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Any baddies add 4 addvote Mar 25, 2019
I need 4 more uwu
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I'm back in top 200 for now Mar 25, 2019
This is very exciting thank u all so much I couldn't have done it without andalarew_2231 giving himself 13th in survivor because sheeping bamold bit him in the ass so thank u so much 🙏
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😔I Miss Alanb😔 Mar 22, 2019
Am taking a break from skype for a week starting tomorrow and I'll only be logging in to here to bet/play vivor, plus im rly bored rn, so thot i'd do a pyn 2 pass the time uwu
Edit: Honest opinion is boring by itself so I'm gonna do first impressions (that I can remember) vs what I think of u now but I don't want to ruin the blog link since I already spammed it so i won't be changing the title sksk
bambino THEN: Honestly don't remember my FIRST impression, but I've always liked you. I think I met you when I was fighting with Alvin though so i didnt know how to feel sksk
NOW: One of my faves on the website, periodt. We don't talk much outside of chats or the blogs page but you always have my back and I always have yours. You're an iconic queen always, no matter who is coming for you for whatever reason. Not afraid to speak your mind either which as a fellow baddie I can respect.
Fetish THEN: I always thought you were super funny on Leahbel and in the early days of fetish! There was a point where I didn't like you when you were a Tyler sheep but now ur grown and realize he's a psychopath sksk
NOW: You're pretty iconic I suppose, I'm in ur chat and ur in mine so I love that for us. We also went thru the TRAUMA of perms together which automatically makes us sisters forever. ♥
BarbraStreisand THEN: My FIRST impression of you was that u were very mean? We met around the same time where I was just starting to show people what I looked like and u said I looked like an alcoholic LMAOO I was so sad about that for like a hot min but its good now >:)
NOW: We don't rly talk anymore and I kind of prefer it that way because we haven't fought in a while. I think ur a good guy and it's cool to have seen u grow over the past year+ ♥
Batya THEN: I don't even remember how we met but like iconic from the start.
NOW: ur not as active on the blogs page as the old days so we don't have much blogs page banter anymore, but we have similar humors and ur very nice so you'll always be a pal :3
SweetBlossomrose1 THEN: Hated you. Absolutely thought u were a disgusting weirdo. Then Alan would flirt with u (when we were on our break sksk) and it would make me hate u even more, until I eventually just kicked.
NOW: Literally one of my favorite people on the site LMAO you talk to me basically everyday for at least a little bit in my chat, and you're so funny and have a great personality. Never have I had a complete 180 on an opinion of someone but I love u soooo much ♥
THEN: Obv u being a cheating king back in the day I knew of you but we didnt speak till I believe a hunger where I was sheeping bamold. U arrowed me out which honestly kinda hurt my feelings cuz I told Tyler and Justin I would shoot literally anyone but u sksk but yea!
NOW: Honestly? A 2019 fave. Ur so good LMAO like I wish u wouldn't pick fights with everyone in my chat LOOL but besides that ur such a king. That is until I get into frookies again you'll prob end up hating me ;(
THEN AND NOW: Idek when we first met I remember seeing u on the blogs page for a while before we met? Idk my opinion of u hasn't really changed, idk u too well but also think ur iconic as fuck so :3
Then: You were SO funny on Vansreborn. Like so good I rly can't. I miss him sm.
Now: Not rly sure what to think, ur humor is very hit or miss for me. But I respect the hustle pal.
THEN AND NOW: Always thought u were rly funny and witty especially when Olivia and Calvin would take part in your jokes. I still think the same now although I don't think people give you the credit you deserve anymore but its tengaged so we couldn't care less.
THEN AND NOW: Idk my opinion of u has never REALLY changed? You're kinda a werido but in a good way, even when ur blogs r stupid they're always a good read sksk. Plus ur friends with Krista so u can't be bad right heh
THEN: I never rly knew what to think of u lol since all that drama was around and u were so scandalous for a hot min, we hadn't really talked so I didn't know what to think, esp during our first stars!
NOW: We don't talk much but I like u a lot even tho u NEVER work with me in stars >:(( ur a kinggg and ur a bit hot headed sometimes but in like a rly good way sksk very iconic very entertaining
THEN: I think we started off fighting? I don't really remember why LMAO idk
NOW: I'm glad we're friends cause although you don't always come off as it on the blogs page you're a genuinely NICE person to those who get to know you and thats very refreshing on a site full of mean fakies. Love ya x
THEN: I literally remember accusing u of being racist or something bc u voted me out of a frookies... Like I was THAT troubled.. I've already apologized for that but, sorry again. Yikes.
NOW: You're so good especially in frooks. Ur "i have no idea whats going on but keep me safe" attitude is so good and ur just so nice that even when u would vote me out it would just be like ok greg i understand love u pal sksk ur sooo good
THEN: We were THAT duo. We rly were like nobody compared to our irrelevant roblox playing asses. Some of my favorite childhood/early teen year memories includes you as weird and tragic as that is but u rly were my #1 ride or die for like a hot 5 yrs and still are rly (besides alan ofc)
NOW: Uhh not rly sure what to say ur still good I guess? Not like the old days but its understandable. I don't feel like I'm ur #1 anymore which is fine but it still hurts a lil. But at least ur a better friend than literally everyone else on tg sksk. Glad u decided to come back to tg and slay games xo
THEN: If we're talking grrrimabear then like immediate fave I loved reconnecting with u yea yea yea. Fucking hated u on SuperPatrick though and even Stick for a hot min, even though at some points we were friends. The real definition of a frenemy on sksk
NOW: I still love u and Sadie sm even though currently I cant @ ur pettiness. You guys will always be my parents though so love u both :3
THEN AND NOW: Honestly haven't known u for a while so they're basically the same thing, but I think ur rly iconic, we have a similar sense of humor and ur a skinny legend so basically that means we're sisters for a real one XO
THEN AND NOW: Honestly my opinion hasn't changed much from when we first met so I can do them together, I've always thought u were super sweet and think ur rly iconic. I feel like ur so nice it can come off as fake nice to some people but u rly r just genuinely a good person, idk how u do that this site makes me want to rip my hair out most of the time. Love u xx
THEN: I remember u getting added to one of my chats a while back, nobody liked u and found u rly annoying, including me LMAO
NOW: Ever since Hot Cows I've found you to be really iconic and you seem to be genuinely interested in some of the random shit I say in Buds, or at least act like it. You and Purple have been great additions to the chat, love u guys ♥
THEN: I used to not like u lmao? You were rly annoying and weird sksk
NOW: We're not friends but we also don't dislike each other (at least I don't dislike you) and I admire how u say and do what you want and don't let these hoes bring u down. iconic.
THEN: Idk we met in a random survivor LOL I didn't rly have any feelings towards u positive or negative even tho I was salty y'all voted me out sksk. My first real impression of u was when we were in Pots together and I thought u were pretty cool and liked talking to u so I added u to NH sksk
NOW: Despite our ups and downs I think ur pretty iconic. I think u can be a bit entitled sometimes and definitely hot headed, and u get annoyed rly easily which turns a lot of people off, but ur a pal and if people in Budtatoes didn't threaten to leave if u get added I would def add u back to it LMAO
THEN: Idk we never really talked in vivor/frooks LOL honestly Idt i rly liked u too much but thats just cuz I thought I couldn't trust u
NOW: Hot Cows is basically dead now but meeting you/Grace was def a hot cows highlight from the short time i've been in it! Ur both rly iconic hehe love ya! ♥
THEN AND NOW: Honestly you've been a true queen from the start so my opinion hasn't really changed, besides the fact that I like u more now that I know u better :P Like I said in Alex's I hadn't met u until Hot Cows but was def one of the best moments of the chat :$ also ur running snaps always get me so hyped I'm like YAS MA SPRINT QUEEN I STAN it rly is such a moment sksk
THEN: U were like the head ween sheep back when I first met u, u were getting into lots of fights and lot of controversial moments but I stanned sksk
NOW: I thought wbk that I take tg games seriously sksk idec about the drama anymore so the random shade was unnecessary esp since I don't think about u and jake ever, even that obsessed karma sutra only gets a mention when he cant stop talking about me all day. Grats on the top blog though wink
THEN: I thought u were pretty ok LOL I hadn't even heard of u until u joined buds so I didn't rly know what to expect but u turned out to be cool
NOW: Another fave, ur so iconic I rly stan. Idrk what else to say other than ur loyal nd funny nd nice so keep slaying miss B!
THEN: We didn't meet until stars so i always regarded u as just another bland bamold sheep sksk but then during stars I discovered u WERE a bamold sheep but at least u had a personality unlike Stuart so ur pretty cool sksk def a funny guy
NOW: Literally haven't thought about u since stars besides like once when someone brought up how u left bam bam in the dust for tengaged's new power premade frat frat or whatever so i stan that LOOL hope ur doin well xx
THEN: I didn't know what to think of u LMAO I legit thought u were #BigBrotherDonny for a sec like on a multi when he took a break LOOL so love that for u
NOW: Ur pretty iconic, its cool seeing new users getting involved in tg and ur def one of the front runners of this. Also have to stan the Gaga gif on ur profile!
THEN: I never rly knew u LOL but we have a lot of mutual friends so I u had to have been p cool huh ;) I think we interacted a few times maybe but nothing too srs
NOW: Ur pretty iconic and I love that ur a fellow Billie stan. We don't talk too much but sometimes u pop into buds and say hi and thats always a good time :3
THEN AND NOW: Would hear great things about u sometimes in potatoes chat from Purrie and Jeddie but never rly knew who u were personally and never rly saw u around! Then we met in a frookies and I voted u out =[ but since ur iconic u didnt take it personally hehe. Since then we haven't talked but ur pretty iconic and I still see u on the blogs page sometimes chattin it up with ur faves and I love that
THEN AND NOW: I don't rly have anything to say LOL I've known about u for a while but all we've ever rly talked about is league and thats been thru tg blog comments! Idk if we've even played together lool but you're pretty iconic so xx
THEN: I thought u were kind of intimidating DADDY also I felt like u didn't like me but eventually after flirting with all the men on tg u were the one I got so I love that for me the most for a real one
NOW: I don't like bein queero on tengaged esp not on blogs unless theres good reason for it but here is basically us so be happy
So ur welcome
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