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Just finished watching the BBUK finale

0 g1ng4, Nov 14, 2018

I knew what happened but I鈥檝e been so busy and this was the first time I had a chance to catch up.
It was so emotional when Emma did her final goodbye, watching her try to hold back the tears was so hard to watch.
It鈥檚 hard to think it鈥檚 over now, I grew up with BBUK, watched it religiously every year since I was 11!
I watched the show grow, evolve and adapt throughout the years, yes sometimes some of the twists were massive fails, but you can鈥檛 deny BBUK had some of the best housemates with such fantastic personalities.
RIP #BBUK 2000-2018


so pissed

3 CalebDaBoss, Nov 6, 2018

cameron won bbuk akeem was robbed



0 LoveLife, Nov 6, 2018

Who saw me at the #BBUK final - my sign is on my last blog. Had a great spot. Had a Cameron to win banner but stood with friends of Cian haha. I also spoke to Isabella and Brooke. Had such fun 馃挍 it was also emotional #RIPBBUK


Completely stopped watching

0 Anas, Nov 6, 2018

#BBUK weeks ago but learned that Cameron won..? I honestly feel like throwing up. Fake, sympathy gaining coming out story to the most gross housemate ever. I agree with WannaBeeFriends, even Helen was a better winnner than him


BBUK's "funeral" in 2010

3 evildoer666, Nov 6, 2018

WAS WAY better then tonight's send-off.
I kinda want to just pretend big brother uk 2011 and on didn't exist.
At-least then I can have my emotional BB Funeral.
Let down that they didn't celebrate the long history of the show more :(


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