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Tengaged Idol (New Game Idea created by Shabootyquiqui3)

2ndNov 23, 2010 by krisbliss
Shabootyquiqui3 came up with this really neat idea for a new game to be added on Tengaged and asked me to post it.  Check it out and let us know what you think!

Tengaged Idol

1 game at a time (like stars but not the same length)and the enrollment will be the same except for instead of black level first its purple level and up then blue then dark green, etc.

Short description
No need to worry, in this game you don't need to sing like in american idol, but you will want to get votes every day! In this game, basically what will happen is every day there will be a poll, and everyone on tengaged will vote to save someone then, after the poll closes,the bottom 2 will be revealed, and everyone in the tengaged idol's house that isn't nominated will vote one of the 2 pople in the bottom 2 off!
This will go on until the final day where there is the final 2 and, then everyone on tengaged will vote for a winner!

Break down
-day 1,(part 1)- The first poll is up and everyone on tengaged votes to save.

-day 1,(part 2)-the bottom 2 are revealed and all the safe contestants vote off a contestant in the bottom 2.

-day 2,(part 1)-10th place is revealed, and 2nd poll is up.

-day 2,(part 2)-the bottom 2 are revealed, and the conestatnts vote on bottom 2.

-day 3,(part 1)-9th place is revealed, and the 3rd poll is up.

-day 3,(part 2)-bottom 2 is revealed and conestants vote on bottom 2.

-day 4,(part 1)-8th place is revealed and the 4th poll is up.

-day 4,(part 2)-bottom 2 is revealed and contestants vote.

-day 5,(part 1)-7th place is revealed and the 5th poll is up.

-day 5,(part 2)-bottom 2 is revealed and the contestants vote.

-day 6,(part 1)-6th place is revealed and the 6th poll is up.

-day 6,(part 2)-bottom 2 is revealed and contestants vote.

-day 7,(part 1)-5th place is revealed and the 7th poll is up.

-day 7,(part 2)-bottom 2 is revevealed and contestants vote.

-day 8,(part 1)-4th place is revealed and the semi final poll is up.

-day 8,(part 2)-bottom 2 is revealed and the only safe contestant selects who he/she wants with them in the finale.

-day 9,(final day)- The poll is up for the final 2 and tengagers vote for the winner.

*every part is 6 hours and day 9 is 24 hours!

10th place:0k 0T$
9th place:0k 3T$
8th place:1k 7T$
7th place:3k 12T$
6th place:5k 20T$
5th place:10k 50T$
4th place:15k 70T$
3rd place:20k 80T$
2nd place:30k 100T$
1st place:45k 130T$

*please message krisbliss or shabootyquiqui3 if you have a questions, concerns, suggestions, or complaints!
*also please read randomize!


Sent by soccerguy0428,Nov 23, 2010
maybe everyone plays guitar and the two worst scores are up for elimination?
Sent by Matthew919,Nov 23, 2010
looking forward to your group game again, this time ill try not to dissapear!!!!!!
Sent by blogs,Nov 23, 2010
sounds like good idea
Sent by soccertrs,Nov 23, 2010
good idea
Sent by Ev32,Nov 23, 2010
Sent by Keyston,Nov 23, 2010
oo nice :D
Sent by 2008girl,Nov 23, 2010
Sent by davidfisher,Nov 23, 2010
this was also created by krisbliss to not just me!
Sent by Shabootyquiqui3,Nov 23, 2010
+11 :D
Sent by princesskk,Nov 23, 2010
Sent by BengalBoy,Nov 23, 2010
Sounds like a cool idea it could work out lmao but doubt it would happen +9
Sent by ChapStique,Nov 23, 2010
love it :)
Sent by DiNoM,Nov 23, 2010
Sent by _Kaly9012,Nov 23, 2010
Sent by Runner430,Nov 23, 2010
Cool idea
Sent by wwemrpeeps,Nov 23, 2010
Sent by NotAfraid,Nov 23, 2010
Who decides first three people in the poll!?
Sent by Tykeal,Nov 23, 2010
Sent by vatcheabs,Nov 23, 2010
Sent by Etienne,Nov 23, 2010
everyone in the game is in the poll
Sent by Shabootyquiqui3,Nov 23, 2010
sounds interesting!!!!!
Sent by sokerdude7,Nov 23, 2010
so is it like stars but backwards..?
Sent by tyleror,Nov 23, 2010
I haven't saw you around here in a long time!
Glad to see you!<333333
Sent by dreambabe01,Nov 23, 2010
Good Idea!
Sent by Mangos808,Nov 23, 2010
sort of in a way!
Sent by Shabootyquiqui3,Nov 23, 2010
Sent by Mankini,Nov 23, 2010
It's a good idea but all you do is vote. There is no need to be active because you're just needed in the game to vote to eliminate one of the bottom 2. Maybe if there was some sort of competitive aspect to it...I don't know. That's just my opinion
Sent by Nelson,Nov 23, 2010
nice idea! :)
Sent by Antwane,Nov 23, 2010
all u do in a castings is vote too! and stars!
Sent by Shabootyquiqui3,Nov 23, 2010
Sent by gagaluv,Nov 23, 2010
Sent by QueenDoe,Nov 24, 2010
i think the length of the game should be at least 12 hours cause some peopel have school and all so they might not be able to vote someone out
Sent by superman11,Nov 24, 2010
great idea
Sent by RobertoYassir,Nov 24, 2010
Yes, people vote in Stars too but Stars is MUCH more competitive than it seems. You'd have to play it to understand.

Any ways, this is a rlly good idea but I agree with Nelson.
Sent by Patrick319,Nov 24, 2010
Sent by MooChaCha,Nov 24, 2010
Sent by Pattieilikefun,Nov 24, 2010
Sounds a bit like stars with roll reversal.. +12
Sent by trishytrash,Nov 24, 2010
love it
Sent by Blanton,Nov 24, 2010
i like it, but it sounds to much like stars
Sent by Brian2937462,Nov 24, 2010
Sent by Bella777,Nov 24, 2010
I like it is like stars but tengaged has more power
Sent by Brandonator,Nov 24, 2010
oh wow interesting!
Sent by Emmaleigh,Nov 24, 2010
i like it but wouldnt it be all spamming
Sent by nasmay1,Nov 24, 2010
great idea but i don't like polls, they require a lot of spam, and i hate spamming lol
Sent by Rubs,Nov 24, 2010
why dont u add that in the poll every person links a song in youtube and then the people on tengaged vote for the song they like the most?
Sent by mario101,Nov 24, 2010
Return the favor
Sent by Dito,Nov 24, 2010
Sent by Nagorista,Nov 24, 2010
Sent by MarieEve,Nov 24, 2010
Sent by Scheuerman14,Nov 24, 2010
Reverse Stars
Sent by capguy1,Nov 24, 2010
cool :)
Sent by connie,Nov 24, 2010
Sent by toonboom,Nov 24, 2010
good idea but the enrollment is way to high
Sent by amf7410,Nov 24, 2010
love it
Sent by GA097,Nov 24, 2010
Honestly, I don't like it. Its basically just the opposite of Stars...

The biggest problem with it is that the same people would be winning everytime leaving all the people that aren't as popular out to dry. This game would involve little to no strategy whatsoever so for that reason I can't say I like it :/
Sent by Aristotle,Nov 24, 2010
i think enrollment is too high and there should be a microgame to decide who goes up as the bottom 3.  then tengaged picks 1 that they want to save, and then the ppl in the game vote out someone from the bottom 2.
Sent by sammyforeverr94,Nov 24, 2010
i like the suggestions for posting a video and the suggestion for putting in games for the bottom 3!
Sent by Shabootyquiqui3,Nov 24, 2010
Sent by Survivor8,Nov 24, 2010
Enrollment is a lil bit too hight BUT i love it :D Idea everything. So simple yet so amazing :D
Sent by LadyJenn,Nov 24, 2010
+ plus
Sent by bad18life,Nov 24, 2010
Sent by XxZaCxX,Nov 24, 2010
Sent by Robbster1313,Nov 24, 2010
This is going to cause such a freakin spam vest :-\
Sent by RobbieRIOT,Nov 24, 2010
i like it but there would be too much spam like cmon and there should be more than 10 players
Sent by smi9127,Nov 24, 2010
how long are the days
Sent by XxZaCxX,Nov 24, 2010
Sent by Heather15,Nov 24, 2010
loveit:) I rather see another RW/RR challenge though.. like gaulent, cut throat, the island.. :)
Sent by switch_blade,Nov 24, 2010
Sent by snowflake3,Nov 24, 2010
so like, anyone can enroll as long as they have 70T$?
Sent by kimmal8,Dec 12, 2010

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