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Big Brother - Battle of the Seasons..

2 survivornerd, Jan 25, 2020

Containing various players from the past 3 seasons.
Analyse Tavera
Angela Rummans
Christmas Abbott
David Alexander
Holly Allen
JC Monduix
Jessica Graf
Josh Martinez
Kevin Schlehuber
Tyler Crispen
Winston Hines
First HoH boils down to Jessica and Holly, and fan favorite Jessica wins. She puts up two members from her own season, Christmas and Kevin. Kevin draws HG choice and picks his ally Analyse. David and JC are also drawn to compete. JC throws the veto, and it comes down to nominee Christmas and David. David is able to win and insure that he doesn't go home first this time. He has no reason to save either of them, so he keeps them on the block. Winston goes around the house trying to improve his position. He bonds slightly with his former Level 6er Angela. Angela tells everyone a heartfelt story about why she needs the money. Josh isolates himself from the rest of the house for the first week.
Josh, obviously aligned with Christmas, casts his vote for Kevin to go home. Angela, Tyler, Winston, and Analyse are aligned with Kevin and not Christmas, so the vote was easy. This left it at 4-1. David and Holly are in the middle, as is JC since he's aligned with neither of them. He decides to vote for Kevin, although he knows Christmas is likely going home because he doesn't want Josh to think he betrayed him. David and Holly, however, decide that Christmas is a bigger threat physically, so Christmas is evicted 6-2.
For some reason, Winston is no longer apart of Alliance 1, perhaps because he's weary of JC.
Tyler throws this HoH and it comes down to Kevin and Analyse, two allies. Analyse ends up winning. Analyse nominates David, who is a physical and mental threat and who is attached to really nobody in the house, and Josh who voted against Kevin last round. Josh draws HG choice and picks JC. Tyler and Kevin are also picked. The PoV comes down to Analyse, the HoH, and David, the possible target. Unfortunately for David, Analyse comes down with all the power for the week. She keeps them the same. Tyler tries to plant seeds in people's heads that Josh has to go. Meanwhile, Jessica wants to call Analyse out and try to get people to see why she should be evicted. David makes an inappropriate comment in conversation. The 2 big alliances really run the house at this point. So despite JC voting to save Josh, as did Holly, Josh is evicted.
A new alliance forms. Angela, Tyler, and Winston are apart of this one also, however they now have Jessica on their side.
The HoH comes down to JC, who has seen 2 of his allies go home back to back, and Tyler, who seemed to be one of the ones running the house. JC ends up winning. JC put up David,..


Nicole Anthony is still alive

0 JoanieS, Dec 30, 2019

and I couldn't be more upset #bb21


If every vote was reversed (BB21)

5 noah_kondon, Nov 13, 2019

In this, I explore how BB21 would have played out if every vote was reversed, IE, the person who went home, stays and takes the place of the person who did stay.  In the event of a comeback, the person who comes back is of the same placement of the person who originally did.
Camp Director: Michie
Banished: Cliff, David, Jessica, & Kemi
Evicted: Cliff
HOH: Christie
Nominees: David & Kathryn
POV: Sam
Nominees: Ovi & Kathryn
Evicted: Kathryn
HOH: Jack
Nominees: Jessica & Kemi
POV: Sam
Nominees: Jessica & Kemi
Evicted: Jessica
HOH: Nick
Nominees: David and Kemi
POV: Ovi
Nominees: David and Nicole
Evicted: Nicole
—Nicole Returns—
HOH: Nicole
Nominees: Jack & Michie
POV: Michie
Nominees: Jack & Bella
Evicted: Jack
HOH: Holly
Nominees: Nick & Sam
POV: Nick
Nominees: Ovi & Sam
Evicted: Ovi
HOH: Kemi
Nominees: Bella & Michie
POV: Kemi
Nominees: Bella & Michie
Evicted: Michie
HOH: Tommy
Nominees: Nicole & Sam
Safety: Bella
3rd Nominee: Christie
POV: Tommy
Nominees: Nicole & Sam
Evicted: Nicole
HOH: Bella
Nominees: Analyse & Christie
POV: Bella
Nominees: Analyse & Christie
Evicted: Christie
HOH: Holly
America’s Prankster: Nick
Nominees: Analyse & Nick
POV: Bella
Nominees: Analyse & Nick
Evicted: Analyse
HOH: Bella
Nominees: Nick & Kemi
POV: Tommy
Nominees: Sam & Kemi
Evicted: Sam
HOH: David
Nominees: Nick & Tommy
POV: Kemi
Nominees: Nick & Tommy
Evicted: Tommy
HOH: Bella
Nominees: Nick & Kemi
POV: David
Nominees: Nick & Holly
Evicted: Holly
HOH: David
Nominees: Nick & Bella
POV: Bella
Nominees: Nick & Kemi
Evicted: Nick
Final HOH: Bella
Evicted: Kemi
Jury Votes:
Kemi: Bella
Nick: David
Holly: David
Tommy: David
Sam: Bella
Analyse: David
Christie: David
Nicole: Bella
Michie: David
David beats Bella by a 6-3 vote.  Would you consider this season better or worse than #BB21?


Nicole Anthony is te worst gameplayer in BB..

3 JoanieS, Oct 31, 2019

Her worthless ass got dragged to the end cause she sucked and was useless. She was a goat yet couldn't make it to the final 2 which shows how much she sucks. She had a horrible social game because she was an annoying cunt and annoyed people. She would be pre jury on any other season and she is very lucky to even make f3. If she ever returns her worthless ass will be first boot #BB21


Twitter Stans finally realizing

0 JoanieS, Oct 24, 2019

What a fake cunt Nicole Anthony is. She swears to be all about equality but is friends with people like Jackson who she knows are racist. She's the biggest racist of them all in the cast and I hate that worthless cunt #BB21


I don’t hate anyone in this world

1 JoanieS, Oct 22, 2019

Except for Nicole Anthony. I hope she burns In Hell #bb21


Nicole wasn't even bullied

0 JoanieS, Oct 22, 2019

She's an insufferable cunt and she was hated because she's fake and annoying. Maybe she should be more likeable. Ya'll just think Bella was a bully cause Bella is a WOC and Nicole is white #BB21


Nicole Anthony is such a fraud

0 JoanieS, Oct 22, 2019

That ugly cunt undeservingly won the 25K AFP prize and literally ignores all her fans and gives them zero acknowledgement on social media. Kemi deserved AFP because she actually cares about her fans. Nicole is such an ugly troll looking cunt who doesn't give a shit about her fans and has a cameo account to profit off her fans. Trash #BB21


Nicole Anthony the scamming cunt

1 JoanieS, Oct 20, 2019

Is charging Big Brother fans 45 dollars for a cameo. This bitch can't even afford her place cause she's too dumb to get a college degree so she insists on stealing money from fans she don't give a shit about to make money for herself. Greedy ass bitch. She makes me sick #bb21



3 survivornerd, Oct 19, 2019

If each eviction was flipped so that the other nominee went home. Is this a better or worse season than the original?
16th - Kemi Faknule
15th - Kathryn Dunn
14th - Jessica Milagros
13th - Nicole Anthony
13th - Jack Matthews
12th - David Alexander
11th - Jackson Michie
10th - Cliff Hogg III
9th - Christie Murphy
8th - Ovi Kabir
7th - Bella Wang
6th - Tommy Bracco
5th - Holly Allen
4th - Sam Smith
3rd - Analyse Tavera
2nd - Nick Maccarone
1st - Nicole Anthony


little late but...

0 Brad13535, Oct 17, 2019

Even though Michie was such a douche he made some incredible moves all while getting like 11 comp wins....pretty impressive...be seeing him in another season for sure


Suitman's Big Brother: Double Trouble

0 SuitMan13, Oct 14, 2019

This November, SBB goes all BBUS 9. Would you stick by your ally, till death do you part? In the PENULTIMATE SEASON, pairs of ALL-STAR players can apply together, as a duo, where they will compete and potentially be evicted TOGETHER for the first few weeks, before the game becomes individual. It's All-Stars like you've never seen it before. Stay tuned for information on how to pick your duos.


Big Brother 21 Success Rates

0 survivornerd, Oct 5, 2019

A successful week is when you are either HoH or you vote correctly, an unsuccessful week is when you are either nominated or you vote incorrectly. This isn't necessarily a metric for determining who played the best game, but it's interesting to see who was in power the most. (For Week 1, everyone had a successful week besides the four who were banished.)
16. David Alexander - 0.00%
15. Kemi Faknule - 33.33%
12t. Ovi Kabir - 50.00%
12t. Sam Smith - 50.00%
12t. Kathryn Dunn - 50.00%
11. Jessica Milagros - 54.55%
10. Isabella Wang - 60.00%
9. Cliff Hogg III - 64.29%
8. Christie Murphy - 66.67%
7. Nick Maccarone - 70.00%
6. Jack Matthews - 71.43%
5. Analyse Tavera - 77.78%
4. Holly Allen - 80.00%
3. Tommy Bracco - 84.62%
1t. Nicole Anthony - 86.67%
1t. Jackson Michie - 86.67%


bb21 cast ranking

3 JoanieS, Sep 27, 2019

1. Kemi
2. Analyse
3. Jessica
4. Ovi
5. Isabella
6. David
7. Holly
8. Sam
9. Tommy
10. Nick
11. Christie
12. Jackson
13. Jack
14. Kathryn
15. Cliff
16. Nicole



0 JoanieS, Sep 27, 2019

Nicole is still happily friends with the racists from her season like Jackson Nick and Cliff. This bitch makes me so sick and I bet she voted Trump in 2016 #bb21


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