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So funny!

0 Chic, Jun 26, 2019



BBUK 2019: Meet the Cast!

1 PoohSnap, May 12, 2019

Launch night has taken place, and these housemates are already cooking up a storm!
Watch the action unfold here:
Or join the VL to keep tabs on everyone's private, inner-most secrets:
Aimee ( amnesia_) | Vet (Season 3, 6th; Season 5, 4th)
Queen Aimee has made getting to the final look easy, as she’s sailed through the game twice due to her sincere, kind personality, which also allowed her to go unnominated to the end in Bad Blood. Still, Aimee has a habit of keeping her circle small. Without her partner-in-crime, Daphne, will she still manage to make close connections and dictate the house dynamics from the sidelines, or will she get sucked into house’s crazy drama?
Batya ( batya) | Rookie
Witty and sarcastic Batya is confident that he’ll be able to win hearts this season. Will he cause sparks to fly inside of this big, gigantic bloodbath to get to the end? Or will knives end up lodged in those hearts?
Billy ( bvance1212) | Rookie
Billy hopes to be seen as a leader in the game. Smart and cunning, people tend to know when he’s not on their side— and vice versa. Will Billy’s directness allow him to reel in allies, or will he stick out like a sore rookie thumb amongst a cast of people who hate being told what to do? We shall see.
Cam ( boicam77) | Vet (Season 4, 3rd)
Easy-going Cam was filled with horror when he entered the Fresh Meat house and found nothing but broken wineglasses, constant meltdowns, and raging lunatics. Rising above the drama, he used his humor and adaptability to survive all the way until the final. Now, he hopes to not only survive, but thrive. Will a path to the final be attainable? It’s hard to say, but this season is sure to be even more cutthroat than Cam’s debut.
Chanelle ( tinkerbelll) | Vet (Season 1, 8th; Season 2, 14th; Season 3, 13th; Season 5, 16th)
Breaking records before even setting foot into the house, Chanelle is the only fifth-timer so far in the BBUK franchise, appearing in more seasons than any other vet! Her desire to start fresh is further shown with her new account, and she hopes to win her housemates over with “kindness.” That’s backfired before, but 2019 is a new year! As the only Season 1 returnee to never make a final, will Chanelle find the drive to play her best game yet, or will the emotional drama queen that we know and love come to the surface?
Dylan ( ravenwhitefeather) | Vet (Season 2, 9th; Season 3, 2nd)
While he’s always been a little more low-key than his fellow housemates, which allowed him to dominate in the “Season of Floaters,” as he aided in kicking out the annoying camera hogs, Dylan is determined to erase his “floater” reputation this season, and play a more “top dog” game. Will he still be able to stride toward his high placement from..


Anamelia being evicted first

3 Matthew09, May 8, 2019

on her season will always be a travesty. #bbuk


BBUK 2019: Battle of Class [APPLY NOW]

0 PoohSnap, Apr 15, 2019

Apps for Season 6 are now posted and will be open through early May (for about 3-4 weeks). If you'd like to apply, take some time in these next coming weeks to do so!


BBUK 2019: Battle of Class [APPLY NOW]

1 PoohSnap, Apr 15, 2019

Apps for Season 6 are now posted and will be open through early May (for about 3-4 weeks). If you'd like to apply, take some time in these next coming weeks to do so!



1 PoohSnap, Apr 14, 2019

BBUK 2019: Battle of Class
Applications open tomorrow!

If you have any interest, hope to see you apply. S6 will be the littest yet ;)


rip muggy mike <3

4 darrenstans, Mar 16, 2019

#BBUK #LoveIsland



0 JonMcGillis, Feb 22, 2019




0 JonMcGillis, Feb 22, 2019



BBUK: Vote for the Winner!

0 PoohSnap, Jan 5, 2019

adeleadele (The former winner who made it to another final despite being targeted), amnesia_ (The unnommed queen who was loyal to Daphne), jameslu (The fourth-timer who made her first final & teamed up with her duo, Aimee), josiahsurvivor (The OG villainess who fought her way back from the Redemption House), redskanto (The last dude standing & showmance extraordinaire), & adamslater19 (the UTR shade killer) are this season's finalists! Vote for who you'd like to WIN!
Some have already posted their finalist roundtable:
Stay tuned for more info later in the day!
ADELAIDE: Noms- 2; Seasons- 2; Finals- 2 (S4, 1st)
AIMEE: Noms- 0; Seasons- 2; Finals- 2 (S3, 6th)
DAPHNE: Noms- 1; Seasons- 4; Finals- 1
EMILY: Noms- 2; Seasons- 2; Finals- 1
KYLE: Noms- 3; Seasons- 3; Finals- 2 (S2, 5th)
MEGAN: Noms- 2; Seasons- 3; Finals- 2 (S3, 5th)
Adelaide ( adeleadele) | Vet (Season 4; 1st)
As the reigning champ of BBUK, Adelaide made history last season by becoming the first female winner of the series. Her vicious rivalry with Yandere shaped the house, and led to the season long house divide in Fresh Meat— everyone was either #TeamAdelaide or #TeamYandere . Adelaide benefitted from care packages and a resistance alliance dubbed “Charlie’s Angels” to vanquish her night-one enemy, Yandere, along with the rest of his majority alliance. However, Adelaide found a new enemy in her former ride-or-die, Jayson, when she went against his wishes and saved Honey over Cam during Hell week. Their shattered friendship only got worse, as Adelaide’s entire endgame resulted in her reliance on the public vote to save her because Jayson had turned most of her friends against her. With two of her worst enemies sharing a house with her, will Adelaide’s direct, and, at times, abrasive personality draw the ire of her housemates, or will she be able to survive and keep hold over her winning title?
Aimee ( amnesia_) | Vet (Season 3, 6th)
The “Nice Girl” of BBUK is returning, only this time, she’s not also the “New Girl.” In Code Red, she entered 4 weeks late as an intruder. She easily won over her housemates, allowing her to soar to the final—but not without entering her fair share of drama with her ex-showmance, Kyle. Their romance was certified “dead” when they both voted to evict each other in two separate house votes, and Aimee sent him into jeopardy during Hell week. But her real beef is with Megan, who flipped on their endgame all-female alliance with Daphne, resulting in a house blow-up between both ladies, and her friend, Daphne’s, eviction. With her endgame rival in the house, will the “nice girl” make amends, or is revenge a dish best served cold?
Daphne ( jameslu) | Vet (Season 1, 12th; Season 2; 11th;..


One Word & A Rank 18

11 paul028, Nov 24, 2018


Just finished watching the BBUK finale

0 g1ng4, Nov 14, 2018

I knew what happened but I’ve been so busy and this was the first time I had a chance to catch up.
It was so emotional when Emma did her final goodbye, watching her try to hold back the tears was so hard to watch.
It’s hard to think it’s over now, I grew up with BBUK, watched it religiously every year since I was 11!
I watched the show grow, evolve and adapt throughout the years, yes sometimes some of the twists were massive fails, but you can’t deny BBUK had some of the best housemates with such fantastic personalities.
RIP #BBUK 2000-2018


so pissed

3 CalebDaBoss, Nov 6, 2018

cameron won bbuk akeem was robbed


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