Lelisaurus Camp [Dono's Survivor S2]

Welcome to the Lelisaurus Camp!

Here is where you conduct Hidden Immunity Idol searches! Searching will work a little differently. Here is a map of your tribe camp.

1: Mountain Top
2: Mountain Path
3: Tree Bungalow
4: Main Shelter
5: Tribe Flag
6: Fire & Cooking Area
7: Beach
8: Shipwreck
9: Sandy Path
10: Tree Mail
11: Rickety Bridge
12: Relaxing River
13: Water Well
14: Abandoned Hut
15: Strange Path
16: Secret Lagoon

The hidden immunity idol is hidden in one of these sixteen locations. You have the time to conduct up to TEN searches each episode. Within those searches, you may choose to search three different locations (from those listed above). However, the three locations you search must be connected via the red lines on the map.

To conduct a search, post *searches LOCATION NAME* in the thread representing the location you wish to search. With each search, you have a 7% chance of finding the hidden immunity idol if you are searching in the correct location. In each location there are also 5% Bonus Clues to be found that will increase your odds of finding the idol. If the hidden immunity idol has already been discovered but you search where it once was, you hold an equal chance to find the idol wrapper, confirming any suspicions that the idol has been discovered by someone else.

https://thumbs.gfycat.com/ImmediateAggressiveBlackbuck-size_restricted.gif [Tribe Camp: http://bit.ly/2CwTic3 ] - 11/11 Remaining
- Adam [AdamLovesEverything]
- Austyn [Oysterman11]
- George [JoeDaManXD]
- Jay [Peterparker16]
- Mel [me2013]
- Renny [TheRenny]
- Robby [Robbyjak]
- Silver [Silver09]
- Tim [lionsden121]
- TJ [TJ2807]
- Zach [jayhawk123]

馃幆 Dono's Game Destinations
Main: http://bit.ly/2m4A4VW
Season Doc: http://bit.ly/2CTouqc

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Lelisaurus Camp [Dono's Survivor S2]

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