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Tengaged Needs a New Game!

Sep 24, 2014 by Yamit2000
People, look at yourself, how much time did you spend on this site?, on fastings? on rookies? on survivors?
Aren't you tired of playing the same thing, every day, all the time?
Don't you want a new idea?! A new reality? A NEW GAME!
Us tengagers are tired of playing the same shit for over 3 years!
We want something new, we want something different, something fresh!
The time of the current games has passed!
No more survivor at the 100th time, no more fastings making us wait for so long, no more frookies! GUYS BE REALISTIC, WE RAPED THE FROOKIES.

TENGAGED NEEDS A NEW GAME! IF YOU'RE WITH ME, TAG RANDOMIZE , so he will read it and understand, that this site needs to move on to the next reality age!

Tengaged_Moderation it's for you too.



Sent by savannah19,Sep 24, 2014
randomize ?
Sent by Tetsuya,Sep 24, 2014
Tengaged_Moderation ?
Sent by Tetsuya,Sep 24, 2014
If only he will online,lol.
Sent by ilovetosing,Sep 24, 2014
randomize  Tengaged_Moderation
Sent by Showalter,Sep 24, 2014
Sent by Coolsocks1,Oct 8, 2014
Sent by nathanmizelle,Oct 14, 2014
he has not been on tengaged for 79 days
Sent by Go49ers,Nov 15, 2014

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