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PYN for an opinion

5thFeb 11, 2017 by Vanili
People of TG PYN for an opinion from me and Vlad21 go go go!


Me: Bryan you are amazing and I am happy to have you as a friend. I remember you were a "noob" when we first met and you've become this entirely bigger person so fast. If any1 says something different about you then they are wrong.

Vlad: You're kinda hated on tengaged for some reason but you were always nice to me except when we were against eachother in stars , but you are a nice guy :)


Me: I really like you. I'm gonna be honest here.. At first when I didn't know you I thought you would be a fake person.. but I was very wrong. You are a nice guy and I really like you and I do consider you a friend.

Vlad: Emily I only met you like one month ago when I came back but you're so nice! I consider you a friend and can't wait to slay some more frookies :D


Me: Carlos ILY!!! I remember we first met in a frookies with Vlad... you were just a newbie then. You are awesome and I really wish and hope we can talk more and become better friends.

Vlad: Carlos omg we used to talk all day , play frookies all day and u were one of my best friends on tg but these days we don't talk that much anymore..such a shame , you're awesome!


Me: I don't know you that well..but you seem like a decent guy and I hope I can get to know you better in the future :)

Vlad: I don't really know u personally , I know we were both in the millz chat for a while but I don't really know if we ever talked in there. Also I don't think u really like me as a person anyways but if you ever wanna talk just message me


Me: SLAY ME!!!!! I love you Karim. My middle eastern bud. Ive known you for years but we have never been too close.. but now that we are in the same survivor tribe and  have merged a couple of times ive talked with you more and I feel alot closer to you and I am grateful :) you are one of the best!

Vlad: I remember we used to talk on skype once a while and you seemed as a nice and chill guy, if you ever wanna talk just mail/skype me.


Me: I didn't know you until lately and I think you are amazing Anthony. You seem like a wild and fun guy and I wish we could be better friends. Message me whenever for realz!

Vlad: I don't really know you Anthony but i saw you around and you're a nice guy , i also always plus your spam :P if you ever wanna talk im here.


Me: Can't say I know you much but ive seen you around and you seem like a good person. Id love to get to know you better so if your up for it just wink at me!!

Vlad: BBDonny i don't think we ever talked but i know you offered to help me gift last week ,thanks for that and sorry for not asking you for help but i had my gifters :/


Me: Words can't describe how much I freaking love you!!! You will ALWAYS be my BFF and my nr1 like NO ONE can everrrrrrr take your place in my heart. You are always there for me and I am so blessed to have you as my friend... love you acyuta!!!!!

Vlad: I always thought you were one of the nicest people on this site , and you're also sayra's fave so im sure you're awesome !


Me: Gurlll I wish I knew you better! You seem like a nice person because you are always so nice to people and we girls gotta stick together. I need more girl friends so message me :D

Vlad: I know that you are always nice to almost everyone even if you get so much hate these days and also always there for your friends, and i think i saw u want to join stars so good luck!


Me: Oh hun, we have had our differences in the past. Our relationship have always been like a rollercoaster.. one day we fight and hate on each other and the next day we are ok and like each other again. But deep down I like you :) You have helped me with charities in the past and I know you like me too deep down in your heart :P

Vlad: I really don't know anything about you :( im sorry but if u want to talk just message me! :)


Me: Ahhh Wakiza.. we have played a few rookies games together and those games have always been successful. We made a good team. I like you but I wish we knew each other better.. You are bff with that whore Chance WannaBeeFriends so you also have a good taste in friends.

Vlad: I remember we used to go after eachother every single frookies we played together but now i think you are a really nice person and congrats for slaying stars last week!


Me: Pretty pretty girl!!! Gotta say you are one of the pretties girls on this site.. and you also seem very kind and sweet. You are one of those people on TG I wish I was better friends with. Stay amazing and slay the haters!

Vlad: At one point you were one of the people I talked to the most and we've been through many ups and downs , but you're a really nice person and I know you love your friends a lot :)


Me: You have always been kind to me and I wish I knew you better. Just message me whenever hun :)

Vlad: Eva I remember I met you when I was white level cuz we joined in the same time and we slayed so many fastings and frookies together ..great moments.. we also got to play stars together and you're literally one of the nicest people I know on this site !


Me: Well I think we first started talking through blog page.. you are always so happy and kind towards me. I like you! And I love seeing ur blogs :)

Vlad: Marwan I know I played with u when u were a noob and we used to fight a lot lol but you're a great guy ..glad we are good now


Me: Oh, I can't say I know you at all. But I love to make new friends so message me whenever!

Vlad: I know we used to talk and play a lot of frookies back in the summer but we haven't really talked lately..My opinion about you its still the same tho, you are one of the nicest people on tengaged by far


Me: KAAAAAAAAT I love you!!!! It all started when you won my first Gift Giveaway.. altho I did like you before that but that was when our friendship grew. We don't talk a lot but you have always been so helpful and sweet towards me.. I know I could always count on you.

Vlad: Omg where should I start , you're one of my closest friends on this site and will always be, you're always there for me and ready to help just sucks you're so slow when we gift :/ never change :)


Me: Oliiiiii. I had like zero clue who you were when we ended up in the same Stars game. But I am so glad that we became friends in that game and not enemies lol. You are a sweetie and I love ur posts on Instagram :P

Vlad: I don't really know you except the fact that youre friends with Nathan and we used to play frookies with him ,sorry :D but message me anytime.


Me: All I know, you always plus my annoying spam. You are also a very fast gifter. Buttttt I do wish to know you better.. you seem like a good guy :)

Vlad: You're a great guy and always there for anyone in need, I also remember in like one of my first frooks u and ess joined together and I literally hated u both for a while cuz I couldn't beat you lol ,thanks for the help last week again:)


Me: You seemed so far away but then we got to know each other from all the shop talk. You have been very helpful and i like you :) One of the good guys!

Vlad: Callum you're a nice guy and we should slay more frookies for sure , I need my revenge since u slayed my ass last time with that 4-3 win.


Me: UgH Chance you stupid WHORE. I hateeeeeeeee yoooooou with all my being. Lol just joking I freaking love you with all my being. Doesn't change that you are a slut tho. Keep being a slut it fits you just perfectly.. love you always :*

Vlad: Chance I still hate your ass for stabbing me in stars, you're horrible ! jk I think that gameplay was the best in stars history even tho u admitted I was your only sad :( You're a really cool guy and very nice and friendly .


Me: LB your reputation is meeh on TG but I am not a judgy person and I really enjoy our chats. You are a funny guy and our conversations always makes me smile.

Vlad: I don't really know you that well, I know u always gift the tengaged girls and that's like all I know ..woop.


Me: I don't know you... I think we have been in 1 rookies game before and that was a algo rookies. Unfortunately I haven't have the honor talking with you yet :)

Vlad: I don't know you at all I think we joined like the same time and played a couple fastings together but that's all I have.


Me: My little brother from another mother. I love you Roshy!!! You are so amazing and always so supportive no matter what it comes to. I am really happy to have you as a friend because you are the best.. never doubt that.

Vlad: roshy ur one of the best players on this site in term of gameplay ..u win or make finals in almost every game you play so that shows ur a smart guy.


Me: You are one of the few person on TG that I wish to get to know better. When you came back to TG we had a little chat in that rookies game.. I really hope to see you in more games in the future so we get to talk because you are a really nice guy.

Vlad: John I didn't really know you until we made that deal but glad you trusted me and hope you like your designs ..ur a great guy to talk to and very good in castings.


Me: You seem so sweet! Our path have not crossed but you always plus my annoying spam and comment on my blogs. Message me sometime! :)

Vlad: remedy I know we gifted together for krisstea and ik u gifted me once but besides that I don't really know anything about u sadly.


Me: Brandooooonnnn ily!!! I know in the past there was always so much fuss around you..but I never understood why because I have always felt that you are an amazing guy. Fuck the haters!

Vlad: you're one of the people I talk to the most these days even tho most of the time you complain about your affairs or shops .lmao joking youre really funny and great to talk to and don't forget youre irell.


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