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Happy Birthday Wes <3

2ndMay 8, 2021 by brandonpinzu
I hope everybody can join me and wishing Bluejay7622 a happy 21st birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY WES, here is some messages from some of your faves on here, hopefully it brings a smile to your face <3

"WESSSS.. honestly we just recently got close but I already consider you to be a great friend. You're easily one of the people I have gotten the closest to since coming back to Tengaged. I think you are an absolute sweetheart and I enjoy our chats and playing games with you. Andrew and I decided to put this blog together for you to in order to show you how appreciated you are with all your friends. I know that this year has been hard for you with covid and all of the lockdowns but I just wanna say that I am proud of what you've accomplished despite only knowing you for a little bit. ily king <3 have a great day :* "

- brandonpinzu

"Happy Birthday Wes! I'm so glad we were able to meet and work together in a stars four years ago. You've easily become one of my best friends on the website since then and I can always rely on you for literally anything. Your heart is full of gold and you're one of the most genuine people I've met on here. Calling random people pigs and trolling freaks on the blogs page will never get old with you. Our friendly feud is exciting/iconic and I look forward to clocking the fuck out of you for a very long long. I hope you have an amazing day and just remember that COVID will never bring you down. ilysm <3"

- iiGalaxyii

"Happy bday wes! As one of my first tg besties you will always have a special place in my heart. LOL I’ll never forget being problematic teens and fighting on the blogs page all day in 2016. We don’t get along much nowadays but I still love you lots and hope you have a fun 21st bday despite lockdown <3"

- Zoon

"WES- My final 2 In Life. You are seriously the Best Friend A girl could ask for. I love how we are always seen as such a duo I would not have it any other way. You are so kind and always there for me no matter the day no matter the time. ANYTHING that happens I always have to tell wes is my first thought!!!!!!!!!!! I will pop that BUBBLY on call with you besty. I hope you have the most ICONIC b day ever . I LOVE you to the moon and back <3"


"HAPPY BIRTHDAY WES!!!!! <3 im so so so happy we've gotten closer lately and you're like a little brother to me! you're such a cutie pie and even though you might be a little psycho sometimes, everyone's gotta let that side out of them at some point :wink: love you so much and i hope you get spoiled rotten! xoxox"

- PureEssence

"Happy Birthday Wesley <3 I am wishing you all the happinness and sucess in the world for your bday. You are an amazing friend, who through thick and thin we just keep getting closer. You deserve the absolute best and you know i am here, ALWAYS, for you as a shoulder to cry on or as the person to make bad decisions with ya when you're happiest. much love you wannabe tiktok celeb :D"

- christossss

A true true king and one of my most loyal and best mates on here the entire time I've been on the site, endless love for you king and I hope you have an amazing birthday as you deserve it !! Love you king, enjoy the day <3 x"

- J2999

"Wesley Mr I cannot write a paper on time to save my life. I use to hate you and your multi account honestly use to loathe your little ass. I honestly forgot how we became close, but I am so glad we did. I think many people on here give you a bad wrap on the site because well you can be a little unstable when you get fucked over in games. Yet anyone that can call you a friend knows how loyal and thoughtful you can be. I am so proud of the man you are turning out to be, and I really do wish you the best in life you deserve it. Now lets go back to the basics throw on our Wesley Poutine Avatars and go fucking slay an outlaster soon."

- koolness234

"Happy birthday Wesley! You’re one of my favorite people on this site and I’ve really enjoyed talking to you and playing games with you. I’m glad we’ve gotten closer recently. You always got that king mentality. One of the nicest and most loyal guys on here! Enjoy your day. Love you Wesley!"

- benp428

"HAPPY BIRTHDAY WESLEY! I'm so glad that we've gotten closer as of late. You've always been nice to me & I'm happy to call you a friend. I hope you have a great today :)"

- iYBF

"happy birthday wes.
congrats on surviving year <w/e age u were> during a pandemic even though every snap of yours was having a party. Idk how you dodged covid but I'm starting to believe covid dodged you. Enjoy your birthday today. Tg meet up at REDACTED city of ours in Ontario."

- FighterMan

"Wessssss you’ve been one of my longest friends on here and you deserve the best today, happy birthday, love you."

- mbarnish1

"Happy birthday to my Wessie. <3 Genuinely the highlight of my 2021 has been getting close to you. Thank you for all the late night calls and for keeping me laughing. I hope you get a peach drink (PeAcH dRiNk?¿?) and an English muffin from Tim’s to celebrate. I wouldn’t trade listening to you hear birds chirp or hear you almost wreck every time you drive for anything! Thanks for being my person and I hope you have the absolute best day <3 ps can’t wait for pittsburgh"

- hwest14

"Happy Birthday Wes! I have been lucky enough to know you for the last 4 years on this website. We lost touch for around 2 of them but we've recently rekindled our friendship and i'm so happy for that! I'm glad we could slay our very first fortnite game together and win baby. I seriously am so glad we met because you have been one of the best things that has happened to me on this website idk where I would be with you. Love you lots bud can't wait for many more fortnite game wins and good calls with our best bud gagaluv."

- s73100

"Happy Birthday Wes!! Thank you for being a great friend and always making me laugh. We only met a few months ago but i feel like i've known you for years! Can't wait to meet up with you in Toronto and party it up. Love you king have a blast of a day"

- Marwane

"Happy Birthday Wesley! I know things haven’t been quite as golden as they used to be between us, but I hope you do know how much I appreciate you and our friendship very, very much. You’re one of the most kind-hearted and important people I have ever had the pleasure of meeting on this whole website, enough for me to consider you a friend off of it! I really hope your gay ass has an amazing day and you don’t get too fucked up during lockdown! Again, you’re an amazing person and I love you to bits and pieces. You always put people before you, but now it’s time for you to put yourself first. LOVE YOU MOSTEST MY WESSYBOO! <3"

- Maxi1234

"happy birthday wes! i'm so glad we’ve gotten to know each other better this year bc we’ve had so many laughs together. good thing the PFL is over so you don’t have to refresh castings the whole day and can celebrate instead. have an amazing birthday, you deserve it <3"

- holllyy1230


Sent by iiGalaxyii,May 8, 2021
Happy birthday Wes! I hope it’s a wonderful one! Love you sm
Sent by JustMe,May 8, 2021
happy bday wes ^_^
Sent by mathboy9,May 8, 2021
Happy bday blue jay!
Sent by tyleror,May 8, 2021
Happy Birthday, Wes!
Sent by lukesurvives,May 8, 2021
Happy Birthday Wes <3
Sent by s73100,May 8, 2021
Happy Birthday, Wes!

Sent by Cromatique,May 8, 2021
Happy birthday Wesley!
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Sent by Bluejay7622,May 8, 2021
Happy birthday wes!!
Sent by RedFabFoxy,May 9, 2021
Happy Birthday!
Sent by skyler1822,May 9, 2021
aw thats my best friend
Sent by Hunty,May 9, 2021
Confused as to why I wasn’t reached out to I love Wesley brandonpinzu bluejay7622
Sent by AmandaBynes,May 14, 2021

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