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1762 days 18 hours ago
Hello hello hello!!!!!!!!!!! Welcome to Tengaged Drag Race season 2! You 12 new queens are about to embark on one of the most challenging, fiercest and fishiest races of your Tengaged lives, but all for good reason because the sole queen that delivers their ultimate charisma, uniqueness, nerve and talent week after week will not only win the coveted title of Tengaged's Next Drag Superstar, but will be walking out of here with a gift of their choice! So my dears, without further ado, let's move on to your first challenge of the season!

It's desperate times my dears! Screw the Mayans, fuck Katrina and don't even think about Sandy, because THIS natural disaster aint playin' around! It's the APOCOLYPSE MY QUEENS! A DRAG QUEEN ZOMBIE APOCOLYPSE I TELL YOU!

1. You are to create an avatar that best represents post-apocalyptic couture! You are a SURVIVOR of the zombie apocalypse, so how has it affected your fashion? Make these avatars fierce hunny, it's week one so standing out from the crowd is an understatement!

2. Every queen must be able to beat her face! But seeing as this is a zombie apocalypse, darling, you are going to be beating a zombie's face to FILTH! "Drag-ify" this zombie face ( ) in photoshop/ or whatever program you use, as well as creating your avatar, give it some cute lip-gloss, possibly a few contours, and hunny if you wanna add a lace front wig then be my guest!



(Note: if at any time during the 48 hours that you have to complete the challenge, if you wish to alter your submissions you may, just delete your post and repost the finalized design you are happy with before the deadline)!

Gentlemen, start your engines, and may the best WOMAN… WIN!!!!!!!
1762 days 17 hours ago
------------------- ANNOUNCEMENT -------------------------------

You must use the SAME color skin throughout the WHOLE season! You cannot all of a sudden be black, then white..... girl stop. Eye color can change, that's fine. But the skin colour must remain the same.

1762 days 15 hours ago
I am serving you Nuclear Apocalypse HENNY - Sexy Mutation DOWN Hunny....I hope you see my exo-skeleton! Different! Radical! Stand-out!


1762 days 13 hours ago
In a desolate country town in Australia, countless waves of zombies attacked, killed and ruled over the citizens of this humble setting. However, one girl survived it all, and is putting her ice hockey training to use to slay the zombies: Donataylor Versace. With her trusty nipple tape, rosary beads, God and dark magic on her side, there's no way she can fail!

And just like Lana Del Rey, this zombie was Born to Die!
1762 days 13 hours ago
After going through hell and surviving the Apocalypse, one QUEEN, has survived by doing whatever she can to survive.
Serving Cannibalism Realness: It's Tasha Salad!

And here is my zombie, giving you pure Marie Antoinette!
1762 days 12 hours ago
I've been to hell and back and I'm ready to engulf the competition.

i don't know
1762 days 11 hours ago

The direction I took was that she wasn't a woman in a post-apocolypse setting, she was a demon that was the CAUSE of the apocolypse. I feel like I used a lot of different elements but they all tied into eachother very well and it came out as a great cohesive look that wasn't too busy but then again wasn't too plain. I really didn't want to come off as a pedestrian that survived the apocolypse in raggedy clothes, is all.

Once again, Bellatrix being exorcised by Anna Wintour REALNESS

My skull look proves that no matter how ugly and dead you are, a little bit of blush and mascara can make even the ugliest faces shine (some of my fellow contestants should take this advice)
1762 days 9 hours ago
Me when I use normal deisgns
1762 days 9 hours ago
What does everyone use btw help me out :')
1762 days 8 hours ago
I've got a free trial of Photoshop if you need, don't tell anyone I'm being nice though.
1761 days 22 hours ago
I know it's the end of the world but stay classy!

The end is nigh....radiation is bring humanity to it's end! Oh not nuclear radiation silly! ULTRAVIOLET

Rehab stand's out serving some apocalypse couture. Other bitches will need to be in the SHADE when this girl comes knocking. Her glowing gemma lips frown in a world of grey, burnt, zombie ridden world.

Just like the original bitch the first set foot on the planet she is serving some natural earth realness as the world began with Eve it shall end with Rehab.
1761 days 22 hours ago
And this is Ms. Tiffany Dalig!
1761 days 22 hours ago
THE END IS HERE. The struggle of good and evil has come to an end....but, what was the outcome? The outcome was the destruction of both. Centuries later, we now live in a world where the human race has been eradicated and a subspecies of reptiles have evolved and taken over.  The queen, Queen Drazil, is in a constant struggle deciding what good and what evil means.  She is attracted to all that is evil and thus had a hand in the destruction of humans, but feels guilty that now her species is the only intelligent race left. What will she do?
I am serving Lizard realness and hey, just because she's a lizard queen doesn't mean she doesn't still vie to be fabulous, am I right?

As for my zombie makeover, I was inspired by how Pandora Boxx would look when she passes away </3
1761 days 21 hours ago
Diane today is serving Post Apocalyptic Jurassic Fish Realness Up in here! Diane was havin fun with her guy friend when the world ended and to survive she used these bones from the dinosaurs themselves to compose this look and serve a fishy elegant End of the World Jurassic realness look I Look stunning even when its the end of the world and i'm fighting to survive xo

As for my makeover.. Well I Love the color Purple and i think Purple looks great on anyone. She even got a lil kiss when she went out. She is serving it
1761 days 18 hours ago
This is the end of the world. Vondana is living in this world but looking fabulous as she does so. Of course as there is some radioactive stuff she is a little mis formed. She has grown wings and has blood shot eyes and blue hair but she still looks amazing with all of this. She is still surviving and being a drag queen while doing it.

Next up we have the drag skeleton. She is dead and ugly and yet she does it in a fabulous way so I am very proud that she is my little skeleton because she is just so so amazing. Im tearing up as we speak. Anyway here she is
1761 days 18 hours ago
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