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Big Brother and online Hunger games.

♥ MrBird / Raul ♥

2ndAug 23, 2019 by peace123


the top three? lol
Sent by Maxi1234,Aug 23, 2019
Maxi1234 Paper rings is def going down once I get into the other songs but I enjoyed it most on first listen. MA&THP and Lover are top 3 tracks period end sent
Sent by peace123,Aug 23, 2019
imagine negging taste (well Paper Rings is too high but still x)
Sent by RedFabFoxy,Aug 23, 2019
Paper Rings was my 1...
Sent by Rperduex11,Aug 23, 2019
OK my first listen was uhhh

Lover/Paper Rings/I think He knows/Cornelia Street are my favorites

The Archer's my least favorite too
Sent by Teddybear,Aug 23, 2019
ALSO LOVED afterglow/cruel summer/daylight/the man/I forgot that you existed

Right now I don't have a strong opinion on MA&THP/False God/Nice to Have a Friend/Death by a Thousand Cuts but I need to listen to them more, same with Soon You'll Get Better and London boy (although I laugh at the lyrics... NO ONE WANTS TO BE SHOWN HACKNEY DLFKJFDKSF)

anyway i love it all

YNTCD prob somewhere in the middle, Me! near the bottom
Sent by Teddybear,Aug 23, 2019
Rperduex11 It's soooo good but I can def see how people hate it. I can see it going down for me just bc the other songs have a lot more substance imo but we'll have to see, but I was bopping hard on first listen for sure

Teddybear ugh yaas good opinions! Love your faves/loved songs and I'm glad we both dislike The Archer ;) lmk your thoughts on MA&THP once you listen to it more, im interesting to hear your thoughts! ♥
Sent by peace123,Aug 23, 2019

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