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PYN for some motherly advice

4thNov 21, 2017 by BigMamaT
Even if I don't know you, I'll come up with something.

DISCLAIMER: You may or may not like what I have to say. How you take it is up to you.

Paige5459 You seem really nice. I took a look at your profile and you seem sweet. My advice to you: Never let this website tear you down or jade you (as I have been). Stay true to yourself.

Wade03 Oh sweetie I have A LOT of advice for you. First of all, did anyone teach you about karma? The REAL kind, not the kind on this site. Leaking nudes on this site of a person that trusted you is really shitty and you will get karma for that. My advice to you: Start being nicer to people and maybe the karma backlash won't be so bad.

GoodKaren I love cats. I'm a cat lady completely...but your profile is hard to read because there are cat gifs every other sentence. My advice to you: Less is more.

Austinrules6969 I've seen you around but I don't really know much about you. I looked at your profile and it's really cute and to the point. My advice to you: Don't go to bed angry. Take time to sort out your feelings before sleeping, that way you will sleep better and feel refreshed in the morning :)

Evaa1996 Oooh 1996 is the year I graduated from high school! That's so tragic...I'm so old. ANYWAY. I love how you are an active blogger and you stick up for your friends and try to give them a boost when they need it. My advice to you: Friends are like family, except you can choose them. Choose them wisely though. Not everyone will be up-front to you in your face. Cut loose fake friends. They destroy your spirit.

Mickiejames22 Your profile made my eyes bleed. What I COULD read...what I got out of it is that you are kinda like me; jaded with this website and you have the "fan mail" going. My advice: Cut down on the gifs on your profile, I think I had a seizure. No offense.

mikec51 YOU SIR NEED TO LOG ON EVERY NOW AND THEN AND SAY HI TO ME. LOL My advice to you: Rekindle some old friendships ;) Times change, people change. Go look up that old high school friend that you haven't talked to in a while. Don't take friends for granted.

Thirteen You have the most WARPED sense of humor on this site. AND I LOVE IT! You're witty, sarcastic, and I believe, deep down, a multi-faceted person with creativity that has been yet explored. My advice to you: Don't conform to the norm. You are who you are.

eliserose Sweet Elise. Seeing your username, I automatically think of a beautiful rose; but with that rose comes thorns :P You're sweet and sassy and very down to earth. My advice to you: Next time you go on a rollercoaster, tuck those puppies into a new bra ;) love you<3

Scononduders You're actually really sweet when someone gets to know you. You look so hard for love. You're not going to find it here. LOL My advice to you: Take a hot shower, smoke a joint, slam 2 shots of Tequila, and find a nice young lady to go clubbing with and chess.

marrrss Ugh, girl, my new friend, I love you already. You're so nice. You rise above everything and I admire that about you. My advice to you: Keep on trucking girl. You are in the right direction! Keep being you; everyone around you loves you.


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I probably need some
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Me you might know me better as @dragonslayer4u
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YES me
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Seth :)
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Me af
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I am not sweet.  Wtf bitch.  Take it back.
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inb4 2 L8
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Me my mother never has given me any :/
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me and i need the advice on the subject what to do when everything goes wrong for several years and no end in sight lol js might as well be specific lol
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me, i need some motherly advice
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HLC wants advice tho
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