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The year

1 scooby0000, Apr 23, 2018

Is not even at the halfway point what is with all the deaths?


Glasses on

1 scooby0000, Apr 22, 2018



Hi :D

1 scooby0000, Apr 19, 2018



My Old Page

1 Cort, Apr 15, 2018

Can anyone or is there anyone i can talk about getting my Old Page @evann Unband the reason why it even happened wasn't even fair. i have been trying to get it back for years =[ i seen other people come back from being perm before


Hello guys

1 scooby0000, Apr 14, 2018

Hope you all have a great day :D


Lying about someone's death

7 scooby0000, Apr 12, 2018

Right after someone in this community died.......you have to be a special kind of f*cked up piece of sh*t to do this
Heck if you wanted to get attention so bad just post porn or blog about peeps like everybody else on tengaged
This type of thing should not have happen and should never happen can't believe we have people like this going unpunished


Looks don't matter

0 scooby0000, Apr 12, 2018

Cause in the end you are just a pile of bones


Tengaged will turn 10 in May!

5 Yoshitomi, Apr 11, 2018

I've been thinking about ideas of what we could do.
I was going to suggest "Dear Randomize" videos again to get his attention, then bam! He's suddenly here again, taking action.
Then I was thinking the Rainbow Avatars again, which was pretty fun and easy to do. 1st-15th May, each day we wear the colour level that matches the day.
Then on the anniversary  (16th May), we all wear Default designs.
I think it was 3 years ago when we did this last time...
But then a Tengager - a member of our community - took their own life. And we all have seen his blogs and felt like we didn't do enough.
So I think for the month of May, let's spread some love.
- Make blogs and vlogs for your Tengaged friends and the people who make the site better
- No drama, no insults, no death threats.
- Introduce yourself to people you haven't met yet.
- Let's make Tengaged positive, at least for a month.
Of course, this is Tengaged. People will try to spoil whatever anyone tries to organise. But rather than give these people attention, just rise up the decent people who are being positive.
And if this idea is bad...we can try something else...but we could do with a good time. 馃


My filtered list

2 scooby0000, Apr 10, 2018

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