Dark Days The Return: Bright Lights

Peace. Love. Murder.✌️❤️💀
DDTR Season 3

Get ready to go on a trip. 

Summer is here and this college semester is finally over. Time to burn your textbooks and call your drug dealer, we’re going to have the best summer ever!
A group of college students go to the countries biggest music festival, Bright Lights Music Fest. Located in the middle of the California desert where no one can hear your screams.....for Beyoncé because she’s headlining! 😱🤩
A music festival in the middle of a desert with terrible phone reception hours away from any major city serving unlimited drinks to a bunch of already drunk, high, and rowdy young adults desperate to see their favorite artist perform AND there are no cops allowed, seems pretty lit to me. Things start getting fucking lame when a mysterious person starts killing everyone’s vibe...and also people.
The dark days are coming but the party must go on. Will you turn up or turn up dead? Remember, make love (or meth) not murder.

Dark Days The Return: Bright Lights

Bobby Bear - [Kenu67]
Lisa Reeves - [Kenu67]
Jaxine Reeves - [Jaxon]
Chad Wilcox - [coolbrandon]
Khrysthal Methe - [coolkat]
Colby Arkwright - [Logie56]
Kendra Moore - [Finnick]
Mikee Howard - [Archerskyfire]
Sinead “Sin” Montenegro - [dvs]
Annie Arton-Powell - [Rocketokid]
Coby Owen - [hazbez]
Aslla "Raven" Piscu - [cjphoenix]
Scarlett Pritchett - [JourdanBabyXoXo]
Jaret Smith - [CHAEL]
Tylerson Tylers "T"/"Tea" - [Westtemp]
Cindy Clark - [Kenu67]
Cubby Höhle - [Kenu67]
Evelyn “Evie” Pepper - [QueenRenge]
Grayson Arkwright - [Pokepat]
Hudson Montgomery - [RyanAndrews]
Lyn Doo - [oswordo]
Miles Crawford - [Symmetry]
Matty “Nix” Newsburg - [bigdizzle]
Lane McKinnon - [Dmpwb45] (🤴)
Neith Avione - [Noxity]
Amethyst Jensen - [Rain]
Elise Tanager - [Mitsuki] (👑)

Ep1: Jessica Ware - [Tommy] (page 127)
Ep1: Kendall Delyon - [Demgirl] (page 290)
Ep1: Carson "Blaire Hall" Williams - [JennaValentina] (page 293)
Ep2: Soozy Partii - [Kenu67] (page 95)
Ep2: Brenda Briggs - [Tizian] (page 136)
Ep2: Drizzle McBean - [UnicornChicken] (page 204)

Episode 1: “We Came To Party”💀
👑:: Lane McKinnon - [Dmpwb45]
Episode 2: “Dance Till You’re Dead”💀
👑:: Elise Tanager - [Mitsuki]
Episode 3: “Evacuate The Dance Floor”
Episode 4: TBA
Episode 5: TBA
Episode 6: TBA
The Dark Days are back...

|DDTR: Swamp Country SURVIVORS|
Jed Duckett - [Kenu67]
Jonah James - [Symmetry] (🤴🤴⭐️)
Fernando Rodriguez - [WestTemp]
Nora-Lynn Brewer - [Mitsuki] (👸)
Talia Russo - [Kenu67] (arrested)
Timothy Neilson - [oswordo]
|DDTR: Devil Within SURVIVORS|
Almita Russo - [Kenu]
Than Petros - [Kenu]
Aaron Alder - [NovaMax]
Mitch Erickson - [Finnick] (🤴🤴⭐️)
Landon Howell - [Demgirl] (🤴)

Featured Players 29 playing

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