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New stars concept

0 CalebDaBoss, Jul 23, 2018

Every dc the person that survives the poll is banned for 1 DC and at the final 3 all finalists are banned until the winner is announced


I hope this ends up being

2 M2thamax, Jul 22, 2018

An iconic stars for the public to watch! With it being banned stars, then I think it may be!
I have a few friends that I am excited to support, and a few who don't like me for whatever reason, but I know they are entertaining to watch so I'll still support them! :)
But overall, good luck to the whole cast :)


Back after 3 months...

0 GoodPlay, Jul 20, 2018

And it seems I was hacked and went into stars in the meantime... Dearest hacker : For fuck sakes, couldn't you get me a decent placement? 16th is not a decent treatment, man :(
EDIT : Changed my password, I'd let you keep it but to get a 16th place again, ain't gonna happen



1 Loopspeare, Jul 18, 2018

Y'alls can hate on Johneh all you want, but him allowing me to host Roblox Survivor for a #stars ticket was so good. Hints beating over 30 players after four and a half hours and then getting 16th in stars was ICONIC!


I really like this stars cast!

2 M2thamax, Jul 14, 2018

A lot of people who I like and who I am supporting!
Some people who I haven't talked to in years and they probably forgot about me, but I didn't forget and I will be supporting anyways :)
Will be exciting to see how the game plays out!


Stars support update

1 turnerpike20, Jul 10, 2018

The person who ends up here last will be the one I will be cheering for to win.


What is a Stars Win?

0 Yoshitomi, Jul 8, 2018

To me, this is what a Stars win is:
- 1st place on your profile -
Maybe the karma and T$ that come with it.
Before mass multies, a Stars win was a great way to determine how the Tengaged community viewed you and your gameplay tactics.
After mass multies, a Stars win shows how a select few people with a monopoly on Tengaged accounts view you. Not even saying your gameplay tactics.
Even if the popular choice wins, it's a crazy percentage win because of the multi effect.
I partly want to play Stars to experience a multi-controlled game as big as Stars. But then I also don't for the same reason.
Tl:dr A stars win is a win no matter how it's gotten.


I have a bit of a problem with the stars..

1 turnerpike20, Jul 8, 2018

3rd 15K-60T$
2nd 30K-80T$
1st 200K-400T$
My biggest problem with the stars payroll in the top 3 you only get very little karma if you don't get first. Also you only get karma if you get top 3 they should really make it a bit more sooner. Also if you get 2nd place in stars you only get 30 karma and really you can get more karma than that if you get 1st in casting. Also the 1st place prize is 400T$ and it cost a bit less than 200T$ to join the game depending on when you join and at least in Rookies you can get more T$ even if you don't get first. So really what I have to say is at least make the payroll to where it's more T$ to at least make some kind of profit. But really stars is a big game so we should have some of that T$ for the fame of being in stars at least. Here's what I think the payroll should be for top 3.
3rd 50K-200T$
2nd 100K-300T$
1st 200K-400T$
I really think this is the best way for the payroll to go in stars that way the top 3 actually get a good profit for being in the game.


u couldnt win with 2 last week

2 Hash, Jul 7, 2018

what makes u think u can win with 1 this week?
RasCity #stars


Stars Support

1 12375i, Jul 7, 2018

Kill it Igor


I am thinking of joining stars real soon..

1 turnerpike20, Jul 4, 2018

Hope next time will be different that is for sure next time I hope to get 1st place and not 2nd again like Paul. I will win stars this time I join.


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