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You get a behind scene look at the classic group game, Burger Big Brother!

“2 peasants, 1 floater, 1 princess, 2 kings and 1 almighty queen”
- Sloth_Roman (S5)

1: Past to Present (S7)
2: All Stars (S5)
3: Blood vs Water (S8)
4: Battle of the Block (S4)
5: The Secret Saboteur (S2)
6: Redemption (S6)
7: High School Cliques (S3)
8: Original (S1)

Burger Big Brother Winners:
ZacPed (S1)
Scooby0000 (S2)
Bjorn (S3)
FireX (S4/S6)
Sloth_Roman (S5)
Birks4444 (S7)
MinnieMax (S8)

Burger Big Brother Awards:

Season 1:
Fan Favorite: Scooby0000

Season 2:
Fan Favorite: Lifeiscool

Season 3:
Fan Favorite: Birks4444

Season 4:
Hero of the Season: lhooper902976
Villain of the Season: FireX
Host’s Favorite Player: NopalitoLegend01
Best Rivalry: FireX & NopalitoLegend01
Fan Favorite: Birks4444

Season 5:
Hero of the Season: Birks4444
Villain of the Season: Sloth_Roman
Host’s Favorite Player: Sloth_Roman
Most Improved: Harrywasnak & iichaoskimmy
Fan Favorite: FireX

Season 6:
Hero of the Season: Ollyjay202
Villain of the Season: FireX
Host’s Favorite Player: AshelyMcDrama
Best Rivalry: FireX & AshelyMcDrama
Fan Favorite: Wade

Season 7:
Hero of Season: J2999
Villain of Season: NopalitoLegend01
Best Rivalry: Bjorn & Birks4444
Best Friendship: Thepermanentone & J2999
Host’s Favorite Player: AshelyMcDrama
Co-Host’s Favorite Player: NopalitoLegend01
Fan Favorite: J2999

Season 8:
Hero of Season: MinnieMax
Villain of Season: Paul028
Best Rivalry: Jacadeux & Bacon69
Best Friendship: MinnieMax & Jacadeux
Host’s Favorite Player: Paul028
Favorite Pair: J-Squarded (Thepermanentone & J2999)
Fan Favorite: Jacadeux

■ Main Group:
■ Confessionals:
■ The AfterMath:
■ Jury House:
■ Chart:

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