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  1. ♥Alanb Owns My Heart♥
  2. ♥Alanb Owns My Heart♥
  3. ♥Alanb Owns My Heart♥
  4. ♥Alanb Owns My Heart♥
  5. ♥Alanb Owns My Heart♥
  6. ♥Alanb Owns My Heart♥
  7. ♥Alanb Owns My Heart♥
  8. ♥Alanb Owns My Heart♥
  9. ♥Alanb Owns My Heart♥
  10. ♥Alanb Owns My Heart♥
  11. ♥Alanb Owns My Heart♥
  12. ♥Alanb Owns My Heart♥
  13. ♥Alanb Owns My Heart♥
  14. ♥Alanb Owns My Heart♥
  15. ♥Alanb Owns My Heart♥
  16. ♥Alanb Owns My Heart♥
  17. ♥Alanb Owns My Heart♥
  18. 🎂ALAN B FOR BIRTHDAY, 2!!🎂
  19. ♥Alanb Owns My Heart♥
  20. ♥Alanb Owns My Heart♥
  21. ♥Alanb Owns My Heart♥
  22. ♥Alanb Owns My Heart♥
  23. ♥Alanb Owns My Heart♥
  24. ♥Alanb Owns My Heart♥
  25. ♥Alanb Owns My Heart♥
  26. ♥Alanb Owns My Heart♥
  27. ♥Alanb Owns My Heart♥

♥Alanb Owns My Heart♥

1stAug 4, 2018 by peace123


Multis maybe
Sent by semajdude,Aug 4, 2018
semajdude Wtf no way those aren't allowed!
Sent by peace123,Aug 4, 2018
u are so hateful
Sent by Babeeeidah,Aug 4, 2018
Never heard of her
Sent by Survivor8,Aug 4, 2018
Babeeeidah that's ironic,
Sent by peace123,Aug 4, 2018
I've voted to save Finesse because we're in a Casting together. She's really sweet and networks well.
Sent by Tryphena,Aug 4, 2018
*coughs up tea*
Sent by temponeptune,Aug 4, 2018
She's really sweet and networks well.
Sent by Tryphena,Aug 4, 2018

Networks 🤔
Sent by JustMe,Aug 4, 2018
Sent by maturo,Aug 4, 2018
U mad hun
Sent by sandym89,Aug 4, 2018
finesse is queen ur mad LOL
Sent by popular,Aug 4, 2018
sandym89 popular idk why calling out a cheater makes me mad but I don't get mad over big brother online game site tengaged but thank u for your input although its neither wanted nor needed
Sent by peace123,Aug 4, 2018
I love her :/
Sent by melindaMrskk,Aug 4, 2018
melindaMrskk she seems nice when she's not spamming my mails calling me names because she doesn't want me to expose her for cheating, but the fact is that the only person who can continuously get 60+% saved even when they're back to back nominated as a flavor is oliviaxoxo and it took her being nominated half the game to achieve that.
Sent by peace123,Aug 4, 2018
lmao u mad bro???? u wish u could network like finesse does
Sent by BengalBoy,Aug 4, 2018
BengalBoy damn ur so right i need to work on my networking real bad this probably isnt helping
Sent by peace123,Aug 4, 2018
maybe if u spent less time arurfing and more time on Google Plus+ and building ur professional network on LinkedIn u could survive a poll l*ser
Sent by BengalBoy,Aug 4, 2018
BengalBoy ur so right do u or _Finesse have any more tips for me :(
Sent by peace123,Aug 4, 2018
I’m v close to finesse and he hasn’t used multis himself nor has he asked anyone else to use multis for him. They may be used but he would have no idea who. And he has gained a lot of support for being a flavour and being put up so many times. A lot are probably sympathy votes. Also he is so sweet and genuinely one of the nicest ppl on this site and is kind to everyone. Not to mention he is usually up with v controversial users
Sent by Fetish,Aug 4, 2018
fetish i never said he himself used multis, all i said that he is a cheater. If he isnt using multis himself then his spanish friends are multing him the win, regardless of the public's actual vote. Multis are being used and they're very easy to find yet admin sits here doing nothing, a big shocker huh.
Sent by peace123,Aug 4, 2018
Tea ?
Sent by Roshy,Aug 4, 2018
wow this is crazy!!!!!
Sent by iYBF,Aug 4, 2018
Water is wet.
Sent by tennisplayer963,Aug 4, 2018
I am wet.
Sent by alanb1,Aug 5, 2018
Sent by 2388,Aug 5, 2018
Admin I do happen to know Finesse used to use multis. maybe still does
Sent by JourdanBabyXoXo,Aug 5, 2018

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