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11thJul 1, 2012 by sokerdude7
image 2008girl

You are the light of my life and the fire in my loins

Honestly, one of the most genuine and sweetest people I have even had the pleasure of meeting!

I hope you have a wonderful birthday, and get everything you wanted.....

which of course was a party in the dark with your two favorite tengaged boys!



Happy birthday =]
Sent by Scheuerman14,Jul 1, 2012
Sent by brookie_cookie,Jul 1, 2012
Happy Birthday, my love!
Sent by Fritzyyyyy,Jul 1, 2012
Happy Bday 2008girl!!! < 3
Sent by Jennifer101,Jul 1, 2012
shes the macaroni to my cheese
Sent by Savcodushe,Jul 1, 2012
happy birthday < 3
Sent by Sassy003,Jul 1, 2012
ILY 2008girl!
Sent by kimmal8,Jul 1, 2012
Happy Birthday Jess :)
Sent by HelenCoops,Jul 1, 2012
love you Jess, have a great day!
Sent by itspipez,Jul 2, 2012
Happy birthday, 2008girl! :)

And I'm dying from the pic...
Sent by Malibu,Jul 2, 2012
Thanks all yall above me! ^^^ Love you guys!!!
SMDH AT THIS PIC imma wallflower at ma own partay!!!
I best run into yall on skype later on tonite and we can get it poppin
< 3333
Sent by 2008girl,Jul 2, 2012
happy bday 2008girl
Sent by sjsoccer88,Jul 2, 2012
gettin' more beautiful by the year, 2008girl !
Sent by FlameonX,Jul 2, 2012
Happy birthday jess =D
Sent by egaga911,Jul 2, 2012
happy bday 2008girl
Sent by broncman789,Jul 2, 2012
Happy Birthday 2008girl !
Sent by IAmVegas,Jul 2, 2012
aww happy birthday to her!
Sent by Cali,Jul 2, 2012
Where's the crispy chicken wraps?!?! UGHHHH this party is whack!

Happy Birthday though 2008girl
Sent by Nunley,Jul 2, 2012
Sent by TripleXXX,Jul 2, 2012
Sent by TripleXXX,Jul 2, 2012
Happy Birthday 2008girl! You are one of my most favorite bloggers on this site!
Sent by Diva1,Jul 2, 2012
I missed this but happy belated birthday beautiful < 3
Sent by o_Elle_o,Jul 19, 2012

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