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Merry Christmas ! =] Dec 25, 2014
imageDear Tengaged, I wish you all a merry Christmas and a happy new year!
Thanks for making this year so fabulous !

















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Successful Charity! Oct 27, 2014
Guys, my charity is over, and I'm so happy I claimed it, not because of the karma and the money, no no, because of the awesome people I met during the game.

dylanceltics9 - thank you so much for joining! I'm really happy I met an amazing person like you and I hope our friendship will grow bigger.

Rperduex11 - I didn't meet you till you joined, and I'm so glad there are amazing people in tengaged like you who joins to charities of people they don't know(:

KrazyKillerWWA - You helped me a lot! thank you so much, you're an angel(;

nikki101 - God bless you dear. tysm for joining, I'm here whenever you need me.

aes222aes - My Israeli dear friend, thank you for joining(;

dustin24688642 - My favorite star player, you ALWAYS have my support in stars, you're a wonderful player and an extraordinary person.

LiukBB - Ortal Goshen! sorry you got 7th

Umbert - Such a loyal friend, always a pleasure to play with you.

PrincessTeePee - Grats on being saved every eviction(: you deserve it!!

Joshie - ILY

Istvan - We met only in this charity and I find you as a very good friend!!

Lamia - Cya next Hunger when we win(;

Thank you for joining!!!!! I'm always here for you guys!
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Survivor of shades. Oct 22, 2014
Ok, WTF, I got evicted, you have fucking voted out your best player.
But what that even hurts more, is that my friends have voted me out.

Vindaloo - Well I know you voted me out, I'm not surprised and I didn't get hurt, I wasn't expecting nothing from you.

Murly - Well you told me you're voting thanos, you probably voted me, I can't blame you for lying because I voted you lol.

TimmyP - I'm so disappointed of you, you're such a liar. after everything we have passed.

Macken - I trusted you and saw you as a real friend. you have been discovered as a big backstabber, You're dirty and you don't deserve to be my friend, grats on being a liar.

Thanos - If you voted me I'm killing myself, I saw you as a brother.
Mail me what you voted and be honest.

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Charity!!!!!! Oct 19, 2014
Well guys, my next game is my 100th charity game!
I really hope you will join to help me.
It's a crook, and I'll join it as soon as this one fills.
Wanna help me?


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For every 15 points Oct 9, 2014
Health needed.
So, for every 15 points in this blog, I'll tell you an interesting fact about myself.
Let's see if it's working.

15 - I found tengaged by typing on google  "evictions games" , I was so desperate to find a website like tengaged, with reality shows, fights, real people, and of course-evictions, but I have never believed someone would ever create one, finally I found this site and I'm happy about it because I LOVE reality shows.

30 - In elementary school, my friend accidentally threw a basketball on my nose, it hurt, then we returned to lesson, and I asked my math teacher if my nose is curve. everybody laughed at me lol. 

45 - I love acting, it's so much more real than life, acting let you be whoever you wanna be, it let you feel free with yourself, I wanna be an actress in the future.

60 - Recently I started watching horror movies, I guess I'm so obsessed with it those days because I have never tried to watch a horror movie during my whole life, I have already watched "Carrie" and "Chucky", This Friday I'm going to watch "Nightmare on elm street".
I highly suggest for you to begin watch horror movies, even with friends, be scared with friends is better.

75 - I HATE RACISTS, they make me sick!
I mean, what does it matter what your color skin is?! In what religion you believe, or what your sexual orientation, all of us are humans, and if we look closer, all of us are the same, it doesn't matter in which country you were born, it's only a place, it doesn't change you or makes you different, it doesn't matter if you believe in Jesus, Moses or Muhammad,  all of us are one big society and the only thing separates us is us. we can decide in which we walk.

90 - I told a lot of people the fact that I live in Israel, so yeah, some of them jumped and said "Israel is a third world country because all of the wars she had".
To make things clear Israel isn't a third world country, life in Israel are nice and this country is really unified, maybe even the most unified because, as you know, it's the only home for Jews in the world, we have only this country.
The fact Israel fights a lot doesn't mean it is a third world country, it's really technological and developed .
We have to fight a lot because the Arabs' countries which are all around Israel want us dead because of the fact we are Jews and because of the fact we are alive. Israel wants peace. If you want information about that, ask Samhuss aes222aes savannah19 doodyful they will answer the same.

105 - I'm totally terrified of bugs, they are the most ugly things living on Earth, if I see a bug, I immediately jump on a high chair if I didn't faint first. 

120 - I actually believed the end of the world will come on 21th of December 2012, I watched the movie "2012" and it was so good so I believed it, lol you would die to see my face during that 21th of December day, I was expecting for an asteroid to come and ruin Earth, finally I was glad it didn't happen.

135 - I have been to 5 countries during my life (for vacations), let me rate them:
5. Germany - I have been to Berlin, it was very fun and very cold.
4. Spain - I have been in a lot of water parks and even the Sagarta Familia in Barcelona.
3.Greece - The kind of vacation I love, just stay in the hotel, eat a lot, go to the swimming pool, and relax.
2- Netherlands - Wow, Netherlands was great, I have been there in the best water park I have ever visited.
1. Turkey - Best hotel EVER, I have been to Turkey with all of my family, and it was so great, just relaxing in the huge hotel, in the pool, like life is a joke.

150 - I listen ONLY to American pop songs, idk even why, it's just all the time on the radio so I guess this is the only thing I know, plus, all the pop songs are perfect so I don't need anything else.
My favorite songs are: We can't stop-Miley Cyrus, Firework- Katy Perry, Poker Face- Lady Gaga, and a lot more I can't remember right now.
I also like listening to covers of pop songs.

165 - I'm a fantastic liar, I love to trick my friends all the time and it's just fun how they buy my bullshit every time, also, lies are acting, so this is one of the reason I'm good at it.

180 - My favorite TV show is Gravity Falls, yeah I know what you think, it's a kids' show, it's on Disney, but...believe me, there are huge secrets all over this show, it's NOT for kids.
If you don't believe check on YouTube.

195 - I'm scared of the dark, outside, idk there's something spooky and uncomfortable of walking in the street at night.

210 - I hate violence, doesn't matter if it's in a real fight, or between friends, for fun.
Violence is pointless and stupid, we can solve problems with culture, and not with our hands, we can have more fun without hitting each other for nothing, and of course we mustn't exploit our power for bad things.

225 - Literature is one of my biggest loves, I love to write, imagine, dream big and create.

240 - Singing is great, I love singing so much, I sing all the time, even in the shower, and I think I have a beautiful voice.
But every time I need to sing to people I'm too scared, so..nobody knows about my sing talent, I wish I was brave enough to sing in front of ppl.

255 - When I want something, I will do FUCKING EVERYTHING to get it, but when I finally get it, it becomes pointless to me and I don't want it anymore, then I lose it, and finally I return to want it again.

270 - I love dogs and cats sooooo much!
I even own a cat names Ginger. He is fat, the name...ginger.

285 - I know tengaged is just a game but I'm just getting crazy when people in here backstabb me, I hate backdoors, it makes me feel like a fool, it's really hard for me to build something big on a person I trust, and then he just let it crush. Horrible feeling.

300 - When I was young I was afraid of going to the shower alone, I have always thought someone will murder me there.

315 -  I'm really really really friendly, I can be the friend of everyone, it's sad that the people I really want to befriend with usually don't attitude me at all.

330 - I have felt snow only once in my life, last winter, when I visited Jerusalem, but..I have always dreamed it will snow in my city, in my garden, it could be so fun, you guys most likely accustomed to it, but I can only dream about it because it will never snow in the place I live.

345 -  I have never broke my arm/leg....I hope I won't though, lol.

360 - I forget, and forgive, very quickly, I mean, someone can annoy me and do something terrible to me, then after all of it acting nice to me for a sec and I immediately forgive him and act like it didn't even happen.

375 - I find black skin very beautiful, more than white skin.

390 - I'm very good at holding my breath under water, my record is 1:30.

405 - I'm am the youngest brother in my family, I have 30 years old brother, 25 years old brother and 22 years old sister, and I'm 17.

420 - I want to visit New York once, it seems so cool there!

435 - I use to fight a lot in tengaged, and I accumulated a lot of enemies, idk why I fight a lot, I guess it's because of the people who backdoored me or because annoying people with premades.

450 - I laugh a lot, all the time, I love laughing, it's my life.
And even if something didn't really made me laugh I will laugh anyways because I care about the one who tried to make me laugh, so I will laugh from his joke even though it wasn't so funny. YEP I'M NICE ^___^

465 - I know three languages - Hebrew, English, and a little bit of Arabic.

480 - I HATE being bored, I have to do something all the time, I can't just sit on the sofa doing nothing.

495 - I find curly hair more attractive than any other type of hair.

510 - Chocolate IS LIFE, I'm eating chocolate anytime I get.

525 - Appearance is less important than personality, the most important thing is what there is inside the box and not its cover. NOT EVERY SHINY IS GOLD.

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Tengaged Needs a New Game! Sep 24, 2014
People, look at yourself, how much time did you spend on this site?, on fastings? on rookies? on survivors?
Aren't you tired of playing the same thing, every day, all the time?
Don't you want a new idea?! A new reality? A NEW GAME!
Us tengagers are tired of playing the same shit for over 3 years!
We want something new, we want something different, something fresh!
The time of the current games has passed!
No more survivor at the 100th time, no more fastings making us wait for so long, no more frookies! GUYS BE REALISTIC, WE RAPED THE FROOKIES.

TENGAGED NEEDS A NEW GAME! IF YOU'RE WITH ME, TAG RANDOMIZE , so he will read it and understand, that this site needs to move on to the next reality age!

Tengaged_Moderation it's for you too.

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