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Celebrity Blog Brother Season 4 Episode 3

11 Bjorn, Jul 20, 2018

Replacement Nominee: Shawn Mendes ( Guigi)
Tengaged (Excluding Current Houesguests): Comment below which nominee you want to evict. Voting closes at 12 PM PDT.
Current Houseguests:
1. Dog the Bounty Hunter - Bounty Hunter - ( JarBearFTW)
2. Allison Williams - Actress - ( NewNightmare7)
3. Anne Marie David - Singer - ( hellomynameis347)  - 1 POV - Current POV
4. Angela Babicz - Reality Show Personality - ( Eaurea)
5. Shawn Mendes - Singer - ( Guigi) - Nominee
6. Daniel Radcliffe - Actor - ( FireX)
7. Jack Kennedy - Politician - ( teamclay)
8. Tanisha Thmoas - Reality TV Personality - ( legacy7) - 1 HOH - Current HOH
9. Kodak Black - Rapper - ( DiamondsF)
10. Kyla Coleman - Model - ( JennaValentina) - Tengaged Nominee
11. Drake - Rapper - ( joey65409) - Nominee
12. Jade Cole - Model - ( Apples22)
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3 years on tengaged

6 scooby0000, Jul 20, 2018

Today is my 3 year anniversary on tengaged 馃槃馃槃馃槃


Survivors Who Deserve to Be On A Second..

10 noobsmoke13, Jul 18, 2018

With Cambodia being such an amazing season, I think it is only a matter of time before we get another one.
Ken McNickle: He was in Millenials vs. Gen X but his playstyle was very much akin to old school Survivor. He made it to the final 3 but his playing style was seen as a fault. Him getting a second chance would allow him to change his style or align himself with some old school players.
Neal Gottlieb: He was in Kaoh Rong and was medically evacuated right after the merge. He was allowed on the jury but was unable to vote due to Michelle Fitzgerald. Overall, he deserves a second chance more than anyone else in recent seasons.
Donathon Hurley: From Ghost Island, he became synonymous with the truth bombs he would dish out at tribal. He made it far but could not overcome Dom and Wendell once they had the numbers and an inactive cast would not make a move against them due to them having advantages.
Stephanie Johnson: A premerge boot from Ghost Island who was a player, unlike most the cast in her respective season. She deserves another chance and she was someone who I thought had the potential to win the season if she had made it to the merge.
R.C. Saint-Amour: Maybe she can be convinced to come back since Abi won't be on the ballot this time? She was voted out in Philippines due to crappy numbers.
Josh Canfield/Reed Kelly: I am not sure if both of this pair should be brought back from San Juan Del Sur or just one? They were both entertaining and strong players trapped in the bottom.
David Samson: The first person voted out of Cagayan. He had the potential to be an entertaining Survivor but due to a bad first impressions decision and a dumpster fire Brains tribe the odds were against him.
COMMENT PEOPLE YOU THINK NEED A SECOND CHANCE, These are players who have played only once but did not win.
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I wish you all

1 scooby0000, Jul 14, 2018

A great future 馃槃


This Person just messaged me randomly?

0 noobsmoke13, Jul 12, 2018

Gleydielly , who I have never talked to before just randomly messaged me 'fuck u trash.'
That is strange occurrence of the day
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0 noobsmoke13, Jul 11, 2018


#Tengaged #Music #Fasting #Casting


The "Hacking" Situation

19 Yoshitomi, Jul 10, 2018

There's nothing positive about watching old users I have a tonne of respect for having their accounts tarnished by users who got their password.
So I've been trying to think of possible solutions. Here are some, let me know if these are dumb:
(1) If you are permanently leaving, you can request for your account to be locked out so no one can log into it.
Only if you have access to your original email can you request to unlock the account, but this would only be accepted in rare occasions, such as if the lock was accidental.
(2) I was going to suggest having the option to change the email address associated with the account, but the hacker could just change it themselves.
So then I would suggest this:
- Have a database including 2 columns associated with each user.
- One column for original sign-up email address, another for the replacement email.
- If someone does hack and change your replacement email, you should have the option to report it quoting your sign-up email address which would never change in the database
(3) I just wish we had a system we could report things to. Rather than mailing a moderator and spamming their inbox, have a page set up like www(.)tengaged(.)com/reporting. It could be a form where you can submit a report about either a user, obvious hacking in a game or if you experienced any glitches.
Have an "evidence" option where you can attach screenshots. But limit these to only 1 report per user per day.
If a user misuses the reporting forms, they can end up banned from being able to access it for a time.
What do you think? #Tengaged


12 more days

1 scooby0000, Jul 8, 2018

Until my 3 year anniversary on tengaged
(Not doing a charity)


SURVIVOR: # of Returning Players by Season

0 noobsmoke13, Jul 8, 2018

I made an official count of all returning castaways based on the season they first appeared in. Breaks were put in between for the all-returnee seasons.
Borneo: 6
Australian Outback: 8
Africa: 3
Marquesas: 2
Thailand: 1
Amazon: 2
Pearl Islands: 4
------------------- Allstars TOTAL FOR  7 SEASONS LEADING UP TO IT: 26
Vanuatu: 2
Palau: 3
Guatemala: 0
Panama: 4
Cook Islands: 4
Fiji: 1
China: 4
Micronesia: 1
Gabon: 3
Tocantins: 4
Samoa: 4
------------------- Heroes vs. Villains TOTAL FOR 11 SEASONS LEADING UP TO IT: 30
Nicaragua: 1
Redemption Island: 3
South Pacific: 3
One World: 4
Philippines: 2
Caramoan: 0
Blood vs. Water: 3
Cagayan: 6
San Juan Del Sur: 3
Worlds Apart: 4
---------------------- Cambodia: Second Chance TOTAL FOR 10 SEASONS LEADING UP TO IT: 29
Kaoh Rong: 4
Millennials vs. Gen X: 2
-------------------------- Game Changers TOTAL FOR 2 SEASONS LEADING UP TO IT: 6
Healers vs. Heroes vs. Hustlers: N/A
Ghost Island: N/A
David vs. Goliath: N/A
Guatemala and Caramoan have not produced any returnees. Australian Outback has produced the most overall, but Cagayan is the most modern season to come close. Cagayan is tied with Borneo when it comes to number of returnees. The longest span of non-all-returnee seasons was between Allstars and HvV. The shortest took place between Cambodia and Game Changers.
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Thoughts of Survivor: Worlds Apart

0 noobsmoke13, Jul 7, 2018

Some hot takes on my first watch of this season of Survivor. I am watching Cagayan through Game Changers with a Hulu free trial and Worlds Apart is the third season in this run.
-This season had some good moments and idol plays
-This season was entertaining but suffered due to a cast of very bitter people
-The disdain for Shirin this season made no sense to me. She seemed like a good person. Same with Max. Will's attacks on Shirin made me hate him.
-Rodney mocking Mike for praying before meals, his accent, him not being a drinker, him not clubbing, and him not having sex in a long time was just despicable.
-I didn't hate Dan but he sealed his own fate when he refused to hear Mike out. He is very boneheaded and stubborn
-The 'rivalry' between Vince and Joe when Joe didn't even know there was a rivalry was hilarious
My favorite players this season were Jenn, Mike, and Shirin.
My Ranking of the 3 I have watched thus far:
1. Cagayan
2. San Juan Del Sur
3. Worlds Apart
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Hi guys

0 scooby0000, Jun 29, 2018



Lucas Toledo's multis

3 noobsmoke13, Jun 27, 2018

Lucas is a player that cannot be trusted, here are all of his accounts so y'all can force him out of any games you get in with them.
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