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My Life IN 1 GIF

0 Birks4444, Oct 28, 2018


Singers Big Brother Week 1

34 Birks4444, Oct 17, 2018

32 well-known, well-accomplished singers are about to face the most stressful experience of their lives; the game of Big Brother! Each day, one singer will be sent packing with their dream of winning this season crushed. Which singer do you Stan? Despise? peace123? Welcome to Singer Big Brother!!!
Week 1
HOH: Camila Cabello
NOMS: Katy Perry & Ed Sheeran
POVP: Camila, Katy & Ed + Adam, Cardi & Charlie
POV: Katy Perry (used on self)
NOMS: Ed Sheeran & Jay Z
Vote to evict Ed Sheeran

or Jay Z

from the BB Singers house. Voting is closed and recorded once this blog expires. PYN to be tagged.
#BB20 #bbuk


PYN (Best of Kaitlyn Herman)

1 Birks4444, Oct 9, 2018

and I'll post a Kaitlyn Herman gif for you.
#bb20 #bbuk


No title

0 Kopycat, Oct 9, 2018



My final rank for BB20

1 Chemicalali, Oct 8, 2018

This is based on who I enjoyed the most to the least.
1        haleigh
2        scottie
3        brett
4        rockstar
5        kaitlyn
6        kaycee
7        bayleigh
8        angela
9        jc
10        faysal
11        sam
12        winston
13        tyler
14        chris
15        rachel
16        steve


From outside the big brother house

0 Vince125, Oct 4, 2018

I'm Julie Chen-Moonves here with Brent. Good night America!



16 BrendaMeekz, Oct 4, 2018

Interviewed her last night, we talked Bay's miscarriage and how she helped her in the jury house, would she come back, i also informed her on the shit talking the HGs did about her THIS WAS HER FIRST REACTION TO IT AND SHE WAS SHOOK. Shes such a lovely woman love her.



Scottie Salton

2 hinata0014, Oct 3, 2018

Am I the only one who thinks he had a nice thic ass. mmmm Dat ass is what makes him attractive. I'd spread those cheeks and munch away


Big Brother 18 Players RANKED

1 survivornerd, Oct 3, 2018

16. Natalie - She was always fake, she played alright but never was going to win
15. Bridgette - Really nice; just not cut out for Big Brother
14. Tiffany - Easily the 2nd best Rousso to play the game
13. Nicole - Stayed behind a bunch of comp beasts the whole game; not a great win.
12. Glenn - Couldn't do well in the comps, but I can't imagine he would've done better in the game
11. Victor - Got evicted 3 times
10. Paulie - Played pretty well at the start, but his game went down faster than his relationship with Danielle from the Bachelor
9. Zakiyah - Played a good game UTR at first, but eventually it got to the point where we realized she wasn't playing she was just coasting
8. Bronte - Actually not an awful player, she just aligned with the wrong people early on
7. Michelle - Knows the game but in the end she was just too immature and emotional
6. Corey - Really great at comps and had bright moments, but he just wasn't quite savvy enough w/o smarter allies
5. Frank - Really good at comps but he is always targeted for it unfortunately, he should go on the Challenge he'd be better there
4. Paul - Almost a winner, but took the wrong person to the end. If he knew the game better going in, he would have been much better off
3. James - Was always in the know. He was always in the center of the majority
2. Jozea - The leader of the opposition. Went home because he was a threat.
1. Da'Vonne - Helped put the other alliance out of the house early on, then was blindsided because she was a big strategic threat


Big Brother 19 Players RANKED

3 survivornerd, Oct 3, 2018

17. Paul - There is no way he would have won the game with that jury management
16. Alex - Absolutely brainwashed by Paul, no mind of her own
15. Matt - Did nothing in the house
14. Megan - Left the house
13. Kevin - Lovable, but you have to be able to win a competition in modern BB
12. Raven - Puppet master
11. Cameron - Got fucked over night 1, but he had potential
10. Josh - Got really lucky when it came to who he ended up at the end with. Pissed everybody off all the time
9. Jessica - Not as strong mentally, she let Josh get to her for Christ's sake
8. Mark - Can win competitions, but is too emotional
7. Dominique - Caught onto Paul's BS early on, but she cracked like an egg under pressure and made herself look crazy
6. Jason - Actually read people pretty well, he just aligned and put trust in the wrong people
5. Ramses - Played pretty well socially, he just didn't find himself in a strong alliance
4. Elena - Played very well, just didn't have people misted the same way Paul did
3. Cody - Caught onto Paul very early, and he would have been in control if not for some BS twists
2. Christmas - Got fucked when she broke her foot. She does extremely well if she doesn't
1. Jillian - Super sweet girl, if it was a regular season there's no doubt in my mind she goes the distance and likely wins


Big Brother 20 Players RANKED

4 survivornerd, Oct 3, 2018

16. JC - Always played for 3rd place
15. Winston - Not cut out for the game
14. Faysal - Always bamboozled all the time always every week always
13. Swaggy C - oh god
12. Haleigh - A LITTLE less dumb than Fessy
11. Rockstar - Another FOUTTE member, but less dumb than Haleigh and Fessy because she knew about the threat of Angela, Tyler, and Kaycee
10. Scottie - He's OK at competitions but he's still apart of the worst alliance in BB history
9. Tyler - Breaking your final 2 with half the jury isn't a good strategy? Huh?
8. Bayleigh - Good at the start, she just got bored and spilled her beans, after that her game fell apart
7. Angela - Everyone in the jury hated her, she never had a chance at winning
6. Rachel - Just got confused and didn't handle the block well. If given another chance, she'd do better
5. Kaitlyn - Always key in what went on in the house up until her end
4. Brett - Amazing mister, just thought he was higher up in Tyler's totem pole than he was
3. Kaycee - Good strategy, but I feel like if certain things didn't go L6's way her strategy wouldn't have worked
2. Steve - Got the short end of the stick early on, you can tell from podcasts he's been on he has a good grip of the game
1. Sam - Never on anybody's radar. She knew what she was doing, no one wanted to "waste an HoH on her" which is a classic strategy; first used by Dr. Will on season 2.


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