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I've always liked you vote Dec 5, 2021
biminibonboulash you're so hot and a sloppy disgusting mess as usual
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[GIVEAWAY] 11 years on tengaged + PLAT! Nov 29, 2021
Details about the giveaway r at the BOTTOM of the blog... all u have to do to enter is comment something but please make sure u follow the criteria so ur entered n slay!!
OMG I can't believe I've been on this website for ELEVEN years. THATS MORE THAN HALF MY LIFE. I STILL remember the day I asked my parents if I could sign up for this website and they for some reason said YES. The rush I felt joining my first fastings (which were SLOW at the time... slow fastings. I miss those.) and getting into it with the other noobies. After my first 10 games I was HOOKED and knew this site would be an integral part of my life for years to come... although I did not expect it to be this long!

Growing up on this site was honestly a burden for me... It really fucked up my formative years and once I entered junior high I became really socially anxious and I think it stemmed from me not being socialized because I spent most of my time on tengaged. However, at this point in my life, I don't think I would change anything... It's dumb living with regrets in the first place but also I've made so many amazing friends and memories here that I cherish greatly :)

I still remember spending 12+ hours a day talking to and playing roblox with spacebryce, creating the first version of my chat the Nerd Herd in like 2013 (im p sure the only members still active today r bryce and kindred7 on her old account), revitalizing that chat after I came back in 2017 and meeting some of my best friends purplebb4, paige54, hufus, and bigbrotherdonny (among others ofc! ily all) and even meeting my technically first real life boyfriend alanb1... And so many little small memories along the way that have helped shape me into who I am today.

That being said... I also have a lot of really bad memories. I used to be a vile person on this site, truly, I took games way too seriously and made them so personal over nothing. It disgusts me to look back on that, which is why I've been taking a serious initiative to work on myself and I realized I held so much hatred and anger on this site for so long for no reason. Once I let that go, this site immediately became more fun for me. I've met a ton of new people on this site and continue to do so all the time and have also reconstructed bridges I've burnt in the past that I never thought I could rebuild. If I could give any advice after my 11 years of expertise it would be to not take this site so seriously and get rid of the resentment and hatred inside urself. It truly does wonders :)

Time flies so fast... Just 6 months ago I was unemployed and not happy with myself and today I'm here about to be promoted to manager of the department at my work and I have more people in my life who love and care about me both irl and online than I ever have. I'm super grateful for everyone here and everyone in the past who made my childhood, teen years, and early adult life very weird and entertaining and unique, and I truly care about this site and everyone on it!

That being said, I'd like to give back to the girlies now that I don't have to save my T$ anymore.
Since I just wrote this literal essay about my memories over the past 11 years, I want to hear y'alls. About me of course. All u have to do to enter is share with me ONE memory u have of me or our relationship or anything of the sort, and I will give you 1-3 tickets based on how I like ur answer.

1 TICKET - u tried and I respect that. Maybe we just don't know each other (yet!) or maybe i didnt feel that u put energy into ur response. If I somewhat know u u probably won't be in this tier unless u fuck it up, but for people I've never talked to, this might be u. and thats okay!!

2 TICKETS - probably where the average will lie. for the girlies who I have only a little bit of experience with but brought up a fun or good memory that i like!!

3 TICKETS - reserved for the besties probably. Unless someone who would normally get a 2 rly surprises me with their memory, the only ppl getting 3 will be people I talk to a lot or have had rly good experiences with in the past. If ur a bestie u could prob just put "that one time u served cunt mama" and u'd get a 3 (jk u wouldn't u'd get a 1.... plz dont do this) so... yea! ur little reward for putting up with me i guess.

Clearly this giveaway is meant for people I know, but I didn't want to leave anyone out because the people I don't know NOW may become my besties in the future. I don't have the T$ YET as I just spent all of them on plat but when I do I will probably be buying from MmabatlokoaMolefe or Eilish because I owe both of them (if they're still competing) but if theres an exclu or something that only a another shop owner can post (idk how shops work plz) we can work that out!

UPDATE: I forgot to say this is a RANDOM giveaway not the best answer wins, I just give u tickets based on how I like ur answer and that's how many times ur name is put in. ALSO if u win you can give the gift to whoever. ALSO I will be making a followup blog tomorrow tagging everyone with their ticket amounts. THERE'S NO RSN NOT TO JOIN IN 🥺

Best of luck and thank all of u for making my days on this site feel super special!!
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Bored at work Nov 22, 2021
Pyn and I will rank u based on how much ily
I will also tell u why ur there maybe.
Update: updating when work gets slow today hugs

Purplebb4 - duh
MrBird - stupid bridge troll
abstractjay - why does ur avis hair look like that Wtf
mbarnish1 - mr
paul028 - ur under turkey for a reason rat ass bitch
semajdude - why r u so mean to me
Batya - ur iconic but talk to me more babes.
cheritaisdelicious - it's giving Cher mom
Kindred7 - same... But I love everyone so it's not tht insulting hopefully :((
Yawnha - ur so amazing tho we just haven't talked outside of games n blogs!!
Elian - ur sooo sweet but we never talk :(
hwest14 - I love u Omg. But ur not v active anymore
Times_Places - I like u we just don't talk besides on the blogs page!!
kesha - Idk u but... Taste
Escapethenight13 - I didn't hear of u since like.. Yesterday!! But here's to new friends maybe you'll move up next time 🤪
#sprtsgy1989 - our only mem together is u nominating me in stars once but I still love u and ur blogs!!
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Pyn honest opinion!! Nov 7, 2021
Bored at work 😣
Update - I'm updating these rn!!

#jacksonjoseph99 - I remember I used to dislike u and call u homophobic because you would bully grrimabear for being in the closet or something... U kinda ate tht tho cuz thts a weirdo. Now tho I don't see u around too much but when u r on the blogs page ur kind of iconic as fuck I can't lie

#Kentuckyy - a flawless legend... I'm so glad we became friends, I used to look up to u way back in the day as a newer player on this site! Ur so incredibly sweet but ur not afraid to body a bitch if u have to. I'm glad we reconnected in the gamebots since TNH Skype died!!

#DaddyDev - we've had our ups and downs but I think ur great. I think its really funny how maldy u have people especially since I used to be one of those people. However I think you've also shown immense growth over the past few years and even tho you're still fiesty I think you're a great person. Keep doing u 🥺

#skyler1822 - u r sooo sweet! We aren't super close and I don't see u around all THAT often, but I really enjoy our lil convos in mails when we do have them! It's always a pleasure talking to u ❤️

#BigBrotherDonny - probably one of the worst users on this website. I can't fucking stand u and u were a lot better on phonee. JK BESTIE we have been friends for soooo long and u never fail to make me laugh! It sucks we don't talk as much anymore since TNH is a lot more inactive + we're both kind of busy a lot of the time buttt ur always my fave to see on the blogs page

#Jengaged - I remember being eh about u when u first joined, I kind of thought u were a frooks obsessed loser if I'm being real with u. However since interacting with u the past few months thru the different chats were in together I find u rly funny and I consider us friends even tho we don't talk too much!! We vibe bestie 💅🏼

#xcharliex - ur a hunger flop!! I remember when we first met u were rly aggressive and kind of weird but I gave u a chance since BBD rly vouched for u and I'm glad I did!! I love doing things with u whether it's slaying frooks or slaying the rift and I'm glad we became such good friends 🥰 also ur dogs r sooo cute so. That's a bonus

#J2999 omgg James. I feel like I don't see u at ALL anymore so honestly I don't rly know what to say!! But you've forever been one of the kindest users on the site n I know that holds true to this day. I hope ur doing well, u should message me about what ur up to these days 🥺

#Insanity - I don't think we've ever personally talked or even been in a game together where we've interacted but I think you're really funny while always keeping it classy. I always see u bring a lot of humor to dramatic situations but I don't think I ever actually see u in the drama, which is kind of the best type of user u can be on this website. Props to u

#Itsalexia - I love our friends to enemies to friends moment. I'm glad we became friends again cuz I think ur hilarious and I love our random FULL ass convos in the music channel on the tg discord. I think u still get a bad rep because of the past on here but I've noticed u changing for the better and props to u for that!! ❤️

#Washed_Ravioli u r just so good... We haven't really talked too much one on one besides when I would vote u out of games and feel bad about it but I do think ur great just by seeing ur interactions with people on the blogs page and ur interactions with me. ONE day we will work together in a game I know it's true.

christossss - I remember us not liking each other in the past I think? Maybe? I'm not really sure. But ever since we started talking in one of Matt's 500 chats + on the blogs page you've always been super fun to interact with. U also rnt afraid to clock the gyals when u need to so tht always brings some fun drama. King!

biminibonboulash - u said brutal so honestly... Ur a fat cunt with a crooked wig. JK! ur the best. By far my favorite person I've gotten to know this past year, I love us talking ab like... Bread in pms. The girls wish they could get into our bread convos. But fr, I love u, and I feel kinda bad cuz Ive been busy recently and we haven't talked as much! But just know I cherish ur friendship greatly. I love u :)

lemonface - queen of carrying gay ppl in league... Idk much about u on a personal level but I'm pretty sure I've only seen u be kind to ppl! Ur kind of an Iconic tg user AND also unproblematic AND ur avi is campy which means ur hot irl... The triple threat is immense methinks

Maxi1234 - ur blog content is constantly serving, I comment on saur many blogs when I am active on tg and urs are usually the most engaging. U don't do it like the other girls, even the ones about flop ora r pretty good. I think the situation tht shall NOT be named kind of put a dent in our relationship tho and I don't think u like me that much which is understandable, but I wish u the best always and think ur a great gal!

titoburitto - for some rsn I remember us beefing at one point but like idek what tht would have been about... But for the past few years you've really shown the girls how to do it by BLOSSOMING into such a sweet n silly user. I loveee ur blogs and being a tito tot and think u put a lot of great energy into the world :)

sjsoccer88 - God i love u... The way u just tear ppl apart is such a moment... But also ur very sweet and I think that gets overlooked by ppl sometimes!! We've never really talked much outside of chats or games I don't think but it always brightens my day to see u around and I lovvvv ur personality 🥰

sosyomomma - we have had our ups and downs, but these days there have only been ups baby. I still remember when u joined my charity even despite the blow up in Matt's chat, it was a small yet sweet gesture tht I haven't forgotten about 🥺. I hope ur doing good these days!

brightongal - I still cannot for the life of me think of why we could have possibly not liked each other in the past omg. U r so sweet and funny and also GORGEOUS like ugh. Although we aren't super close I love being in the gamebots with u and interacting with you on the blogs page, and also nobody drags the toxic gays like u do it's soo iconic to watch

Jaxon - I love uuuu we go thru periods of like talking a lot n then not talking at all but like I still remember meeting u, I took a risk and joined ur charity and it paid off because we became such good friends after tht and I'm saurr glad for it. I like ur lizards and cat so much too btw. I have great memories with u thank u for being a bestie 🥺👉👈

Otaq - You're a king! Idk u too well but we're in a few chats together (or were idk ppl come n go all the time) and u seem pretty cool. People tell me ur chill and from my experience, tru. U seem very interesting so hopefully we get 2 know each other more in the future!!

joey65409 - u are sooo sweet and ur pretty funny too. I'm glad we were on tribe gamebot together n met there and became blog page buddies after that. I wish we talked more outside of the blogs page and games tho!! But regardless ur a king and ily :)

BengalBoy - the big buck of this lick. Idk what ur up to these days but I hope ur doing good, I miss when I'd go to delete my expired blogs and u would have commented on all of them like 12 hrs after they were posted. I hope we get some good bnglboy blogs this holiday season, I rly liked the danger one.Love u!!

_Matt - cutieee i haven't seen u around in like a month for some reason!! Even tho we dont rly talk I adore u, always have always will. I don't rly have much to say tho since like I said i haven't seen u around so hopefully we get in a game togetha or something one of these days!!

MrBird - Manola outsold u. She took the choco obleas and shes leaving town to come stay with me. haw haw. I think ur rly funny and weird and UGH ur a bestie. I love when u comment in the nerd herd discord "hehehe" but its still contributing more to the chat than 90% of the people there. U slayed.

turkeylover - omg whispers and giggles about the girls in the secret tengaged discord server... I honestly adore u, ur so funny and entertaining always but I also think we would be rly good friends if we were in the same social circs and actually talked a lil more. Ur also like the only person who comments on 90% of my blogs so that makes u an immediate fave

tbrown_47 - omggg we haven't talked in a while. Ur such a king! Like I said on joey's I miss tribe gamebot smmm still one of my fave tribes to date, im glad we met there. We haven't really talked or seen each other that much since, but I still consider u a pal n would love to work with u if I see u in another game :)

3pi14159 - ur slay is immense... I don't know u personally but I see u a lot on the blogs and ur always having fun with the squirrel girls, I love tht energy. I feel like ppl give u a hard time sometimes especially for some of the stuff you've said in the past but I feel like thts just a part of maturing and I hope u keep ur chin up cuz ik a while ago it was kind of bad for u. :)

Jessie_ I love u!! U mean a lot to me, even tho I kinda suck at showing it bc we don't talk tht much. I think u let the games get to u sometimes, but any1 who takes the time to get to know u will find out how sweet u r!! Gl in stars bestie hehe

FemmeFatale - ur avatar is sooo snatched and iconic omg. She slays. Idk u too well only that ur friends with Delete, but u seem rly sweet :)

Yawnha - u kind of bodied me in hunger omg. Idk u too well but I think ur rly funny on the blogs page especially ur interactions with BBdon and I'm so happy for u that ppl r cutting u some slack for being a younger user n kinda vibing out with u. Like ur stars win? Iconic. Only upwards from there king. :)

Lex13579 - Ur sooo amazing. I'm so glad paige introduced us, and I'm glad ur having fun back on tg! I love talking to u about random things and playing games with u, and u begging for gifts on the blogs page is always iconic. I love u sm!!

purplebb4 - Like what is there to even SAY... u r the moment. Ur bestie, but u also transcend all space and time. I love and appreciate u so much, ur like a sister 2 me and u constantly raise the bar for the other girls. We have so much in common and I literally cannot think of a time where u've bored me, we always have sm fun together. Theres nobody else I rather have as a #1 on tg!! hugs ♥

coreyants Kingg I remember we didn't like each other over stars or something?? Idk if we ever rly even fought I just think I was maldy cuz u guys put me up even tho we like BARELY spoke probably. I remember always hearing ab how u were kind of psycho and idk if u still are but it doesn't come off like that, we love growth. ur blogs are always entertaining or engaging whether its bullying poor alex or just having thoughtful convos about serious or even random shit. I like u a lot, I think ur great.

abstractjay - My king. I'm so glad we started talking and became friends bc I love talking to u!! You were there for me in a little bit of a low point in my life, even if u didn't realize it, and ur presence meant a lot. So ofc u can always count on me if u ever need anything!! I'm sorry we don't talk more cuz I'm super busy with work n stuff but I like our little chats thruout the day even tho I forget about them sometimes :(( I love u!!

Kindred7 - dw I made it to u!! Mommm ur inkreadable. Idk how u can manage to be so nice but so entertaining and overall a baddie, I could never do it like u can. Ur soo sweet and I love our lil interactions on the blogs page. We should join a castings or somethin together sometime!!

Spacebryce - sweet sweet repu... I love u sooo much. We have so much history together on this site, one of my first like REAL friends on this site and although probably thousands of people have came and went, u r still here with me. I appreciate ur friendship so much, I have so many memories of us dating back to like fuckin 2012 and I'm glad we're still friends to make even more memories now like when u took me on a house/town tour tht one day or when u gifted me this amazing flawless full avi. My life would NOT be the same without u and I love knowing tht we will be lifelong friends ♥

JohnPopper - one of my newer besties!! I'm glad we started talking because I've loved seeing u on the blogs page for a while now. U r a lot of fun and very interesting and although we talk a lot less now, our chats r always fun :) love u!!

semajdude - u play so many frookies but never play castings or fastings so fuck u? like fill the fucking games weirdo. Jkk ily, ur iconic, u need to keep it in ur pants (or in my pms) tho if u know what i mean b4 u get into too much trouble. We need to make f2 in a frooks one of these days but ur kind of in ur flop era and r always working with the other side. Jokes aside, I think ur rly fun and kind of weird but in like a good way and it makes being friends with u very enjoyable!!

MarieTori - Ur an enigma, I've always been a big fan of u cuz ur kind of unhinged but like in a controlled and good way rather than a menace on society type of way, i literally never know what to expect from u in side dish let alone when ur unleashed on the tengaged public so i know the people ur rly close to love spending time with u!!
I'm updating 3 at a time saur be patient 👉👈
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Personal thank u to Sep 8, 2021
image koolness234 brandonpinzu cheapcheep for their swift actions recently
#monomial #karim and #emzthorne being able to log in whenever they want, the last one literally constantly being on zero minutes and not having to face any consequences of his actions really bothered me and weighed on me heavily. In the past month all three have been banned as soon the mods had the proof to be able to.
All three of these users could be tried as criminals for their actions and I'm just glad they're finally gone.
Bless the mods.
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♥ Skinniest Legends Club ♥ Jun 30, 2021
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