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Ok Tracey

3 titos, Apr 8, 2019

I was gonna be done blogging about you and tagging you in stuff, but since you have nothing better to do with your life than obsess about Frank or anything remotely related to him, therefore you keep talking to me and about me. I'm going to answer you once and for all. rkoblackswan
You think you're so smart for apparently ''scheming'' and manipulating a bunch of kids at least 30 to 40 year old younger than you ? You think you're so smart for exposing all of his business to us for what ? Have him all for yourself ? You spent weeks talking to me, obey_me, d882 and nijoco about your alleged love story with him. WEEKS. We had to listen to your old nasty ass crying over a 19 year old who ''broke your heart''.
Let me tell you something, mama, you're not smart. You're an idiot. Talking about how gagaluv is so dumb for not seeing how Franky is this and that, for not knowing your multis. But everyone does. We all know. LOL. You're just so obvious…
The thing is Tracey, you're like a broken record. You don't work, you don't go out, you spend all your times on Tengaged watching his every moves. The kid could not even come online for 5 seconds without you noticing and running to tell us.
Maybe he's naive, maybe you are, but we're not. He did what he did, fair enough. But you're no better than him, you're actually worst than he his. You're 56 year old, with a daughter his age, calling him ''daddy'' and claiming you found true love in him because he posted YouTube links for you on his profile. Okay sister. Okay.
None of us is interested in your delusions, you're crazy. Leave us alone. It seems like you're trying to shove your online relationship with him in our face, but did you not get already that we all dislike him ? None of us care.
You won nothing. You're actually a loser.
Enough talking to you now, you need padded walls, not me ! You're old news now, so I'm done talking to you.


Me when I just realized

5 titos, Apr 8, 2019

9 out of my 11 people blocked on this website are Tracey Dorhame.
What does it say about you, lady ?
Is anyone ever gonna be able to get that psycho off Tengaged ?


Yo, any Tengagers on Wattpad?

0 noobsmoke13, Mar 9, 2019

Yo, any Tengagers on Wattpad?
Follow me if you'd like to read poetry collections as well as some fiction I am working on:

#Tengaged #Casting #Rookies #Survivor


RG really went off

0 noobsmoke13, Mar 3, 2019

I don't pray, I don't pray like I used to
I can't wait, can't keep waiting on you
Say somethin', just say somethin'
Say somethin', just say somethin'
I don't pray, I don't pray like I
I can't wait, can't keep waiting on you
Say somethin', just say somethin'
Just say somethin', just say somethin'
[Verse 1]
Pray for the daylight, uh
Pray for the daylight
Pray for the day I
Find me the way—I'm
Lost and I can't find faith 'cause it ain't mine
Momma taught me how to pray
Pastor told me that I'm saved
But is that really what it takes?
I don't wanna be like, everybody that I see up on TV
I wanna love when I walk like I seen Christ
But it's hard when I watch what it be like
I don't see Christ
'Cause half the pastors in America
Don't want my family in America
And even Jesus was an immigrant
But don't nobody seem to give a fuh-
[Verse 2]
Whole house shook when the cops knocked
Whole house shook when the cops knocked
4AM and they want Pops
4AM and they want Pops
Daddy turned around said "farewell"
Momma cryin' on the stairwell
Little brother go look out the window, huh
"Why Daddy got handcuffs on him?
He ain't did nothin'
He ain't never did nothin'
All he ever did was work for his children
Pay the rent, a little income
Why they gotta take him?
Why they gotta break us?
I mean, I mean he drive the church bus without a license but
He was helpin' people get to church"
I haven't prayed as much as I prayed that year
Prayed as much as I prayed that year
Some days I pray that I conquer fear
Some nights I pray that I disappear
Momma told me we'd be okay
But I could tell that she's not okay
Chest pain and anxiety
She had trouble breathing the other day
I had trouble believing the pastor say "God's got a plan in all of this"
As he smiled in a MAGA hat, I had to question his common sense
I mean can't you see that we strugglin'
And you gon' hit me with Bible scripts?
Forget religion and politics man
I just wanna have my dad back
I'm prayin' for the daylight, uh
Prayin' for the daylight
Prayin' for the day I
Find me the way
I'm lost and I can't find faith, faith
Prayin' for the daylight, uh
Prayin' for the daylight
Prayin' for the day I
Find me the way
I'm lost and I can't find faith, faith.
#Tengaged #Music #Casting #Rookies #Survivor


"teach me how to walk!", an..

0 noobsmoke13, Mar 2, 2019

Been awhile since I posted something like this so uh here y'all go:
Looking over my shoulder
don't you know I'm growing older?
And my anxiety and paranoia
are growing up too
I hate you for not doing all the things
mothers are supposed to do
I cannot say I truly love you anymore
A relationship punctuated by slamming doors
If I blow up, don't call me
I ain't your damn son anymore
Wishing me happy birthday really ain't too much of a chore
and I tell me that every you forget
because I know your name is on my birth certificate
and that hurts
I just wish I didn't carry around this hate
But I still hate the way I feel
I hate the way I think
I hate the way I talk
Why the hell weren't you here to teach me how to walk?
Why the hell weren't you here to teach me to love myself?
until I learn how to do that,
can I learn to love someone else?
your parent didn't leave you,
you don't know how it felt
growing up and realizing my family was different
I just get sick to my stomach
thinking about my kids growing up exactly like me
but statistics show that broken homes breed broken homes
I just don't want to abandon them
or be forced to raise them on my own
but I don't believe I can do better than where I came from
I can't just forget where I got my name from or my shame from
I hate you but I miss you
I wish I could learn to leave all of my anger in the past tense
but I can't help but wonder
Why the hell weren't you here to teach me how to walk with confidence?
#Tengaged #Casting #Rookies #Survivor



0 noobsmoke13, Feb 28, 2019

Back before I got involved in the whole group game community, I was pretty active in different RPs. The last one I participated in stopped being active and I would like to apply for any ones that are currently going if possible.
#Tengaged #Groups #Casting #Survivor


Just A General Life Update for Anyone Who..

6 noobsmoke13, Feb 20, 2019

2 days ago I turn 19. Sometime last week I was accepted to college.
Originally, I was not accepted to my dream college, which is a very expensive private school in my town. Instead of just straight-up being rejected from that school, they recommended me for a new bridge program where I will spend 2 years at a 2 year school and then spend the remaining 2 years at my dream school.
The 2 year school is near me, which is something I wanted in a school, and I have enjoyed it based upon what research I have done. Due to my grades, I will be able to go to the 2 year school completely tuition free.
Freshman orientation is in June and I am ready to start this journey. I will be a first generation college student. My father dropped out in middle school. My step mother dropped out in high school. My older brothers all dropped out. At my current house, I am surrounded by alcoholism and drug addiction and the constant reminder of my biological mother's absence. I am constantly reminded of our poverty as food stamps run out by the end of the month and child support doesn't always come and part of me pursuing education is making sure my kids in the future never have to grow up like that.
A lady in my church helped me pay the $100 housing deposit, and I am doing really well so far this school year. I plan on majoring in Journalism and minoring in Theatre. I am an active member in my school's newspaper staff, photography program, videography program, literary magazine, and theatre.
#Tengaged #Survivor #Casting #Rookies


Remember when SaskiaRae..

1 Tammy214, Jan 20, 2019

Left Tengaged and everyone was like "omg yes"..."bye bitch"....."don't come back"....."get a perm to make it official"
….But then she did come back and ever since, Tengaged struggled to fill in games


What I just Realized About My Time on..

0 noobsmoke13, Jan 5, 2019

I went from the player in the minority of Raja Ampat who got voted as the pne the majority of players would want to hang out with in real life TO a jerk in All-Stars whom the winner called a cunt, Julian called a dick, and Raul called gullible.
Yeah if I play again, lemme be more RA and AS.
Also be on the lookout for the next season of Cutthroat but it is such an amazing group game you should totally play.
#Tengaged #Survivor #Casting #Rookies


update on last post for anyone that cares

1 noobsmoke13, Jan 4, 2019

The guy that pays for the domain for my news website has a nephew that went to the school I want to go to. He gave me his number and I talked to him for awhile yesterday evening. He says that he likes the way I think and that I would be a good fit for the school. He told me he will mention my name around to his friends in the admissions office and try to make sure I have a decent shot.
Decision should get here February 1st.
#tengaged #casting #rookies


+ if liberal

2 Mexash, Dec 25, 2018

- if conservative



0 noobsmoke13, Dec 25, 2018

I just got a little laptop for when I go off to college
#Tengaged #Casting #Rookies #Survivor



0 noobsmoke13, Dec 11, 2018

#Tengaged #Shops #Survivor #Tengaged #Casting #Rookies


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