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18 boicam77, Oct 19, 2018

I’m so thankful! Thank you to everybody that sent me a message congratulating me, I really appreciate it.
It’s also my dads bday so bonus lol


I think with the lack of updates

3 sihz, Oct 19, 2018

when it comes to games, if rando wasnt able to add a new game maybe he could increase payouts or create a new mode with "games entries" as a prize. Let's say if you're in frookies, aside from the money you get for winning you also get a COUPON that is a free entry to Hunger Games, and if you win HG then you get a free entry into Stars and stuff like that, if that makes sense. It would get even more competitive bc for 20ts to enroll in HG you could potentially join Stars too
I feel like that would especially benefit those who aren't willing to pay 300ts to get a maximal profit of 100ts for winning Stars bc TG economy is going down the shitter and barely anyone feels motivated enough to play those games too
thoughts..? admin kandee_ randomize



2 TJ2807, Oct 17, 2018

I can’t believe they’d nom me in #stars on Canada’s weed legalaization’s birthday


Stars: Hi, I'm Balls

7 Balls, Oct 14, 2018

Otherwise known as Josh [pic]
Um so basically I've just noticed that since joining Stars that I'm pretty much the only one who is not being mentioned in any stars support blogs or w.e. Well I mean that's probably because not many of you know me/remember me! So I thought I'd just re-introduce myself.
So I haven't been active on Tengaged in YEARS. I originally joined back at the start of '09, and if you're REALLY old school you may even remember my original account, iBea. That's right, I was one of the gender-fakers back in the day! Anyway, iBea was banned halfway through 2010 for some reason (I can't remember why) and then I came back as Balls.
I'm a 22-year-old guy who lives in Newcastle, UK. Just finished my master's degree and have very recently started working in HR. Why did I leave Tengaged? Things in life change, you are into different things at different times. Shit happens.
Anyway, despite the amount of time I have been on Tengaged, this is my first Stars. So I may as well give it my best shot. After my years of partying as a student (and believe me, I've partied hard), I have returned to being a bit of a reclusive. So this sort of thing is starting to appeal to me more again - I don't know why, but it is. So who knows, I may even stick around?
So there you are. For the few people that might remember playing with me back in the day - hi, I'm back! And to those who don't - it's nice to meet you.
Here we fucking go.



12 joey96, Oct 13, 2018

Making this blog now since I have to go to work.
After a long 5.5 years, I have FINALLY made my second Stars finals! Always being regarded as an underrated Stars player and coming just short of taking home the cake several times is a real tiring thing to deal with. This game I set my sights on one goal and that was to make the damn finals at all costs.
I have played my hardest since the minute I joined the game, aligning myself with the more popular side of the house. After a couple days of taking out a number from the other side, I knew it was in my best interest to flip on the majority and start taking out some of the popularity threats.
Certain people were very threatened by a certain individual's popularity which resulted in them being nominated 6 times, however this person also never made attempts to save themselves despite people, myself included, being willing to keep them off the block for a bit.
When someone turns their back on you in a game that's all about the numbers, you have to either take a shot at them, or take a shot at their allies. Every person that I wanted to see evicted, was evicted. Had the votes not been a 3-3-3 tie at final 6 and the pure dumb luck not played a role, I would be sitting here unnominated.
Sure, I wasn't on the block 6 times, because I always made sure I was in the majority and staying in the good graces of my fellow players. Aside from the day I was nominated, I was only a counter one other day. My social game definitely played a role in getting me where I am.
I have a tough road ahead of me, going in against someone who was nominated 6 times and someone who was nominated 0 times. However, I started playing this game on day 1, not day 9 or 10. I've had to fight hard and make moves necessary when I felt they needed to be made.
I hope this middle man can pull out what might seem impossible right now and snatch a win, but that's all up to YOU tengaged! I hope you can see that this game is still a game to me and after all these years spent on this site, I will still play my hardest and fight to get to the end. I never once have been able to rely on my popularity (seeing as I just survived my 3rd poll in nearly 10 years).
Thanks so much for anyone who supported me this week! And I hope you can support me one last time.


Nomed for 4th in yandere big brother

0 Jasoi, Oct 13, 2018

Pretty sad.I was responsible for many of the evictions and was in the minority and stayed on the low check my speech in the poll and Press my button to save me also
Jordan has started to become Logan's sheep extremely disappointed


NO Games filling...

6 top20fan33, Oct 7, 2018

PLEASE give us decent payout increases in #stars , #hunger , and FROOKIES ....  THANK YOU
ALSO the rule of waiting 3 games to join hunger is so dumb.. I have been waiting all week for these games to fill up
1 day 2 hours ago
Housemate ______ enrolled in Stars.
Paid: 111.5 T$
hunger #188483
waiting        7 of 30        1 day 8 hours ago
EDIT : ALSO Maybe if Fastings payouts actually were worth anything new players could level up and play more games which EQUALS more filling games


Such a good stars cast!

0 M2thamax, Oct 6, 2018

Got a few people who I want to support! Including a close friend and that I've known since I joined this site, and she knows who she is < 333
Good Luck to the whole stars cast :)


No title

0 Halloween, Oct 2, 2018

Top20Fan33 - You're in #Stars right? With Halloween? Hell I can't do better than that. Good Luck Dude


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