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I’m just popping on

0 Yonaka, Aug 23, 2019

I hope someone will gift me the Nicole support top. I want her or Jess to win #bb21
https://tengaged.com/shop/chardonnay_131446 190T$ is cheap wow
Gift me please! I hope someone misses me !



0 Matthew09, Aug 23, 2019

Has the Shania Twain ‘Come on Over’ album in her HOH room. Okay instantly a stan! She’s a legend just for that. #bb21


With this weeks 'Prank Week'

1 M2thamax, Aug 23, 2019

Is there anyway Michie can get nommed? Like if there anyone that would nom him if they won it?
Michie is the ONLY person left who I don't like, so I would LOVE to see him evicted during his girlfriends hoh! LOL


BB21 Rankings

3 Matthew09, Aug 23, 2019

1. Jessica idc she’s my Latina favorite
2. Christine gained my respect
3. Cliff
4. Nicole
5. Holly
6. Jackson
7. Tommy (sorry he just annoys me)
8. Nick



0 legend_of_link, Aug 22, 2019

Pretty much since Jack's eviction I have only been watching the live  Evictions and it's honestly so much more manageable. I truly don't have the energy to watch this cast for 2 more extra days a week anymore. Anyways I hope Christie goes


If Christie stays like it’s looking like

1 Ethan000, Aug 22, 2019

...she deserves to win tbh
I will 100% stan Nicole till the end, but if Christie does win, props to her.


What is tengageds thoughts on

2 Chic, Aug 22, 2019

Nicole #BB21 ?


Cutthroat Big Brother II Apps Open!

0 _JB_, Aug 22, 2019

After 20 seasons of hosting Cutthroat Survivor and a successful first season of Cutthroat Big Brother underway, I am beginning to accept applications for Season II!
I am trying to create a legacy and a series that seperates itself from the pack in creating a fast, yet competitive game that everyone can enjoy!
In this series, evictions will come every night to keep the players on their toes and hosting will be done to give the houseguests more of a feel of the game rather than a generic online game. I want to create more than a game, but rather an experience.
However, none of this is possible without the players and I want you to become part of the Cutthroat Big Brother experience!
The game should last from early to mid-September and feature live and non-live events.
Applications are now open for what I hope will be an incredible series!


So Christie is staying now?

1 ANTMStar, Aug 22, 2019

Grodner really convinced Jackson that she'll give him an unlimited supply of watermelon to keep her favs huh? Talk about having one main target all week, and being stubborn about not using the veto, then suddenly the next day wanting to keep her, HMMMMM.


what is happening?

1 TruthO, Aug 22, 2019

is christie staying? tf
Honestly I rather her go but Like i wouldnt MIND SIS to go because shes boring and just a mindless number for Tommy's side of the house when Christie is targeting Nick (a number for Tommy)


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