Julian's Survivor VL

Don't leak info from the VL please otherwise I'll have to remove you and ban you from future seasons tyvm

Main group: http://www.tengaged.com/group/6814
Apps: http://www.tengaged.com/group/7859


GEN 1:
Borneo: AlaskanFiredragon
Sweden: Alanb1
Pangaea: Simoo
Hyrule: Manalord
South Korea (Fans vs Favorites): CrimsonEnnui
Honshu Island: EliOrtiz1234
Côte d'Azur: ImGonnaWin
Poveglia (All Stars): Alanb1
Lantau Island: AndrewWeltner
Mumbai (Blood vs Water): Hints

GEN 2:
Ireland: Jaybirdnifty
Tuvalu: Java9044
Kyushu: Paul028
Namibia: Sunflowers
Archetype Royale: Jacksonjoseph99
Macedonia: BB5lover
Uncast: BluJay112
Ghost Island: TotsTrashy
Socotra: Coreyants

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Julian's Survivor VL

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