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I still can't believe

3rdJul 19, 2023 by mathboy9
imagethe hoes on here had the AUDACITY to insult me constantly for being autistic... i was too naive to see it was projection the whole time. most egregious example was @maturo trying to have a heart-to-heart with me about his diagnosis (right before he got banned) when he & his friends followed me into games to belittle me when i was like 14


Well anyone who couldn't tell maturo was autistic was just brain dead
Sent by Morant,Jul 19, 2023
visager made fun of me and she called me names like ikautistic
Sent by ikaw0ng,Jul 19, 2023
morant tbh i hadnt met a bully before that was autistic so i just assumed he was strange for another reason
ikaw0ng is this recent?? it feels like we're doing better as a community but there's a few ppl who still hang on to using mental disabilities as an insult. very cheap & lazy. sorry about that
Sent by mathboy9,Jul 19, 2023
Tbh trying to get you out of the site when you were 14 as this wasnt a healthy place for you was a wise and mature decision from him. He had a point.
Sent by bayonetta,Jul 19, 2023
yes it happened last week and she got banned for being multi of milliv whos pedophile
Sent by ikaw0ng,Jul 19, 2023
Will never forget when that girl that looked like a horse (I forgot her user) would bully u at least like once a week about it like she was 30 making up fantasies about pushing u out of a wheelchair 馃槶馃槶
Sent by peace123,Jul 19, 2023
Sent by Clone,Jul 19, 2023
#obey_me peace123 ?
Sent by Morant,Jul 19, 2023
Yess morant she was insane omg
Sent by peace123,Jul 19, 2023
peace123 she was one of The bloggers of all time. She was clinically insane but I'm honored in a sense to be a recipient of her delusional wrath because i got lots of good quotes out of it
Sent by mathboy9,Jul 19, 2023
We鈥檙e all on the spectrum here fr
Sent by Olympia,Jul 19, 2023
I was bullied a couple times as well. I remember a certain popular user commented on one of my vlogs "We did it! We reached the summit of Aspergers Mountain." And another user accused me of "faking autism" to make fun, as if I were acting.
Sent by Thirteen,Jul 19, 2023
thirteen People were really so careless... I'm happy to hear from you though cause you were one of the other people open about your diagnosis. Soo strange they would grasp at anything to bring autistic ppl down but I'm happy you made it through
Sent by mathboy9,Jul 19, 2023
that man projected heavily
Sent by Fetish,Jul 19, 2023
He was HORRIBLE he literally bullied me to the point I tried taking my own life... he affected so many people's lives and I hope he is paying for it IRL now.
Sent by Jasmina,Jul 19, 2023
I hate hearing about all the bullying you endured on here because of it, that's so shitty.

I will always laugh at ObeyMe's comment about the wheelchair though because it was just SO BIZARRE out of nowhere.
Sent by cheritaisdelicious,Jul 19, 2023
Olympia kinda spilled like if you're on Tengaged you probably be gotta careful about making comments about other users having mental issues. Like that mirror is always right nearby
Sent by Absol,Jul 19, 2023
Sent by top20fan33,Jul 20, 2023
and I鈥檇 do it again!
Sent by Insanity,Jul 20, 2023
I didn鈥檛 know you were? But I know we weren鈥檛 good back then. I do know now you have grown up to be one of the smartest, sensible adults. I鈥檓 so proud to know you and love you with all my heart. 馃挏
Sent by Minie,Jul 20, 2023

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