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Hi Tengaged :)

Dec 9, 2010 by krisbliss
Hey everyone!  I'm SOOOO happy that it's officially winter break for me :).  I'm hoping I'll have some time over the next month to play a few games, catch up with friends, and meet some new people.  Is anyone else on winter break yet?


Krisbliss <333333333333333
Sent by jtotalturtle,Dec 9, 2010
YAY! damn ur winter break is EARLY

mines in two weeks
Sent by snowflake3,Dec 9, 2010
Heya I am :) <3 x
Sent by SirScuzz,Dec 9, 2010
Hey :D
Sent by Scheuerman14,Dec 9, 2010
Sent by finklestein123,Dec 9, 2010
I've been on break for a week and a day now. :D
Sent by Seal,Dec 9, 2010
no not yet have final exams starting saturday but finished next saturday
Sent by soccertrs,Dec 9, 2010
Sent by capguy1,Dec 9, 2010

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