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Rookies without a premade?

Nov 22, 2010 by krisbliss
I'm really interested in joining a new rookies since I haven't played one yet, but I was wondering if it was possible to do well without a premade in one.  I've heard that they are all basically filled with them, and it's hard to join alone, and I just wanted to know if everyone thought that was true.


I dont play with premades.
Look at my record.
Sent by Knagaroo,Nov 22, 2010
Sent by Sass21,Nov 22, 2010
the first 2 times i joined, i went in completely alone (came in 3rd and 1st). i still continued joining alone, but my next placings weren't as good :P
Sent by Mankini,Nov 22, 2010
plz return the favor!
Sent by koolman631,Nov 22, 2010
the premade thing gets over exagerated, theres not usually that many premades there just alliances that get made during the game (in my last 2 games i joined without a premade and i won both of them!)
Sent by Shabootyquiqui3,Nov 22, 2010
I hardly ever join them with premades, and my placings when doing such have ranged from 13th to 1st.  So.. yeah it's harder without a premade but it's not impossible :)

I think I've gotten 4 or 5 1st places in them, all of which were when I joined alone.
Sent by puma,Nov 22, 2010
ur fighter youll do just fine have no doubt
Sent by soccertrs,Nov 22, 2010

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