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Vote to win F3 1 hour or 100 Votes

Open Poll. Anybody can vote


flawless :3 <3 jk :3

vote for me or lauren, i went unnomed tho :D


I have worked so hard to get here. I have
been nominated 3 times and have been working
non stop to get where I am. I really hope
you guys award me the win because I feel that
I have worked really hard. Also, I have no


flawless :3 <3 jk :3 im lauren btw nice to meet you all :p

shout out to robinhood for hosting this game ;D


  1. imprincearthurThumper!
  2. GentlemanGCongrats Lauren!
  3. Michaelf1114yessss
  4. EM002Thumper yes!!!
  5. GeorgeBHope Thumper wins Thumper did al the hard work and survived a poll
  6. CharlotteArnoldthumper to win but i love Courtney to
  7. Robinhood9945 votes 30 mins lefft
  8. k4r4kminus the g :x
  9. MelihVI voted for Lauren against the Courtney
  10. k4r4klaureng!
  11. makingallfall2thumper
  12. survivorman101Go Courtney
  13. Thumper91vvvv my speech speaks for itself LOL kidding xD
  14. GentlemanGIf you don't vote for my flawless game vote for Lauren!!
  15. nothingbutroubleThumper<3
  16. Girllover101Thumper <3
  17. EM002Gentelman and Courtney are spammers. Voted for thumper
  18. ChicagoThumper's speech is flawless :3
  19. Michaelf1114You don't get a gift if you win this btw. The all winners stars does oh
  20. TotsTrashyVoted Courrney
  21. PaulParmarCourtney
  22. unkownvoted humper
  23. EM002THUMPER!!!
  24. rasmusjt48Courtney!
  25. Michaelf1114I AM TORN. OH GOD VOTING ANON
  26. JudiCamilleVOTED GENTLEMAN
  27. GeorgeBThumper
  28. CromatiqueGentlemanG
  29. AlanDuncanRay.

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