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Big Brother and online Hunger games.

DCsooner... you mad bro?

17thNov 11, 2011 by sokerdude7
imageFirst off I never threw any challenges, I always played and gave it my best.  I also didn't suicide or attempt to.

And so what, I ate 10 of your food after it sat there for over 20 minutes when you were on. You had plenty of time to eat it, I saw it sitting there and knowing that I was voting you off at day change, I said why waste the food. Taking food is all part of the game, if you can't respect the game maybe you shouldn't be playing Survivor.

You can bitch and complain all you want but all I did was OUTPLAY you. From day 3 I was in the minority and I did what ever I had to do to ensure that I would be at the end.

"I came to win, to survive, to prosper, to rise"


bitter bitches
Sent by Mikey04wp,Nov 11, 2011
Sent by dexterie,Nov 11, 2011
Soker, where you been? I miss ya <3
Sent by Dylamo,Nov 11, 2011
Holla (y)
Sent by 2008girl,Nov 11, 2011
ILY <3333
Sent by STOKES2009,Nov 11, 2011
Sent by faygo,Nov 11, 2011
tell em
Sent by Illyriaa,Nov 11, 2011
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no one cares
Sent by DCSooner,Nov 11, 2011
^^ obv you do since you blogged about it, then spammed it
Sent by sokerdude7,Nov 11, 2011
you are so OTTN john
Sent by Abrogate,Nov 12, 2011

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