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Post a user and I’ll tell you what I think about them Jul 20, 2023
faygo - a fucking creep … he always had such weird relationships with people on this site

@yawnha - I don’t think I know who this is. But if you don’t like them I don’t like them.

peace123 - I don’t think I know who this is either. But I think I remember agreeing with them recently or something. So they are cool.

Stokes2009 - they are either an old man or cosplaying as a horse. So weird af

dannyjr0587 - a fierce competitor and a good friend

2008girl - a legit queen. wise beyond her years. a real friend. love her so much
Points: 34 7 comments
Who’s stalking the blogs page Jul 14, 2023
And wants to entertain me for old times sake???
Points: 186 9 comments
HOLD UP Jan 2, 2022
imageI know this user isn't complaining about seeing a bulge when he's talking about Kyland eating him alive on his profile..... GURL get your attention else where. Times_Places

Points: 709 10 comments
i login to drama Jan 2, 2022
for the first time in YEARS.

fill me in GURLS
Points: 99 6 comments
the decor Sep 19, 2021
in mrkkkkyle vlog. is giving me the "queens chambers" in the worst way possible.

bby. we need to update that
Points: 145 9 comments
Lindb Apr 3, 2021
I saw Lindb's d*ck once, it was red and very angry :@
Points: 108 5 comments