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Random Thoughts #7

0 Bjorn, Oct 8, 2019

Anyone else get excited when a long time inactive person posts a blog?


Random Thoughts #6

0 Bjorn, Oct 5, 2019

Gonna see Joker tmrw. So hyped and not at all scared about shooters.


Random Thoughts #5

2 Bjorn, Oct 4, 2019

Who else here hates having the sniffles? I hate them cuz you're sick enough where you feel like shit, but not sick enough to stay home.


Random Thoughts #4

0 Bjorn, Oct 1, 2019

Anyone else sick of people acting fake just to try to get on your good side?


Random Thoughts #2

2 Bjorn, Sep 28, 2019

Anyone else ever feel like posting something at 1:20 AM?


Random Thoughts #1

0 Bjorn, Sep 25, 2019

Anyone else get that feeling of dread whenever a supervisor/district manager comes strolling into the store?


Hey Tengaged! I'm Back...Kind of

6 Bjorn, Sep 24, 2019

Hey Tengaged! It's been far too long since I've checked in. I just wanted to say I've missed you all, and from now on, I'll periodically post miscellaneous blogs.
Unfortunately, since I work 40+ hours a week, I won't have the time to play ORGs effectively, but if anyone ever wants to just chat and chill, my Discord and Skype are below.
Thank you to all the people who've made my Tengaged experience so enjoyable so far, and I hope I can enjoy some time on this site with those people and more now that I'm back.
Here's a shout-out to some very special people:
Discord: Reno Jackson#9975
Skype: Josh *


Comment if you love..

12 skimmilk4, Sep 17, 2019

Myy boii.
My ride or die.
My bb.
I'd do anything for that dude.
What a guy.
If you don't know him, you fucking should. Stop wasting your time.
Blessed be. 馃檹
#tengaged #castings #survivor #woahisperfect


My college is going to hire me

4 noobsmoke13, Sep 12, 2019

to write for them because they saw my essay which the President of the school met with me about on Monday. The marketing department said they've never seen a freshman with my written my abilities. The pay won't be great to start out as an intern but I am getting paid to do what I love and it isn't some 9-5-esque strict schedule. I couldn't be happier (:
Also I accidentally broke a vase in the dining hall and was embarrassed as hell but I got the email about this internship right after do my mood didn't crash like it probably would have otherwise ((((:
#tengaged #casting #rookies #shops #survivor


friendly reminders!

3 noobsmoke13, Sep 11, 2019

1. Call-Out/Cancel culture suck and overall make Tengaged an even more insufferable place!
2. Skype screenshots, and any screenshots for that matter, CAN be faked! (I saw a blog the other day claiming they can't be)
3. Ya should just condemn those that actually do bad things! Condemning others by association doesn't help anyone!
4. This site DOES have good people on it! (I know this one is hard to believe)
5. It is better to be kind to others on here and not allow drama IN GAMES to be translated into toxicity outside of games!
just a few <3
#tengaged #casting #rookies #shops


Shout-Out To Everyone Who's in the Work Force

0 GheeslingGang, Aug 17, 2019

Title says it all. We all deserve a shout-out for the hard work we do.
PS. Also Shout-Out to all the people who are slammed in college.


Tag your Best Friend <3

77 skimmilk4, Aug 13, 2019

So I haven't been here long, but so far it seems like even when I've made a great connection with another player, our contact seems to fizzle out rather quickly following a game.
I assume that isn't true for everyone? Out of curiosity, tag that Best Friend you've found on Tengaged!
I wanna spread some positivity today :)
#tengaged #bestfriends #spreadlove #fuckhate


I Finally Got Yellow Level

5 GheeslingGang, Aug 5, 2019

I did it Tengaged! I got Yellow Level!
Thank you to everyone I've played with so far.
And thanks to my TG friends:


ok I don't care about the drama or whatever

3 noobsmoke13, Aug 3, 2019

but rosemuletreturns
- has fetishized rape in the past
- brags about buying fame
- has pretty shallow music
- seems to be a very attention-centric personality
- belittles poor people and seems to actually believe her money somehow makes her a better person overall (if you know my financial background, you know exactly why this pisses me off)
Like I am fine with someone chasing their dreams and building a following and like genuinely wanting that but Rose just comes off as like very fake and self-serving. I have no context for her previous outings on this site but legit she'll say she's gone until her new single comes out and then comes back early. She obviously really loves the attention and buying fame and being recognized and that appears to be more of a motivation for her music than genuine passion for her art. I just feel like her intentions are there for the wrong reasons. She appears to be very concentrated on gaining attention for herself and I don't think Tengaged is a very healthy atmosphere for her. She seems to love both negative and positive attention as well. I could be talking out of my ass but that's just my take. I am irrelevant on this site so I don't expect anyone to notice this. I don't have any actual reasons to hate her personally as all the bad stuff I have heard are just things I've heard, and not things I have experienced.
I intend to hopefully not making another blog about the issue unless this gets out of proportion but its honestly whatever.
*also I realize I am giving her the attention she seeks
**tagged her as her supporters may call me out for being "too afraid" to as if this site isn't so small she'll see it anyway
#tengaged #casting #rookies #survivor #shops


so I graduate high school in 13 days...

0 noobsmoke13, May 17, 2019

it is crazy that I will be one of the first of my family to do so. I have high hopes for the future.
#tengaged #survivor #casting #rookies


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