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10 Years On Tengaged And Post Your Name For A Gift Giveaway!

8thFeb 22, 2019 by Megan
imageI have officially been on Tengaged for 10 years. Wow. I have not been on many websites for such a long period of time except for this website and maybe one or two others. I joined this website when I was a 21 year old junior in college. Now I’m 31 and just working. I know I don’t play games anymore, but I still log on every day to bet on games. And I have been getting a few shops lately so I really enjoy doing that. 

I have accomplished a lot on this website. Like I have gotten all of the color levels, and I was in the Hall of Fame for being in the Top 20. I think I was in the Hall of Fame from 2011 to 2014 if I remember correctly. It was something like that. I also used to win a lot of slow rookies games and slow castings games as well. I have gotten 4 shops so far too so that’s really cool. And I’m trying to get my 5th shop today.

There is one thing that I have always wanted to do on Tengaged that I have never done.  I have always wanted to win a stars game. I have come really close before, but I have never won. I remember in one stars I joined in 2010 I was nominated 5 times, but I got evicted at 4th place. Then in the other 3 games I got 16th,14th, and 12th I believe. So yeah I’m not a very good stars player. I haven’t joined stars since like 2011 or something like that. I don’t know if I have time to join anytime soon because I’m busy working and busy with exercising. So I don’t have time to go on skype and talk to people a lot. So I guess I won’t win one ever. Even if I did join I don’t think I would win anyways since I’m not as well known anymore as I used to be. I used to be a lot more known back in 2009 to 2015. Not so much anymore though since I don’t play games. Well I guess I’m sort of known for loving rabbits and writing the yearly Easter blog. But I’m still not very relevant on the site these days. Can I have a stars charity game for my 10 year anniversary on Tengaged? Haha, just kidding. I don’t think people would vote for me to win stars just because it’s my 10 year Anniversary lol.

Well anyways, I have really enjoyed being on this website for 10 years because I have gotten to meet so many great people. I am still friends with a lot of people that I have met on Tengaged even if they don’t come on the website anymore. Maybe I will still be on here in 10 more years for my 20 year anniversary. Or maybe not, but we will see I guess.

I am going to get a shop today to celebrate my 10 year anniversary and I am going to do a gift giveaway since I don’t have many people to gift. So I decided it would be nice to gift a few people because a lot of my friends don’t come on Tengaged anymore. All you have to do is post your name on this blog to be entered into the gift giveaway. You have until this blog expires to post your name. Anyone is welcome to post their name for the gift giveaway. I will put all of the names into when this blog expires. I am only going to be able to gift 3 people. So the 3 names at the top of the list will get gifted. I’m only posting female designs though. So if you want a female design or if you have a friend who you want me to gift a female design to then post your name or your friends name to be entered into the gift giveaway.  I will post the results in a separate blog. If you win then I will let you pick which design you want out of all the ones I decided that I want to post. I will send the winners the designs I am posting and they can pick the 3 designs that they like the best. You will only get one design, but I might not be able to gift you your first choice. I will try my best to. But if not then I will either gift you your second favorite design or third favorite design. That’s why I want to know your second and third choices in case I can’t gift you your first choice. If the winners want to message me on skype about which design they want then my skype is meganlovesrabbits.

I’m just posting this blog before shops day change so I’m not sure if I will get the shop today. But if I don’t get the shop today, then I will try again next week. So the winners will get the gifts as soon as I get a shop. Also, if you don’t win this gift giveaway then don’t worry because I will be getting a shop again in April for Easter. I have already planned 3 different gift giveaways for you all in April too. So, 3 more people will get a chance to win a gift from my Easter shop.

Sorry this blog is so long by the way. If you are only interested in the gift giveaway then just read the last two paragraphs.


Hi not pun just here for first
Sent by JayElVeeIsBack,Feb 22, 2019
Congrats on 10 years <3 Guigi
Sent by Guigi,Feb 22, 2019
congrats megan ily <3
Sent by Eilish,Feb 22, 2019
Congrats! <3
Sent by amf7410,Feb 22, 2019
grats legend
Sent by iiGalaxyii,Feb 22, 2019
Congrats! My 10 year is tomorrow! Never knew we joined the site one day apart.
Sent by joey96,Feb 22, 2019
Sent by CalebDaBoss,Feb 22, 2019
Congrats 💜💜💜
Sent by coreyants,Feb 22, 2019
congratulations!! <3
Sent by SharonMaItems,Feb 22, 2019
Congrats on 10 years !! :D
Sent by jfaia,Feb 22, 2019
yay grats on joining the 10 year club! Mine was last month!
Sent by BlueLagoon506,Feb 22, 2019
Congrats!! and me
Sent by immaxyman,Feb 22, 2019
Congrats :) and Lee
Sent by CrimsonEnnui,Feb 22, 2019
Congrats and Trust
Sent by Trust,Feb 22, 2019
Sent by Kaylabby,Feb 22, 2019
Sent by EmzThorne,Feb 22, 2019
Allene and wow congrats on 10 years ❤ Thas a huge accomplishment on big brother!
Sent by Allene,Feb 22, 2019
grats and meeeeeeeeeeeee ummm could u add me like idk 20x to up my odds :P
Sent by Minniemax,Feb 22, 2019
Also - Happy Easter!  🐰🐇
Sent by Allene,Feb 22, 2019
Sent by DaddyDev,Feb 22, 2019
princevans I love u so much
Sent by PrinceVans,Feb 22, 2019
Congratulations Queen <3

Tagging myself lol, purplebb4
Sent by purplebb4,Feb 22, 2019
Congrats and Violets
Sent by Violets,Feb 22, 2019
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Grats girlie! Me :]
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Tyler :)
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congrats :)
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Hali :) Congrats
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I'm almost there :D
Sent by Matte,Feb 22, 2019
Sent by iYBF,Feb 22, 2019
congrats megan!!
Sent by Padfoot,Feb 23, 2019
Congratulations queen!
Sent by _Aria,Feb 23, 2019
Mother of Easter
Sent by JetsRock12,Feb 23, 2019
Hello megan from another 10+ year vet.
Sent by Clayton,Feb 23, 2019
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