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Nominated for 7th :(

3rdApr 21, 2011 by sokerdude7
Going this far unnommed in my first stars should speak VOLUMES as to how hard I have worked in this game.

Upon entering stars I was immediately added into two alliance chats.  Both started out with the same numbers and I decided to let the chats play out to see which one would have majority.  I remained active in both chats for about an hour, and at that time one had majority of 10 people.  At this point I stopped talking in the chat that Dools added me too and remained active in the chat BB5lover added me too.  I saw the opportunity to have numbers and I did not want to throw that way, even if I didn't fully know or trust all the people in the chat.

From here Nominations 16th-12th I either had a say in what was going on, or I controlled the votes.  When it came for the nominations for 11th I really wanted to make a move that would benefit me in that game, and also get to players that were working together up. I spread the word for Nexus/Marek to go up but was not sure about the numbers. While on my break from work Julie contacted me cause she had heard word of my noms and asked if I would lock them in. Since I had already done a majority of the work, getting the rest of the votes was easy and Nexus/Marek went up.  I really think this was my best move of the game.

My strategy for the whole game was to remain friendly with as many of the people in the house as I could. This stars has been different compared to recent ones in that alliances kept flipping and people were scrambling for awhile.  There was never one solid alliance and the nominations show that.

What it basically came down do was that people we scared of me going unnommed and decided they needed to put me up with the most popular person left in the house. However, I am not done fighting, and I am not about to give up. I know what happened and I am going to work hard to make sure the person at fault for this is put up.


I would like to give a shout out to; DiNoM for posting a rough draft of my speech while I was at work, Fritzyyyyy for creating my awesome sign, and the rest of ETNAL for your constant support you are all truly amazing.


LOVES THE SONG. and gl!:)
Sent by jharrin7887,Apr 21, 2011
saved your sexy ass
Sent by Survivor8,Apr 21, 2011
Good luck John! You have played excellent so far!
Sent by Mangos808,Apr 21, 2011
Sent by yankees14456,Apr 21, 2011
love youuuuuuuuuuuuu
Sent by TolisKalkas,Apr 21, 2011
Sent by Zurks,Apr 21, 2011
this is messed up as fuck. :(
Sent by Savcodushe,Apr 21, 2011
Sent by Illyriaa,Apr 21, 2011
gl john<333
Sent by ronron313,Apr 21, 2011
Sent by heatherbear,Apr 21, 2011
gl love you <33
Sent by Pattieilikefun,Apr 21, 2011
Gl!!! +11
Sent by sarahnva,Apr 21, 2011
Sent by hinata0014,Apr 21, 2011
Good Luck!! +13
Sent by STOKES2009,Apr 21, 2011
GL :( +10
Sent by Jennifer101,Apr 21, 2011
Sent by sprtsgy1989,Apr 21, 2011
Sent by je7467,Apr 21, 2011
You're more amazing then you realize.

You can do it, John...this is your stars to lose <333
Sent by RobbieRIOT,Apr 21, 2011
I got your back dawg
Sent by Oscirus,Apr 21, 2011
Good luck soker!
Sent by Diva1,Apr 21, 2011
Sent by 2008girl,Apr 22, 2011
Sent by myiel,Apr 22, 2011
sorry about your eviction love :(
Sent by AntNikiaBonnie,Apr 22, 2011
Sent by arnoldo,Apr 22, 2011

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