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Who's Blindside Was Better?

1 MJFJUNE, Sep 8, 2017

Austin from #BB17
Jason from #BB19


What's the most plussed blog of all time?

1 Temeky, Aug 31, 2017

Is it the blog that #BB17/#BBOTT Jason's ( JayRoy) made? 'cause that got 7k plusses


I have decided to rewatch bb17

2 lionsden121, Aug 23, 2017

since bb19 is over
and id rather watch a mastermind that I like then a cast of sheep following one person



0 purplebb4, Aug 10, 2017



We are getting Jess that $25K AFP

1 flamingjoe, Aug 10, 2017

Idc that she is perjury. We are going to make it happen.
Only other contenders are Kevin and Paul... If fans managed to get Jason to the Top 3 in #bb17, then this should be easy.
Jess deserves that $25K for putting up with all those gross people and being a general queen


Da'Vonne's Exit

0 purplebb4, Aug 9, 2017

was the most iconic moment on BB17.


Paul locked in so fast

0 TruthO, Jul 27, 2017

Every round.
He was the one person I didn't want to win.
Guys hopefully this week is the week people realize how dangerous he is in this game


Just a Casual Friday Reminder

1 useamint, Jul 14, 2017

That Meg ruined #BB17


Shelli Is Me

2 Mickiejames22, Jun 24, 2017

"We need to make a Final 3 girls alliance!" ~ Shelli
"I totally agree." ~ Audrey
"Okay y'all! But you need to come up with the name." ~ Da'vonne
*Shelli gets rid of both Da'vonne & Audrey on her two HoHs*
#BB17 #BB19


remember when

1 XxLoveWakizaxX, May 13, 2017

we all thought Shelli/Clay were running the game but Vanessa was just waiting for the perfect moment to take over. #BB17


James did not deserve to win BB18

1 useamint, Apr 25, 2017

Cause James and Meg ruined #BB17


Steve Moses (+/-) BB17

8 Kaseyhope101, Apr 9, 2017

Steve Moses is the winner of Big Brother 17.
Steve was a covert member of the Scamper Squad who also fostered a side alliance called Rockstars with John. While The Sixth Sense was still alive, Vanessa decided to bring Steve into a side alliance with Austin and the twins (which eventually became the Scamper Squad). Steve was able to use this alliance to further himself in the game. For most of the game he was under the radar and followed people, mainly Vanessa, but that was part of his strategy. However, he secretly wanted to evict Vanessa but could not do so until he split up the Austwins, whom he targeted during Week 11 (culminating in Julia's eviction). He played more aggressively at the end of the game, winning three out of the last four HOHs and evicting Vanessa. After making it to the Final Two, the Jury accused him of floating throughout the game. However, he argued that he did not float because he played an under-the-radar game, and he made his own moves throughout the game. He compared his own choices to Liz's, as she followed Austin and Vanessa throughout her time in the Big Brother house. This, along with evicting Vanessa, enabled him to win Big Brother by a vote of 6–3. Steve was also able to win several competitions throughout his stay in the Big Brother house and eventually became the sixth male HouseGuest in the history of the show to win six competitions (4 HoHs and 2 PoVs).
His love for his 'mommy' and the running joke (from the Austwins and Vanessa) that he is 'sneaky,' and his seemingly one-sided rivalry with Becky were also major parts of his storyline. He was known to the feeders for pacing by himself for hours at night after everyone else had gone to sleep.
•Steve was the youngest HouseGuest on Big Brother 17.
•He is also the fourth youngest winner in Big Brother history behind Ian Terry, Eddie McGee, and Drew Daniel.
•Steve was the first HouseGuest on Big Brother 17 to be a Have-Not more than once.
•Steve is the second houseguest to win the POV twice in Big Brother 17, following John McGuire.
•Coincidentally, both have won when they were nominated.
•Steve is tied with Drew Daniel, Janelle Pierzina, Hayden Moss, Rachel Reilly, Ian Terry, Aaryn Gries, Caleb Reynolds, and Vanessa Rousso for the most official HOH wins with 4.
•Steve is the fifth houseguest to win 4 HOHs and go on to the win the game following Drew Daniel, Hayden Moss, Rachel Reilly, and Ian Terry.
•Between permanent HOHs and POVs, he is tied with Frank Eudy, Shane Meaney, Ian Terry, Frankie Grande, Cody Calafiore and Paul Abrahamian for the most competitions won by a male in a season with 6 each.
•He is the sixth male in the history of the show to ever accomplish this.
•Steve holds the record the most competitions won by a winner in a season with 7 (4 HoHs, 2 PoVs and 1 BotB).
•However, between HOH and POV wins, he is tied with Rachel Reilly and Ian Terry for the most competitions won in a season by a winner with..


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