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1stOct 2, 2019 by peace123


ur right doll face
Sent by lexeyjane,Oct 2, 2019
Sent by Marktint_1,Oct 2, 2019
isn't his.first time
me.per exemple
did.absolutly nothing to him
Sent by MarieEve,Oct 2, 2019
Abrogated is king
Sent by Minie,Oct 2, 2019
MarieEve you've defended Fiona who is a racist and has said the r word. thats why I said he hasn't attacked someone who has said or DEFENDED someone ableist/racist/sexist etc
I can see where he's coming from with insulting u in the first place although I think it goes too far a lot of the time.
Sent by peace123,Oct 2, 2019
MarieEve rollingderp comments.
Sent by Marktint_1,Oct 2, 2019
Sent by rollingderp,Oct 2, 2019
He has said I am vile and he's not sure why people like me - I'm not really sure why. :(
Sent by Teddybear,Oct 3, 2019
Oh I guess it was because I called out Minie for the transphobic remarks

I think he defends his friends and attacks people who say anything negative to his friends regardless of what they're saying and whether or not it's warranted. If his friend made comments like that (racist/sexist/homophobic), they are/have been glossed over. While I don't think he's regarding situations logically and his blogs can come across as quite rude, he's fiercely, blindly loyal, which is an admirable quality. So I guess I'm in the middle here. I wish he didn't blog about how I'm vile and cal me nasty for no reason :/
Sent by Teddybear,Oct 3, 2019
teddybear oh shit sis I forgot about that. I 100% think ur right. I think it's a mix of both. He didn't like me back in the day but when I started exposing Fiona for being racist he called her out as well and naturally we became cool. I just don't think calling ALL the ppl who get bullied by him the good ppl of tg is accurate.
Sent by peace123,Oct 3, 2019

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