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125 days 13 hours ago
Welcome to the Backyard!

All competitions will take place in this thread.

Please feel free to talk and interact with one another here.
125 days 13 hours ago

Welcome to the Head of Household Competition!

The winner of this competition will be granted the power to change the nominations with SAVE AND REPLACE. However, since the First Impressions twist is still in place, this week's HOH will NOT be allowed to replace any nominees but they will be asked to save TWO nominees.

The name of this competition is Bombs Away

This HOH Competition is going to come down to a bit of LUCK with elements of social ability.

There will be 90 numbers in the field.  Your goal is simple, mail me 10 numbers.

Under 5 numbers you will hide your life points (15 in total) that are divided into 5 segments, a 5 point, 4 point, 3 point, 2 point, 1 point, with each going under a different number.

You will also send 5 numbers to attack at varying intensities, 1x, 2x, 3x, 4x, 5x

Your goal is to earn as many point as possible.  The way it works is whenever you attack a space you will multiply the intensity of your attack by all the points hidden on that space.  You will earn that many points to your FINAL SCORE.

However whenever you lose life points to an attack your final score will DECREASE.  The points earned by your opponent from hitting your life points will be cut in half and deducted from your score.  So if your opponent hits your 5 point life with a 4x intensity attack then they earn 20 points and you lose 10.

Lastly, any life points you have on the board that are NEVER attacked will earn you points to your FINAL SCORE.  The total number of life points you have that are never attacked will be multiplied by 7.5 and added to your score.

When you mail us your numbers with the life points and attacks you CAN change them.  You are free to collude/work with other houseguests but it is up to you who to trust.

The houseguest with the most points will become the first Head of Household and will be required to save two nominees from eviction.

You will all have until TONIGHT (Tuesday) at 1 AM EST (Monday 10 AM PST) to mail us your numbers/assignments.

TO BE CLEAR: You need to mail RShowFreak AND turney1805 or your submission will not be counted.

Good Luck!
124 days 12 hours ago

Now before we reveal the results, Big Brother would like to remind all houseguests that it is imperative that you read the rules as we give you them. Some of you were disqualified from this HOH Competition because you did not read instructions.


182.5 Noxity
117.5 Cryptspartan
113.5 cfff
88.5 RealJacksonWalsh
81 TheEclipse
59.5 DrG2
48 tundrahenry101
25 Jaxon
24.5 coolexchangestudent
23 CrimsonEnnui
1 Leonine_Divine

N/A Bridgette77
N/A Chris1080
N/A Connor_
N/A doubledarefan01
N/A Gaiaphagee
N/A harrywasnak
N/A Jay_smooth1738

With 182.5 points, congratulations Noxity, you are the first Head of Household!

As Head of Household, you now have the power of Save and Replace. Normally, this power would allow you to remove one nominee from the block and name a replacement nominee. However, because of the First Impressions twist, this week, your power grants you the ability to save TWO houseguests from eviction but you do not get to name a replacement.

When you are ready, you may announce your decision in the LIVING ROOM along with a speech explaining your decision. Once you post your decision it is FINAL, there is no going back.

You have 24 hours from the time this post is made to make your HOH Speech and Save Decisions, which would be around approximately Wednesday 3:27 AM EST (12:27 AM PST)

Good Luck!
124 days 9 hours ago
Congratulations Noxity!!
124 days 7 hours ago
grats noxity!
124 days 7 hours ago
Congrats noxity
124 days 7 hours ago
Grats noxity!
124 days 6 hours ago
124 days 6 hours ago
Congrats noxity!
124 days 3 hours ago
Slay it Nox :P
124 days 3 hours ago
Grats nick
120 days 13 hours ago

Welcome to the Head of Household Competition!

The winner of this competition will be granted the power to change the nominations with SAVE AND REPLACE. The HOH will be REQUIRED to save one nominee from eviction and name a replacement nominee to take their place.

Please remember that since DrG2 (Jessie M) has failed to nominate twice now, he cannot compete in HOH nor can he be saved.

The name of this competition is "The Pit From Hell"

For this challenge, you will be attempting to eliminate your fellow house mates by placing rings on their pole. Once a houseguest has 5 rings on their pole, then they will be ELIMINATED from the competition.

This game is meant to test, build, or destroy the social relations you have made in this game.

In order to place a ring on a houseguest's pole you must follow these steps:

STEP 1: You must post *RUNS ACROSS THE PIT*. After you have posted that, you must wait 30 MINUTES before moving on to Step 2

STEP 2: Once you have waited at least 30 minutes (aka your post needs to hit 30 min ago), you may then post *GRABS A RING AND RUNS ACROSS PIT*. After that post you must wait another 30 minutes before moving on to Step 3.

STEP 3: After you have waited the required 30 minutes, you may then post *PLACES RING ON HOUSEGUEST'S USERNAME'S POLE*. Once you have completed this, you may immediately go back to Step 1 without any wait time.

Once your pole has 5 rings on it, you are OUT and may no longer participate in this competition.

The last houseguest standing will be considered the winner and crowned the new Head of Household.

This competition will start NOW and last until tomorrow (Sunday) 3 AM EST (12 AM PST) unless a winner is decided sooner. If no winner is decided before that deadline, the houseguest with the fewest rings on their pole wins. If that is a tie, then whoever placed the most rings on other poles within that tie wins. If all of those fail, then the houseguest (in the tie) who placed a ring last wins.

Good Luck!
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