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APRIL FOOLS and Happy Easter!!

1stApr 1, 2018 by Megan

My first blog was a joke. I wanted to write that to see if anyone believed it since today is also April Fool’s Day.  Did any of you all believe that blog? Or did you know that I was joking?  I thought it would be funny to write that blog. Plus this is probably the only time I would be able to make that kind of blog since Easter is not on April Fool’s Day that often.

Of course I’m always going to write Easter blogs because I am the queen of Easter and the bunny queen.  I have been writing these Easter blogs every year for awhile now. I always post these cute rabbit videos that I find on Youtube. I post a different video every year since I have found so many rabbit videos that I have saved to my favorites.

Also I posted a picture in this blog of these rabbit stuffed animals that are from the Peter Rabbit movie. I bought those when I went to see Peter Rabbit back in February when it was out in theaters.  I just had to buy those stuffed animals since they are so cute. Oh and right now I am wearing these bunny ears in real life that I bought for Easter. There is a picture of them if you all want to see them.

I also bought some plates online that have rabbits on them. Lol. Well I hope that everyone has a great Easter! Here is the video that I am going to post this year. I thought it was cute and I like the song too.

I will tag a few people that I know love my Easter blogs. Aquamarine GentlemanG wwemrpeeps and everyone else who likes the blogs.


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Cute !
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Legend of our time
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Omg yesssssssssss
Sent by wwemrpeeps,Apr 1, 2018
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I knew it was a joke  haha  April Fool's tend to do that  :D
Sent by Icarus_Mark,Apr 1, 2018
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Well didn't take long for this to become a top blog. :P
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Happy Easter Megan <3
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Woulda been better if you just kept the original & never made this
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LOVE you and Happy Easter girl < 3
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YES GIRL I’m shook
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Didn’t believe it for a second but it was funny lol! HOPPY EASTER 🐣
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Happy Easter, queen!
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Deceitful queen
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i think its time to denounce your best friend wwemrpeeps meggy poo.
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Question #6: This Queen has had at least one #1 album each decade since the 80s.

Clue #7: Go to the profile of a certain retired Tengaged designer. The clue is hidden inside the first ever blog of one of the friends on the first page FL of the designer.
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