed beef with anyone who i've had it with, and so i hope that you can forgive me as i do forgive you.

Sent by JordanLloydFan,Jul 18, 2011
Congrats <3
Sent by Scheuerman14,Jul 18, 2011
awww EmmaLynn hated me
thats cute :D
Sent by DiNoM,Jul 18, 2011
BTW since the blog expired anyone who posts after this I prolly won't update.
Sent by sokerdude7,Jul 18, 2011
Clue Number 7 - Find the TMS member that recently got 11th in stars. Go to the TMS members profile in their second column of friends. Find that users third blog posted.
Sent by Jennifer101,Oct 28, 2011

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