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Question. Mar 20, 2019
Why are 85%-ish of the TG girls such sluts these days? Serious Q please #noaffence .
Points: 168 20 comments
Question. Mar 19, 2019
Why would someone have a TG BF/GF when they have an IRL BF/GF ? That's not classy AT ALL.
Points: 103 9 comments
Gifting someone this week. Nov 25, 2018
PYN either yourself or ONE friend and give me a good reason why YOU/your friend should win this giveaway.. I will pick the best reason when this blog expires :)

Karma: 5557 155th
Money: 5227.4 T$  Buy T$
Played: 241 times
Health: 100 %
Points: 274 32 comments
GIFT GIVEAWAY! Nov 11, 2018
I like to keep it simple so the only thing you have to do is PLUS this blog & PYN or a friends name for this gift giveaway. Only 'rule' I have is that you have to have been supporting me in someways (shops,stars etc) I have eyes and ears so will know if you lie :P I will when this blog expire!

ONE of these designs; - Female - Male

Points: 290 33 comments
GIFT GIVEAWAY. Oct 20, 2018
All you have to do is guess the TOTAL amount of designs I have. Make sure not to guess the same amount as anyone else because if multiple people guess it right only the 1st person guessing it right will win. If no one guess right.. well no winner ;) The winner will get a gift from my shop this week... GOOD LUCK <3

Edit: LOL um smart tip before guessing is to first look at how many gifts I have and then add sum ^.^
Points: 375 61 comments
Murder on the Orient Express. Oct 19, 2018
Any1 seen this movie? Is it worth watching on a Friday night?
Points: 195 29 comments