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This Rabbit Is A Bitch Apr 1, 2018

Just kidding, but that poor kid though.  Here is a video of that gif too. Well this is my last Easter blog for this year. I will write more Easter blogs next year.

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APRIL FOOLS and Happy Easter!! Apr 1, 2018

My first blog was a joke. I wanted to write that to see if anyone believed it since today is also April Fool’s Day.  Did any of you all believe that blog? Or did you know that I was joking?  I thought it would be funny to write that blog. Plus this is probably the only time I would be able to make that kind of blog since Easter is not on April Fool’s Day that often.

Of course I’m always going to write Easter blogs because I am the queen of Easter and the bunny queen.  I have been writing these Easter blogs every year for awhile now. I always post these cute rabbit videos that I find on Youtube. I post a different video every year since I have found so many rabbit videos that I have saved to my favorites.

Also I posted a picture in this blog of these rabbit stuffed animals that are from the Peter Rabbit movie. I bought those when I went to see Peter Rabbit back in February when it was out in theaters.  I just had to buy those stuffed animals since they are so cute. Oh and right now I am wearing these bunny ears in real life that I bought for Easter. There is a picture of them if you all want to see them.

I also bought some plates online that have rabbits on them. Lol. Well I hope that everyone has a great Easter! Here is the video that I am going to post this year. I thought it was cute and I like the song too.

I will tag a few people that I know love my Easter blogs. Aquamarine GentlemanG wwemrpeeps and everyone else who likes the blogs.
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Sorry I’m not going to write Easter blogs with the rabbit pictures and videos ever again because I don’t want to anymore. So this is my last blog about Easter.
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Does anyone have the files for these designs?? Mar 2, 2018
I was hoping someone could help me. I am trying to get the files for some designs from this picture.
I wanted number 42 and 29. Those are all designed by MeLi.
It says on her profile to ask evilgenious448 for permission. I mailed him and tried to add him on skype but he didn't reply. I guess he didn't check his mails either. So I was hoping someone else here has those design files? If anyone has them could you please mail them to me or post them here? If not then I hope evilgenious448 will reply to me.
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My 9 Year Anniversary on Tengaged is Today Feb 22, 2018
imageToday is my 9 year anniversary on Tengaged. I can’t believe that next year is going to be my 10 year anniversary on here already. Time just flies by so fast. I was a junior in college when I first joined this website in 2009 and now I have been working for almost 5 years. I know I don’t play games on here much anymore. I think the last time I played a game was like 1 year ago or a year and a half ago. But I still come on here every day. I just don’t play games because I am busy working and I also am trying to find a new job. So I just don’t have time to do castings or stars and stuff like that. I would play a slow rookies though if anyone ever wanted to join with me.

There are still some things I want to do on this website even though I am not that active here anymore. I want to get another shop soon. I got my first shop in 2012 I believe. So I hope I could get a second one because I want to get more designs. Hopefully I will be able to get one this week or next week. I have also always wanted to win a stars. I have never won and never made final 3 either even though I have been here for all of this time. I just want to win once and then I would be happy. But if I ever joined, then I don’t think I would do very well because I don’t know anyone in the stars games since I am not in any of these friend groups on Tengaged really. Well, I know I’m in the actives, but most of them don’t join stars that often. And plus I can’t get on skype very much during the day time and I can’t stay up late at night. So that’s another reason why I would do badly.  I think my last stars game was in 2011. I always did badly in the past as well whenever I played stars.  But who knows maybe I will join stars again one day if I can ever get a week off of work during Christmas or something.

Anyways, I never thought that I would still be on Tengaged after 9 years. This really has been such a great website even though it was much better in the past. I enjoyed it more back in 2009, 2010, 2011, and 2012. But I’m glad that this website still exists and I’m happy that I found this website back in 2009. I will certainly be here for my 10 year anniversary next year too.  And of course I will always be here for Easter as well. Lol. Yup I’m ready for Easter now.  I certainly miss all of my friends on tengaged as well. I hope that I can talk to you all and catch up if any of you are ever on skype or you all can mail me on Tengaged too.  I always like to make new friends. So if anyone ever wants to mail me or add me on skype then that would be great.
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It's My 30TH Birthday Today! Sep 9, 2017
imageToday is my 30th birthday. I remember still being 21 when I joined this website in 2009. I have been on this site for 8 and a half years and next year will be my 9 year anniversary on Tengaged. Time just seems to go by quicker every year that I get older.

Well I hope that I can have a good birthday even though I am sad about my 20’s being over. But maybe I will enjoy my 30’s because I am going to own a townhouse soon. I hope that I will be able to get a new cell phone for my birthday. I really want to get the Samsung Galaxy S 8 because my current phone freezes a lot.

Does anyone else on Tengaged have a birthday today? If so, then happy birthday to you all as well.  I hope you all have a great birthday. Also here is a cute rabbit video that I wanted to post. It’s a rabbit singing happy birthday. I know it's sorta silly, but I thought it was cute. Oh and here is this picture I found online. I really want this cake because it has rabbits on it and it says Megan.  That cake sure was made for me!

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