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  2. The truth is this
  3. I guess my booty
  4. Yaaaaas!
  5. I came here for the tea
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  8. Quick Christmas Vlog
  9. Whether I like you or not
  10. You win some, you lose some
  11. If you have 300 multis
  12. If I win Stars
  13. Downplay my gameplay all you want
  14. Stars 474: Final Three!
  15. Starting now
  16. Here's some Stars facts for you
  17. What people in Stars don't realize
  18. Nominated (again!) for 5th *VLOG*
  19. Stars 474: Nommed for 7th (Vlog)
  20. My semi-epic Stars Tarot Reading *VLOG*
  21. Not an iconic vlog
  23. Nommed for 12th
  24. Good lord
  25. What if
  26. First Starbucks Drawing
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  32. PYN for some motherly advice
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  35. You can't spell T I N A
  36. I don't usually condone bullying
  37. I see you
  38. Card meanings
  39. Cards 2 & 3
  40. Card ONE Meaning & Spirit Message

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Done LOL Mar 3, 2018
Thank you to proving to me that you are the most horrible people on the Internet.

I'm just...done.
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The truth is this Feb 20, 2018
I don't give a fuck about this site anymore.
Everything that flows from my fingertips on to the blogs page is mostly for shock-value.

randomize gave up on this site a LONG time ago and I have too.

I don't really like a whole lot of people on this site...with a select crew that I actually DO like.

But what can I say? Haters gonna hate :)
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I guess my booty Feb 19, 2018
was too hot too handle

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Yaaaaas! Feb 17, 2018
My boo is back! Slay Stars!

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I came here for the tea Jan 22, 2018
But stayed for the party. Having a broken computer sucks
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Ok so Jan 22, 2018
All this drama with my two fave boys etienne and allison and for once I’m not involved! Love you two soooo much MUAH!!
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