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3 Timster, Jun 18, 2018

TO VLOGGING. LMAOOOOOOOO THIS GIRL IS SO UNINTENTIONALLY HILARIOUS. Starting at the VERY beginning of the video you see a family of 4 sitting down eating and Gina's extra ass walks past them and they all turn their heads & stare her up and down. A couple scenes later she's half naked and pulls her bra as close to her nipples as possible. She claims to not have eaten meat in 3 years but was quick to try Turkey Bacon, loved it and proceeded to eat Turkey Bacon every single day at this restaurant during her stay LMAO. She also ate it WITH A FORK AND KNIFE.. I love these vlogs, she's just a mess.

snowflake3 suitman13


BBUK: Vote for 1 to WIN!

1 PoohSnap, Jun 14, 2018

Speeches listed below!
Link to poll here:
Aimee ( amnesia_)
"Keeping mine short and sweet by saying ily all even though most of you put my up for most recent nomination and at the end of the day whoever wins, congratulations!
It’s been a tough journey but I made it! Woohoo
Good luck finalists ❤️"
Camila ( FoxyWinters)
"Hi tengaged!Yay im so excited to be here!Im proud of being in the final.I think you need to vote me becouse i have been a great and dedicate player.I entered in this game saying that this was my dream and now im in the finals!I need to win becouse i only have been nominated 1 time and also i was so nice to most of the house.I also need to win becouse i have passed thought difficult things in this game like evicting my friend in a poll(Cookie_13 vs me)But the final decision is yours,good luck guys! :D"
Dylan ( RavenWhiteFeather)
"So at the beggining of the game, i thought that id have to play a lot harder that in season. And even though many might say i didnt do much, I am extremely proud of myself because i really did play the game well.
At the start, when i saw X is my partner, i thought that would help me go further since he is such a good spammer. But when i saw such bold moves that he was making and hearing everyone telling me to include X in sets, i droppped him. I locked his name in and he went just like that. I think my first good move was telling people im Xs partner and deciding that i would not help him anymore, because then i earned some people's trust and i got a threat out before they could become unstopable.
So to sum up my early game, i was active and i was spreading ideas everywhere, even though people thought im just floating.
In the mid game i gotta say, like nik-addy-kyle k evictions i wasnt present for. But then i reached out to people and i made some key connections that would help me in the later game. I played a huge part in patrick's eviction.
Now the late game was the highlight of my gameplay. I knew what i could make happen and i made it happen. If i wanted to convince daphne to turn on aimee and get her up i did that, if i wanted to call scott out and punish him with a nomination i did that, if j wanted to put constant targets on logans back i did that. If i wanted to put megan up last week i would have, but my mail got hacked by Russia.
To sum up my game, i think id say it was precise and adaptable. I knew how to listen to the others to get the info i need , i knew what to tell people for them to understand things how i wanted them to understand them, i was always protected by either my connections or my spamlies (which is like spam and allies make a word pls) and i had a great understanding of what was going on and what had to be done in the game.
Good luck people xoxo"


BBUK: Double Eviction Week- Vote to Save!

0 PoohSnap, May 31, 2018

Aimee ( amnesia_)
Ali ( aquali)
Patrick ( patricenka9)
and Chanelle ( MIchelle990)
have been nominated in this season's second double eviction. Vote for who you'd like to STAY!


BBUK fans

34 Anas, May 28, 2018


BBUK: Week 5- VOTE to SAVE

1 PoohSnap, May 27, 2018

These housemates need your votes to stay!
Addy ( cookie_13)
Camila ( FoxyWinters)
are nominated for eviction. Vote for who you'd like to STAY this week!


Big Brother UK: Code Red-- Meet The Cast

45 PoohSnap, May 16, 2018

Hello, Tengaged! Join the Viewers' Lounge to keep track of the season, and check out the names of this season's BBUK cast who will be vying for your support in the coming weeks!
Viewers' Lounge:
Addy ( cookie_13)
This 21-year old rookie compares herself to the Black Widow herself, Cassandra Shahinfar, from BBCAN4. While she gets along with those that she likes, she’ll be a bitch and a pain in the ass to those that she doesn’t. This is BBUK, so let’s be real… it looks like we should prepare for some fireworks!
Ali ( Aquali)
This housemate compares himself to the most recent CBB winner, Shane Jenek (aka Courtney Act), because he had a strategy, but didn’t overcomplicate things for himself. Also citing the BBUK legend’s self-awareness and ability to have fun through it all, can this rookie make his BB experience a season to remember? Most importantly, he’s ready to flaunt his good sense of style. Get the cameras ready!
Camila ( FoxyWinters)
Firey and upfront, this rookie is ready to enter the BBUK series with a bang. Comparing herself to Jessica Graf, because she’s a bitch who doesn’t have a strategy and is only there to have fun, can this housemate manage to turn the house upside down as she’s turning heads?
Chanelle ( MIchelle990)
Vet (Season 1, 8th, Season 2, 14th)
Wearing her heart on her sleeve, and not afraid to speak her mind, this housemate has been known to get into plenty of fights, plenty of showmances, but even more meltdowns. In her first season, she made a few friends, but her game was crippled when her many outbursts and rivalry with Nicole caused her to become public enemy #1, leaving the house soon after her only remaining ally, Amy, was evicted. In season 2, she immediately jumped into a showmance with Kyle R. and kicked off with Daphne, Tom, Nicole, Jessica, and anyone else that found themselves in her warpath. After conspiring to turn against her fellow vets, she was exposed by Jessica, who threw her under the bus in order to transfer the target, leading to her early eviction. Never a team player or one to be told what to do, can she finally play nice and show a different side, or will her old drama queen ways resurface?
Daphne ( Jameslu)
Vet (Season 1, 12th; Season 2, 11th)
Savage, strong-minded, and never one to mince her words, this housemate has demonstrated numerous times that she’s willing to do or say whatever she wants, when she wants. Both seasons, her showmances have put enormous targets on her back-- Season 1 with Jerry, in which she went to war with the other showmance of Nicole/Ethan, and Season 2 with Lorenzo, which caused her to be a casualty of the first double eviction of the series. She’s proven to..



5 paul028, Apr 27, 2018

Only doing the ones I watched (
BB7: Nikki
BB8: Brian
BB9: Rachel
BB10: Lisa
BB11: Shabby but after she walked, Corin
BB12: Louise
BB13: Lauren
BB14: Gina Rio
BB15: Ashleigh
BB16: Eileen
BB18: Isabelle
BB7: Janelle
BB8: Eric
BB19: Sharon
BB10: Jerry
BB11: Jordan
BB12: Britney
BB13: Rachel
BB14: Joe
BB15: Elissa
BB16: Nicole
BB17: Meg
BB18: Nicole
BB19: Jessica/Dominique
BBCAN1: Liza
BBCAN2: Ika/Allison
BBCAN3: Sarah/Brittnee
BBCAN4: Nikki


Fav player from every BB season UK, US and..

11 MichelleWilliams, Apr 27, 2018

1 I don't remember this
2 Helen
3 Originally Alison, but Jade mostly.
4 Didn't watch (yawn)
5 Michelle
6 Makosi
7 Glyn (Best season so many iconic housemates (Nikki, Pete, Lea, Grace, Imogen))
8 Charley
9 Kat (although was so happy Rachel won even though she's so boring!)
10 Dogface (Noirin a close second)
11 Corin (although loved Rachael early on!! and Josie was a babe!)
12 Alex - queen of fake tans
13 Annoying season - I guess Deana
14 Gina Rio
15 Ashleigh
16 Didn't watch (so mad Helen won 15)
17 Lateysha
18 Sukhvinder/Isabelle
#BBUS - I only started s16
16. Nicole
17. Jackie
18. I didnt watch this - but queen Nicole
19. Jessica
1. Gary / Topaz LOL
2. Neda
3. Britnee
4. Cassandra
5. Ika
6. Olivia
So only two of my favourites from any season I've watched has won.
I guess I like the underdog?


Watching BBUK2014

10 Matthew09, Apr 23, 2018

and for some reason this is like one of my favorite series, Jale was bullied in the beginning and targeted just for a first impression, Pauline was very wrong and vile for treating her that way, Jale staying first eviction was SATISFYING for fans and Pauline leaving the next week.
I still think it's one of the most shocking wins in BBUK history with Helen a villain winning! I still don't know how she got all the votes and won; her mouth was lethal.
Also I think Celeb 2014 that year was ICONIC! Probably my favorite, such a good year for #bbuk



12 PrincessTeePee, Apr 3, 2018

to the #bbuk eviction interview of my QUEEEN! :D Thanks great British public, this took place right near my birthday that year too LOL.
This said, Jonty and his teddies staying wasn't an awful thing - he was sweet, and Big Jonty in the final week was classiccc.


Just gotta spill some tea here

3 Marcuz, Jan 31, 2018

I love how Ann is a homophobic and hates minorities yet the majority of this site wants her to win 🤔


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