Dark Days The Return: Devil Within

Dark Days The Return will be back for a third season.
///Coming Soon\\\✌️
The Eastern State Penitentiary in Phila|D|elphia, Pennsylvania closed in 1971. For a period of time it was empty and then later b|E|come a tourist site. A few years back however the eastern state penitentiary was contro|V|ersially bought by the extremely wealthy founder and leader of the popular God’s L|I|ght Catholic Congregation. He aimed to turn dark places covered in sin into ho|L|y beacons of light that would eventually make the world a more God fearing place. A better place. This is his first project.
After their daughter Talia was arrested for the murders of everyone in swamp country, Mr and Mrs.Russo thought it was their duty to help other troubled teens avoid going down the path of sin their own daughter went down. Their good friend and congregation leader left the Russo’s in charge of reforming a group of troubled teenagers. Their is a lot on the line and under no circumstances can they fail. Whatever it takes, the light of God WILL reach these kids and vanquish the devil within each of them.

A group of troubled teenagers are sent by their parents to God’s Light Camp for Troubled Teens in hopes of reforming their sinners into better citizens of the world and better children of God. What they don’t know is the long dark history this place holds and the deadly secrets that will soon come to light. The temptation of evil will drown you in sin and take control of you when you least suspect it.
You can’t hide the devil that lives inside. The dark days are coming again, will you survive?

Dark Days The Return: Devil Within

|FINALE Characters|
Almita Russo - [Kenu]
Than Petros - [Kenu]
Luna Lazuli - [Symmetry]👸
Aaron Alder - [NovaMax]
Mitch Erickson - [Finnick]🤴
Lucy Wade - [Ari_babi]
Landon Howell - [Demgirl]👑

Ep1: Gabriel "Gabe" Hall II - [Unicornchicken] (Hit by a mushroom truck)
Ep1: Ennis Snow - [CHAEL] (wrists slit)
Ep2: Jared Carrera - [Poohsnap] (stabbed to death)
Ep2: Evelyn "Eve" Hart - [Noxity] (cut open and bleed out)
Ep2: Sissy Carmichael - [RyanAndrews] (chainsaw to the head)
Ep2: Al Anderson - [mysterygame] (chainsaw to the throat)
Ep2: Hannah Yoon - [Rocketokid] (bashed to death with a hammer)
Ep2: Mr.Theo Russo - [Kenu] (head cut off)
Ep3: Hazel Blackwood - [oswordo] (burned alive)
Ep3: Mr.Kristos Petros - [Kenu]
Ep3: Brianna “Bri” Jennings - [Archerskyfire]
Ep3: Charlie Pollard - [Cyrus]
Ep3: Christopher Mackey - [pokepat]
Ep4: Asha Montero - [Mitsuki]
Ep4: Harper Rose - [Coyle]
Ep4: Ethan Miller - [Rain848]
Ep4: RonnieGay Jr. - [coolbrandon]

Episode 1: “Holy Again”
👑:: Luna Lazuli - [Symmetry]
Episode 2: “The Dark Days Conspiracy”
👑:: Mitch Erickson - [Finnick]
Episode 3: “Deal With The Devil”
👑:: Landon Howell - [Demgirl]
Episode 4: “Escape From Hell”
The Dark Days are back...

|DDTR: Swamp Country SURVIVORS|
Jed Duckett - [Kenu67]
Jonah James - [Symmetry] (🤴🤴⭐️)
Fernando Rodriguez - [WestTemp]
Nora-Lynn Brewer - [Mitsuki] (👸)
Talia Russo - [Kenu67] (arrested)
Timothy Neilson - [oswordo]

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Dark Days The Return: Devil Within

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