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Big Brother and online Hunger games.

♥ Stunzer / Justin ♥

1stNov 3, 2018 by peace123


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Sent by Mexus,Nov 3, 2018
Mexus we love banning free speech I can't wait for daddy admin to spank me for this
Sent by peace123,Nov 3, 2018
tea the halloween event was kinda of flop
also they should be focusing on cleaning up the site
I cant fault them for payouts because I dont think they can fix it, and it is obvs they have no help from randomize
Sent by koolness234,Nov 3, 2018
koolness234 yeah I guess so, it would require coding. But if they actually cared, they'd give people some extra T after games. Or if too many games are played, just host a few "join C game now! Double payouts!" or something fun like that.
Sent by peace123,Nov 3, 2018
God I like u
Sent by Roshy,Nov 3, 2018
I agree
Sent by Arris,Nov 3, 2018
God I like u
Sent by Paige54,Nov 4, 2018

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