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Big Brother and online Hunger games.

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1stAug 28, 2019 by peace123


I +d for the title alone but I still think we should be disenfranchising like 7 other women who pretend having a vagina is a personality before Fiona
Sent by mastropola,Aug 29, 2019
Sent by TaraG,Aug 29, 2019
Tea baby tea
Sent by Thumper91,Aug 29, 2019
You mean to tell me this clown came for me for having "bullying tendencies" when she a whole ass racist? Lit rally a mess luv
Sent by joey96,Aug 29, 2019
joey96 LMAOO perioddd she tried coming for me yesterday by I guess "exposing" me for bullying one of her friends when she's called me (I had a black avi at the time) and 2 of my friends the n word over a 2 year span. A truly tragic gal and I hope she gets help soon!
Sent by peace123,Aug 29, 2019
Sent by Silver09,Jun 5, 2021

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